Sleep Podcasts 🎙️Edition

Writing to you all while on vacation with my family in sunny Arizona!

Writing to you all while on vacation with my family in sunny Arizona! I am relatively ‘off’ this evidenced by the fact that the other night I fell asleep early and landed these killer sleep scores below… 9 hours & 19 mins is very rare for me! 💪 Love vacation. :)


I shared with you all recently that I am creating a podcast on ALL THINGS SLEEP [Relatedly, if you have anyone that you think would be good to speak to and/or any podcasting tips, please click ‘reply’ and let me know!]!

In prep for the creation of the podcast, I had my virtual assistant create a document cataloging ALL podcasts with the word ‘Sleep’ or ‘Insomnia’ in the title. I am going to share that list with you HERE for a few reasons:

  1. To underscore just how many of these podcasts are approaching sleep in the wrong way... AND how few podcasts there are, in general, to help us sleep better over the longterm. What I mean by that, is that there are literally dozens of podcasts designed to be so boring that they put you to sleep in the short term. Example: There is even one that reads instruction manuals in an effort to be so mindnumbing that it turns off your brain and grants you entrance in the the world of sleep.
  2. To note how many sleep meditation & sleep hypnosis podcasts are available. While these are nice...similar to the crazy boring sleep tactics above, if we are using short-sighted approaches right before bed, rather than putting in the work to create habits during the day that support great sleep... it is unlikely that sleep will come effortlessly and consistently.
  3. To provide a shoutout to the handful that I think are worth the listen! 👇


Sleep Shop Podcast: Giving Families the Gift of a Good Night's Sleep

***This is an area that I personally will NOT be touching for a number of reasons including but not limited to:  The fact that I have zero kids, I am not maternal, and I do not want to get in the middle of the numerous parenting dynamics/ethics out there! Regardless, it is an incredibly important topic for parents!

“Join host Melissa Brown, Certified Sleep Consultant, Family Care Counselor, and mom of four, and other baby experts as they share their best advice and experience from helping thousands of families get a good night’s sleep from all over the world.”


*** This was one of my favorite finds! Daniel Erichsen appears to update his feed fairly regularly and I like his casual yet informative style.

“If you have insomnia, this podcast is for you. Sleep physician Daniel Erichsen talks about how to sleep better using evidence-based and drug free techniques.”

NPR Life Kit: Sleep Better With Help From Science

***This one doesn’t get as great of ratings as the ones above, but it is new, from NPR, and seems promising in my book (albeit a bit dry)!

“Wouldn't it be nice if falling asleep was as simple as getting into your PJs, turning off the light and closing your eyes? Sleeping is more complicated than that. This guide explains the science behind sleep and gives you the tools and techniques that will help you drift off into dreamland.”