The 2020 Sleep Conference Edition [Mollie's Monday Obsessions v.108]

This weekend I attended the virtual 2020 Sleep Conference

I know that I repeatedly speak about the importance of hitting a high ratio of bright light in your days (particularly your mornings) and maximizing the amount of darkness you surround yourself in during the evenings. George Brainard, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology Professor of Neuroscience, Thomas Jefferson University, nicely demonstrated the importance of circadian lighting through the term “Dynamic Lighting.” Here is a look at how NASA utilizes at dynamic lighting in action on the space station:

So why go to all of this trouble to achieve dynamic lighting? Check out the results of the difference of melatonin production over five days in a duel between static lighting and dynamic lighting:

Dynamic lighting is the clear winner if your goal is to sleep better! Read on for additional information on this phenomenon of light hygiene.

SLEEP SCHOLARS (Source: You! And a particular shoutout to T.S. Wiley, author of Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival for providing a number of these this week)


Resource: Study, Cibse Journal, Evaluating dynamic lighting


Resource: Study, NCBI, Non-visual effects of light: how to use light to promote circadian entrainment and elicit alertness


Resource: Study, GormanLab at UCSD, Circadian rhythms and sleep in children with autism, Neuroscience, and Biobehavioral Reviews


Resource: Study, JCSM of American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Daylight saving time: an American Academy of Sleep Medicine position statement | Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine


Resource: Study, Nature, Circadian clock mechanism driving mammalian photoperiodism


Resource: Study, Science Daily, Study examines link between sperm quality and light from devices at night


Resource: Study, Personnel Today, Emotional intelligence training could halt burnout 'epidemic' among surgeons



Resource: Infrared Sauna (No EMFs), Sauna Space, is doing a Labor Day Sale 10% off from 9/5-9/7


Resource: Meditation Smart Headband, Muse- Muse is on sale sitewide from now until 9/7


Resource: Virtual Fitness w/Free Apple Watch, Future.Fit - I just signed up to test this one out after hearing about it in my friend, Nick Gray’s awesome “Friend’s Newsletter.” When you sign up, you get a free apple watch and paired with a virtual trainer. The Apple Health data is part of what you are being held accountable for in the program. The difference that movement can make on your nighttime heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and body temperature cannot be underestimated! This link will get you $50 off.


️‍♀️Resource: Product, Ao Air - up to 50x better-filtering masks I learned about this mask on Biohacking Tools You've Never Heard Of, Time-Hacked Workouts & More!, and it looks like it is straight out of the year 3020. We know that air quality throughout both day and night can make an impact on our health & sleep. I would’ve been down to test out this crazy looking contraption in parts of southeast Asia where the air quality index rankings were often in the unhealthy range.


Resource: Cool Sleep, Chilipad The team over at Chili is doing $200 off their chili sleep systems with the code, 3dayweekend, from 9/1-9/14. Below is a graph of what one of my client’s deep sleep went to after two weeks with the Ooler (again, you can’t put too much stock into the sleep stages of wearables, but observed from a trends perspective, it was a change that they were excited about.) ​

Note the last 2 weeks since using The Ooler

As always, please send me your thoughts on this week’s obsession or your current fascinations.


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