The Alcohol 🍻 & Sleep 💤 Edition

My name is Mollie McGlocklin. I’m Irish and I was born on St. Patrick’s Day. True to stereotypical form, I’ve done my fair share of drinking. ;)

However, nowadays my drinking is prettttyyyy prettttyyyyy tame. Especially the more and more cognizant I become of the impact that it has on my health, productivity, and my sleep. For the record: I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye to drinking (I’m actually meeting up with my 23-year-old cousin in Vietnam next week and I’ve promised him a few nights out on the town!). But, I am saying that some of the stats/resources below have shifted my overall relationship & approach to alcohol as it relates to sleep.

My Sleep Tracker Does All The Talking:

Below are the sleep stats that I woke up to this Friday, after having consumed 2.5 vodka sodas the night before. *Note: I also ate far more carbohydrates (which basically breaks down to into sugar) than normal and is likely a contributor to these numbers. However, eating poorly seems to be a package deal for me when I drink. Therefore, the stats below paint a fairly standard picture of the impact a night of drinking tends to have on me.

Resting Heart Rate Scores: HUGE spike! 👇

Respiratory Rate: Big ole jump (i.e. difficulty breathing.) 👇

Heart Rate Variability Scores: Nosedive 👇*Typically the higher the scores (relative to the individual), the healthier the person.

Recent "Sleep Doctor" Article on the Topic:

The Truth About Alcohol & Sleep

Possible Solutions:

  1. Quit Drinking ❌(I’m not there yet.)
  2. Drink Moderately ✅
  3. Brunch & Happy Hour ✅(This is important: The earlier you drink, the better. Allows the body time to process before sleep and help lessen the blow on your sleep architecture.)
  4. Pick Your Poison (Get Strategic) 👇

When & What You Drink Matters: Do it early and aim to drink from the alcohol choices on the left-hand side of the image above (mainly clear drinks: vodka, gin, & tequila)- here’s the article that this came from along with loads more crafty tips.