The Amazon Flight Finds Edition

I’m gonna give you a quick rundown of a few new-to-me Amazon purchases

Emailing you right now from sunny Bangkok! Blake and I just got settled into our hotel room and while he takes a nap, I’m gonna give you a quick rundown of a few new-to-me Amazon purchases that I just tested out (& fell in love with) on this nearly 30-HOUR long flight.

Bonus: They are all are under 13 bucks. Here they are in order of awesomeness:

 1.    Inflatable Travel Pillow, Packable, 3 Positions ($12.99)-Blake and I both got one of these and we are convinced that this ingeniouspillow single-handedly made our disorientingly long trip, downright enjoyable!Mind you, I have tried TONS of these pillows over the past few years oftraveling. Standard problems for me with most pillows are below and what Ifound different about this one is in PURPLE:

  1. The Bulky Factor -     who wants to drag those ugly C-shape micro beaded contraptions? *This one deflates and fits into a tiny drawstring bag.
  2. Non-Ergonomic - most of the generic pillows are     largely the same shape all the way around. This is a problem because it     always pushes my head way to far forward. *The     back piece of this one connects the larger two sides with only a tiny     cylindrical no more unnatural positions.
  3. Inflatable Versions Too Pool-Toy Like -     whenever I’ve tried inflatables in the past, they took forever to blow     up...they would leak...and the whole experience just felt cheap, if that     makes sense. *I’ve never seen an inflating system like     this one. It’s a large circle where you don’t have to really make contact     with it, you just blow about 3 times and viola. Also, it doesn’t leak and     is adjustable. For instance, Blake blew his all the way up, while I left     my to have a bit more 'give'.
  4. 1 Trick Pony - other pillows I have tried may     work great in one specific position, but lack additional options. *Between myself and Blake, we literally used all 3 positions and     each one was great!
  5. Dirty - often the     pillows you buy in the airport instruct you to “wipe clean” which I find pretty     gross considering all the germs and yuck that you encounter when     traveling/sleeping on something for hours at a time. *Cover is machine washable & a cool super-soft fabric that we     kept petting the whole flight.


2. Collapsible Silicone Travel Cup ($10.98) - Iseriously felt like Houdini with this thing. I was able to make 3 separatefull-size caffeinated protein concoctions (my latest kick is: matcha, goldenmilk, reishi, spirulina, and collagen protein) to stay properly caffeinated& nourished throughout all flights we had on this journey! It also has alittle clip on the top so that you can latch it onto the outside of your bag ifyou’re really pressed for space.

Starts out looking likethis:

Unfolds into thisfull-size travel cup: 

3. Assorted Set of 12 Sheet Masks ($10.20)-This recommendation honestly does NOT have to be solely for the girls.Regardless of gender, our skin gets so incredibly dry in the air, that Iseriously believe everyone should do give this little ritual a try. For thoseof you concerned that you would nuts doing’s what I have discovered:literally nobody cares.

*Note: Obviously youdon’t need all of these. I just packed some of the heavy-duty moisturizing onesin my backpack so that I’ll have enough on hand for this and future flights.

4. Travel Magnesium Spray with Aloe Vera ($10.00) -The magnesium helps out with sore muscles & body that come from carryingluggage, bags, and sitting for what can feel like a million hours. But my mainmotivation for purchasing this one is to help get me great sleep WITHOUT theitchy side effect that a lot of magnesium sprays can cause (which is NOTsomething you want up in the air!). This one comes with aloe vera...which forme ensured that there was no itchiness whatsoever!


NOTE:  Ialso bought these: Silicone Earplugs ($11.95). I can’t properly vouch for themspecifically for flights since the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones (paired upwith my white noise app) proved to be all that I needed. However, I did trythem the night before and they worked great for normal sleep.