The Avoiding Blue Light (on ✈️s & in Tokyo!) Edition

This past Friday, my boyfriend and I flew out of Newark for Japan!

BACK STORY: This past Friday, my boyfriend and I flew out of Newark for Japan! It’s our first time here and we are already fascinated by this culture! For one, EVERYONE seems to be on time for everything. Trains, restaurants, meetings, etc. It’s incredible.

Second, it is SO clean. Like mind-bogglingly clean for THE most populated city in the world. In case you’re interested in how it’s population compares to New York City (like I was!), this website does a really cool job of breaking it down. Third, the vibe is so respectful and soft-spoken. It’s truly an enchanting city that we still have so much more to explore!
***Today is the first day that I truly feel fairly back to normal thanks to the magic of the anti-jet lag app, Timeshifter. This app did a phenomenal job of speeding up the difficult task of shifting 13 timezones.

MAIN STORY (IN PICTURES!): Avoiding BLUE-LIGHT on planes and in Tokyo! Here is what I forced my boyfriend to wear on our flight during the prescribed darkness mimicking portion of our timeshifting anti-jetlag protocol:

Here’s a visual of pretty much how I have looked for the majority of the plane ride and throughout the majority of places we have visited throughout Tokyo so far:

...Because... this is an example of the kind of blue light stimulus that you’re up against over here:

It’s all fun and games until you look at the very real impact of this level of blue light paired with an indoor lifestyle.

The worst eyesight was found in major East Asian cities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Korea. The rates of myopia there was consistently 80 to 90 percent throughout East Asia, with 10 to 20 percent of those affected suffering from high myopia, a condition that can ultimately lead to severely impaired vision and blindness. -The Sunny Side of Myopia, The Japan Times

To be clear this a global problem. Here are some eye-opening (pun intended!) stats of the grim realities if we don’t start getting mindful of our toxic light environments (btw- 'myopia' is just a fancy word for nearsightedness).

Not to fear! When forced to be in a blue-light heavy environment (ie. the next time you go to Target!)...below are some of the things that you can do.



  • ✈️Resource: App, Utilizing the Timeshifter is an absolute game-changer while traveling internationally. I also mentioned it in this jet lag email awhile back. BTW- I get literally nothing for this (!), I’m just obsessed based on the fact that I have traveled many times both with and without this app and the difference it makes in speeding up the jet lag adjustment process is incredible.
  • 🌅Resource: Tactic, Try wearing baseball hats, blue blockers, and scarves when in uber toxic lighting environments. Why? Because beyond just your eyes, your skin has photoreceptors that can actually detect the blue light (this is a problem because blue light is only found in nature from sunlight during the morning hours) and confuses your circadian rhythm if exposed at the wrong time and without the accompanying red light found in nature.