The Breath Edition [Mollie's Monday Obsessions v.92]

Last week, I attended my first ever ZOOM-BASED breathwork session. #21stCentury

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So many of my clients want the answer to this one question… “How do I raise my HRV?”

For those of you who aren’t in the HRV conversation, here’s some information on why you should consider tracking it if you’re serious about improving your sleep. Particularly relevant to track is your longitudinal nocturnal HRV.

Recently, I had an HRV expert on the podcast, and he made the point that “It’s impossible to look at HRV without looking at the diaphragm.” This study nicely supports that assertion.

When you gain control over the breath, you have the opportunity to tap into the parasympathetic response more readily available throughout the day, and that can show up in your nights.

I’m not sure if there could be a better time to seriously take this on then during a time when we are all looking to prepare ourselves to fight a respiratory-based virus, Covid-19.

If you’re someone looking to improve the quality of your sleep (who in the year 2020 isn’t??!), then I would highly suggest that you consider developing a respiratory training program.

Below are some new riffs on an ancient practice, modulating the breath. 👇

BREATHWORK 101 [*In the 21st Century]
💪Resource: Respiratory Trainer,
The Breather I heard about this respiratory trainer (& its accompanying app) through another very cool company XPT Life. XPT is a creation of big wave surfer and innovator, Laird Hamilton, and former professional athlete, Gabrielle Reece. They work to train surfers & elite athletes to control their breath in such a way that will prepare them for life-or-death situations in big wave conditions. One of the products that they recently suggested utilizing was The Breather. I reached out to the company and got the opportunity to test their product and do a podcast with their Chief Scientist. They’ve been in the business of training the respiratory system for over 40 years, and so far, what I’ve learned from them on how this can support your sleep & health is particularly exciting. Especially in the days of COVID. They provided a hookup for the Sleep Is A Skill community, ‘sleepisaskill’ gets 20% off for the Breather, and ‘breatherfitsleep’ gets for 15% off for the BreatherFit (made for athletes).

🏋️Resource: Respiratory Trainer, Airofit, This one is a bit more on the pricey side than the above trainer, but it does come with a pretty cool looking app and some pretty cool studies behind it!

😷Resource: Respiratory Trainer, The Oxygen Advantage, The Sportsmask I’m excited to test out this mask since the creator also wrote The Oxygen Advantage which I’ve raved about a couple of times on this newsletter. Certainly worth checking out.

😴Resource: Covid Dream Log, I Dream of Covid This website is out to document our dreams during this surreal time in history. You can submit details of your dream here.

🔈Resource: Audionotes, Supernote How cool is this!? I made you all an audionote to share in my love for it. I especially like it for my clients with carpal tunnel or arthritis in order to help them speed up their productivity throughout the we can prioritize their sleep at night!

🛏️Resource: Mattress Help, Consumer Advocate, Best Mattresses Based on In-Depth Reviews Mattress shopping. The bane of everyone's existence. This site does a solid job of providing a decent rundown for some of the top contenders.

💤Resource: Sleep Recs, Sleep Is A Skill (Us!), Sleep Kit I usually keep this hidden nowadays just for clients, but in light of the pandemic, I’m opening it up to help spur ideas/action in prioritizing your sleep! 💤Resource: Hormones, Glucose, & Sleep, Sleep Is A Skill (Us, again), Podcast Two of our most recent podcasts focus in on the infradian rhythm, hormones, glucose, and sleep. 007: Dr. Jamie Seeman, creator of Doctor Fit & Fabulous, Discusses How Hormones, Keto, & Glucose Impact Sleep! & 008: Alisa Vitti, bestselling author & creator of The Cycle Syncing Method, how our infradian rhythm can impact our sleep

📱Resource: Apps, Twilight [Android Only], I don’t have an Android, BUT I have a few clients that do, so this is one of the apps that we set them up with to block out their blue-light at night. This isn’t new, but I just shared it with a client who had never heard of it and figured it might be worth mentioning here!

⏰Resource: Smart Alarm Clock, Loftie For those of us who want to be able to listen to our meditations, whitenoise, breathwork exercises, etc...without access to social media, emails, texts, etc...this is your new alarm clock.

📰Resource: Article, USC, Pandemic drives alcohol sales — and raises concerns about substance abuse This is concerning since alcohol is one of the most obvious ways to mess with your sleep.

👴Resource: Wisdom, Kevin Kelly, 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice You might have already seen this circulating throughout the internet if so, take another look. Kevin Kelly, the mind behind Wired and Quantified Self, has been one of my heroes for ages. He recently turned 68, so he offered what he calls “68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice”. There is SO much gold in this post, but one that jumps out at me as I write this newsletter is this quote, “Always demand a deadline. A deadline weeds out the extraneous and the ordinary. It prevents you from trying to make it perfect, so you have to make it different. Different is better.” And with that, my deadline is up! This newsletter is done. Hopefully, you find it different, and as they say, different is better. ;)