The Japanese Bidet 🚽 Experience Edition

I have a client whose Oura sleep stats recently tanked.

I have a client whose Oura sleep stats recently tanked.

Not for some of the standard reasons…not drinking alcohol, not late-night eating, not blue-light, etc. Instead the culprit was:

Hemorrhoids! 🤦🏼‍♀️

TMI, I know.

BUT(t) 😉, I’m sharing this because it is an area that is very top of mind now that Blake and I just left Japan and settled into Thailand....and what do you think we are massively missing about Japanese life?

Their far superior bathroom game!

And as it relates to sleep, my client is NOT ALONE. “Using a bidet is cleaner than just using toilet paper and can lead to fewer instances of rashes, hemorrhoids, and UTIs.”-Business Insider (Article #1) & "Most Americans grew up using toilet paper. And many might not even know there's an alternative way to stay clean." -Business Insider (Article #2)

On a call with my mom the other day, I tried to explain the wonderment of being in a land where virtually every establishment you step into has an elaborate “bathroom experience” awaiting you.

It’s hard to describe, so I’ll continue the picture storytelling method from last week’s newsletter to explain:

1) MINIMAL LINE STRESS: Even before getting into the public bathrooms, there are several smart systems to minimize unnecessary pre-bathroom line anxiety (so simple, yet so innovative!).

**Btw- this was in one of their public train stations. When I go into the Port Authority in NYC, I’m lucky if homeless people aren’t urinating in the sink, let alone witnessing a civilized process like this.

2) LIGHT SYSTEMS: Another bathroom gem that we spotted on the way to Tokyo Disney (again, in their mass transit train stations!). The stalls are connected to a light system command center that lets you know the number of vacant versus available stalls, so you can plan accordingly.

3) BUTTONS: Now, for the actual bidets. You will encounter a bevy of options, even at a pancake house like this one. Most notably, you will see the primary backside “spray” and a frontside “bidet spray” for women/transgender people. An added bonus is the air deodorizer! No more clunky spray cans with coverup scents. This actually cleans the air for real. So Japanese.

4) WHITE NOISE: Imagine running water or bird sounds as you go to the bathroom. That’s what you get under their “privacy” section when you tap on the sound button. You are also given the ability to adjust the volume to your liking. This is mutually beneficially for both you and other parties so that no one needs to hear what’s going on in those stalls.

5) LIKE A WARM HUG: Picture wake up in the middle of the night and not only does your bidet seat automatically open for also sanitizes, illuminates, and (my favorite) the bidet seat is already toasty warm for you! I literally called it a “delight,” which was an odd word choice, but I’m sticking by it!


  • 🌅Resource: Article, The Bidet's Revival - a super interesting historical look at the bidet, how the west missed the memo, and why that might be changing!
  • 🌅Resource: Bidet Website, Bidet Genius - who knew that there was an entire website dedicated to bidet models, ranking, breakdowns, etc.?!


  • 🚽Resource: Website/Product, Tushy - Interestingly, this American brand, is doing an incredible job of spreading the Dao of the Bidet (I just made that up 🤣) well as the astounding waste of toilet paper thanks to our antiquated bathroom habits. As their website notes, “Americans use over 34 million rolls of toilet paper every day which wastes precious resources and damages the environment and ecosystems that rely on trees.” The founder, Miki Agrawal, is both a New Yorker (and half Japanese!) and is a super inspiring female disruptive entrepreneur. Also, you can literally buy their full bidet on Amazon for under 100 bucks, which seems nuts. I do not have one since we travel full time, but I’m liking what I’m seeing.
  • 🌅Resource: Travel Bidet, Portable Travel Bidet I have not tried this, but I will likely give it a shot when we get back to the states since we are on the move so often.