How I Boosted My Deep Sleep By Creating A Nighttime Tea Ritual

How a simple tea kettle brought me more deep sleep (and helped me lose weight!) thanks to the magic of Circadian Rhythm Intermittent Fasting

I have shared with you all in the past how nighttime eating (aka Netflix & Chill) has been one of my biggest demons in the quest for great sleep.

Reminder: This is an example of the kind of readouts that I get after a night of late eating 👇: 

*Btw- late night eating can be defined as pretty much ANY chewing within at least 4 hours before bedtime!

Notice how my heart rate is consistently high throughout the majority of the night & it took an absurdly long time to come down (we like to see it reach its lowest point closer to the beginning /middle of sleep). There is a reason for that. It’s because my body was having to work overtime to digest that enormous bag of needless popcorn that I decided to have right before bed.

In the plus side, nights like that recommit me to upping my self-care and feeling great. As a result, below are my recent night time fasting stats:

The majority of my nights have ended with an average eating window end time of 5pm. Consequently, my sleep has improved in alignment with this new habit.

In order to make this new behavioral pattern stick, I discovered I could not simply SUBTRACT (-) late night popcorn without ADDING (+) something in its place.

Cue the ADDITION (+) of:

The ultimate nighttime tea experience!

*Make sure its caffeine free, not too close to bed (pee factor), and obviously not spiked since we have learned that alcohol at night will destroy your sleep

  1. Prepare a proper pot of tea (Blake & I love it filled with fresh ginger) and set the whole spread precisely where your munchies of choice would have been back when you were a sleep sabotager. ; ) The pot is key because it allows for multiple re-pours to extend the experience.
  2. If tea isn’t your thing... no problem. In Thailand, we were obsessed with a nightly ritual of cracking open a cold glass bottle of Singha Soda Water (if you’ve been to Thailand, you know what I’m talking about! Best seltzer ever), pouring it into fancy glasses and adding fresh lime.
  3. Basically, it doesn’t matter what kind of tea, bubbly, or flavored water you just has to be intentionally prepared to qualify in your brain as a TREAT.

For more on the magic of circadian rhythm intermittent fasting...READ: This new-ish article by Medical News Today, "Intermittent fasting boosts health by strengthening daily rhythms"

Also, if you want some fancy tea pot inspo, I’m seriously considering traveling with this (thoughts??): Mobile Moon Portable Tea Set | Double Wall Glass Teapot with Built-in Infuser👇