The Sleep Consistency Edition [Mollie's Monday Obsessions v.113]

I go to bed at midnight every night, and I wake up at around 6:17 every day, whether I like it or not. -Michael Breus, The Sleep Doctor

To give you a visual, you basically do not want your bedtime and wake times habits to look much like this client’s stats:

Ideally, you want them to look a bit more like this 'Even-Steven' client:

Now, this is not a conversation about the specific bedtime or wake-time that you choose (you could be part of the 5 AM Club or a hardcore night owl, does not matter); that’s for another email.

The goal here is to hit your consistent bedtime/wake time targets around +/- 30 minutes, seven days a week.

It is not uncommon for clients to come in wanting a magic cocktail of supplements, gadgets, and tricks to improve their sleep. Before we can touch any of those, we HAVE to begin at the most foundational component. Building the discipline and leadership skills to train our body to fall asleep and wake up at largely the same time consistently for sleep is critical.

I know that this habit is NOT always easy in 2020.

Even when we get thrown off course with our bedtimes, the most crucial change we can make is to maintain a consistent wakeup in the morning, despite how the night went, so that you don’t throw yourself off-course even further.

Here’s an example of a client who recently did a great job with that exact scenerio:

Above, you can see that Sunday night; he went to bed a bit later than usual. However, he still maintained his regularly scheduled wakeup time as not to throw off his circadian rhythm.

No matter if you’re struggling with this or if you’re a seasoned pro curious as to why this is important to maintain, read on for more resources on the topic.



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