The Sleep Gift Guide Edition [Mollie's Monday Obsessions v.120]

If you aren’t already, you are about to be bombarded with emails about Black Friday.

Here are the top 5 items that I use and advise my friends to get if they are having issues with their sleep.

1. Sleep Tracker: Start here. It’s hard to know where you’re at with your sleep if you don’t measure it. What gets measured, get managed, right?! The Oura is where I have everyone start. Runner up is the Whoop band, particularly for athletes.

2. HRV Training: Lief (short for ‘Get ReLief’) is THE coolest wearable that no one is talking about (Hat tip to my friend, Leo, for having me test this out). It’s incredible. I’ll be doing a proper write-up on it soon, but for now, all you need to know is that it acts as a continuous glucose monitor, but for your HRV! You wear it above your heart, and it will buzz your body when your HRV dips into a stressed state throughout the day. So far, I’ve discovered that my email and calendar are not great for my HRV goals! Bonus: it is an FDA Class II ECG biofeedback device that your insurance very well may cover! Check if you’re eligible on their website here (check out Lief and use code sleepisaskill for a discount)

3. Glucose Monitor: Wake-up a lot throughout the night? Difficulty falling asleep? Do you get hot during the night? Poor HRV? Dive into the wild world of your glucose stabilization by getting a continuous glucose monitor. Currently, two excellent companies handle the hurdle of getting a prescription for you. Go techy and sleek with Levels( use this link to skip the now 50k waitlist: ) or get more 1-on-1 attention with Nutrisense ( code: sleepisaskill)

4. Mattress Cooler: Imagine for a moment our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors. Do you think that they were swaddled in super hot manmade polyesters and fleece materials while sinking into heat-trapped foam mattresses? They were more likely sleeping on or close to the ground and experiencing temperatures much MUCH colder than their daytime temperatures. We have become temperature-controlled weirdos and need variation. Chili does a great job at doing this and is compatible with any mattress plus zero EMFs in the process. Use this link and promo code CHILI22 for 22 percent off and 11/26-12/30; you’ll get a free chilipillow!

5. Orange or Red Blue Blockers: CLEAR LENS DO NOT COUNT. I know it would be so much cooler if they did, but they don’t. For one of the darkest on the market, go for Dave Asprey’s line of TrueDarks Twilight



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The amount of people that have messaged me about Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy is nutty. When I was connected with him to do this podcast, I was so excited to learn more about his story and his methods. Check out the episode to learn more about how the doctor to Navy SEALs (and a former SEAL himself) approaches the topic.

Check out the free resources from Doc Parsley himself!:

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