​The Sunny Cities ☀️ Edition

For the last month that I’ve been out here in the desert of Las Vegas...it has been sunny.

The Sunny Cities ☀️ Edition
For the last month that I’ve been out here in the desert of Las Vegas...it has been sunny.

Every. Single. Day.

Because sunlight is EVERYTHING when it comes to creating the bodily cocktail that we desire for mind-blowing sleep. Reminder: sun supports the production of serotonin → leading to the healthy flow of melatonin at night → which sets you up for great sleep.

I have become a bit of a sunshine hunter.

So when a woman I met this weekend mentioned that Vegas is one of the sunniest cities in the country with nearly 300 sunny days a year...

I became immediately curious to learn more and began googling:

What are some of the other cities in the US that provide an inordinate number of days where I can sit outside on my laptop with an iced coffee and work? ;)

Here is what I found:

1) The Sunny Twenty: The 20 Sunniest Cities in the US (with populations over 100,000): What I got out of all of these charts and graphs...the cities that have a nice balance of sunny days, moderate temperatures year round (lows are not to low & highs are not to high)...also seem to have the highest priced homes being:

  • Honolulu
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego

"Living in a sunny city can have a very positive impact on your life. Sunshine can improve mood and mental health, plus exposure to sunlight improves overall health by helping to reduce blood pressure, and is crucial in the production of Vitamin D. If sunny days are a high priority to you, and you’re not getting enough where you currently live, consider one of these twenty US cities with populations over 100,000 with the highest percentage of sunny days (according to NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center)."

2) Sunniest Places in the US (without the 100,000 population filter used above): Because this list contains no filter on the size of the city, the top city is Yuma, Arizona. Fun Fact: this is also the sunniest city in the WORLD with over 4000 hours of sunny days a year & it is where my dad was born! #sunnyroots

3) 10 Great Cities For Sun Seekers (Worldwide): First of all, I didn’t realize that there was a “Best Cities” website complete with tons of city rankings! How cool! More to the point, this article creates a fairly comprehensive list of all of the sunny spots worldwide that are subjectively "vacation-worthy". This list gives me a new quest to test sleep quality in all of them. :)