The Tantric Sleep Edition

Last Thursday, Blake and I went to a tantra workshop out here in Thailand

Having said that...

Sleep Is A Skill stands on a simple 3-part framework: 

Transforming your psychology, physiology, and environment is the key to reliably getting incredible sleep.

The more private coaching, small group training, and interviews (currently at almost 100!) that I engage with, the more the psychological aspect of our global sleep deprivation endemic becomes glaringly apparent.

In conjunction, the more that our modern-day society pulls for fast & glittering answers (cue: sleeping pills, supplements, gadgets & gizmos), the more and more it would behoove us to go back to the basics. Can you get any more back ‘to the basics’ than somewhere in the realm of "3000 to 5000 years ago," according to Yoga Journal in their article, Tantric Rising.

Continuing with the gif theme, here is what the tantra class looked like (not X-rated! LOL) and some resources that apply to sleep through the tantric lens.

1. Tantra Workshop: (i.e., Not an orgy!):

2. Tantra Books (these were in the class for purchase, but again, not the focus):

3. Personal Class Takeaways:

Tons! But as it applies to sleep - I was struck by the importance of embracing the dualities of life, notably discipline & flexibility. For example, when I become too rigid with my sleep, I become a prisoner of my sleep. Tantric philosophy points to bringing both your conscious word to say, I prioritize my sleep structures/rituals, but at the same time I leave room for play and spontaneity.

4. Tantra & Sleep Texts (I pulled these from Google Reader immediately after leaving the class!):

If you are feeling that you cannot sleep, then don’t try to find sleep through a mantra. Rather, on the contrary, try to find what the restlessness is that is causing you sleeplessness. ...To sleep is good, but cannot be the goal. Tantra says, find the causes of why you are restless. I cannot give you better sleep. I would like to give you better awakening, better awareness.

...If you cannot sleep, it is good because it shows you that something is wrong in your very style of life.

I am not going to help you to attain better sleep. I will say, “try to understand; this is a symptom.” This symptom is a friend; it is not an enemy. It is simply showing that deep down in your unconscious, there are undercurrents which won’t allow you to sleep. Understand them, absorb them, go through them, transcend them; and then there will be a deep sleep, not because you forced the symptom underground, but because the disease has disappeared. ...All mantras are drugs; very subtle, but still drugs. Don’t become a drug-addict.

-Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, by Osho [granted, I have an entirely different opinion of the real-life Osho after watching the Netflix series, “Wild Wild Country”! Regardless, his writing is still pretty impactful!]



🌅Resource: Audible Book: Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition I just bought this because it has excellent reviews, and 19+ hours for 1 Audible credit seemed like a bargain. :)