The At-Home Health Testing Edition [Mollie's Monday Obsessions v.123]

The higher the altitude, the greater the sleep disruption. Generally, sleep disturbance becomes greater at altitudes of 13,200 feet or more. The disturbance is thought to be caused by diminished oxygen levels and accompanying changes in respiration. Most people adjust to new altitudes in approximately two to three weeks. -Sleep Fun Fact

You pee on a test card and get feedback on the body's general levels of nutrients, hydration, and more. Post pee, you use the Vessel app to turn your smartphone into a wellness test card reader that uses computer vision and machine learning software to scan the test card. Have any of you tried it? Please let me know your experience.

Personal Sleep Update #2: Recently, I was connected with the founder of My Med Lab, thanks to my favorite Trends FB Group. He’s been in the game a long time and provided some interesting insights around what he’s seen over the years re: sleep & testing. I currently have an Adrenal Stress Kit & Sex Hormones Test on the way to go a bit deeper.

Personal Sleep Update #3: Last week, I did a short guide on conducting at-home sleep hormone & vitamin testing in this IG Highlight reel using Get-Base. I’m testing for melatonin, cortisol, Hba1c, vitamin D, and CRP, and you can see a screenshot of the synapsis of the saliva-gathering portion of the experience below. If you want to test out get-base, go here and use the code ‘sleepisaskill’ for 20 percent off.



Resource: Article, NY Times, How Foods May Affect Our Sleep A LOT of you sent this article, and I appreciated it. One of the things I like about it, in particular, was this part: Dr. St-Onge has spent years studying the relationship between diet and sleep. Her work suggests that rather than emphasizing one or two specific foods with supposedly sleep-inducing properties, it is better to focus on the overall quality of your diet.

I appreciate this. The number of “Top 5 Foods For Sleep” really needs to be put behind us. If you’re drinking Heinekens and eating Cheetos, a swig of tart cherry is not going to save you.


Resource: Article, CNET, When to stop drinking alcohol, water, or caffeine before bed for better sleep It’s important to establish personal rules around this sleep-disturbing trifecta. Although if I made this recommendation, my sleep stats would be abysmal, and it’s something I’ve seen with most of my client’s sleep data:

Dr. Conroy recommends avoiding it at least three hours before bed. "It's sedating at first, so it can help you fall asleep, but can interfere with staying asleep. And so to avoid that, we generally use a three-hour guideline," she says.

I’d aim to push this much earlier personally.


Resource: Article, Porch, The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Bedroom a Relaxing Oasis I was recently sent this by the company with a request to share. Since they were friendly and the list might get your ideas flowing, I figured why not!


Resource: New Product Update, Muse, Muse S smart headband: Sleep tracking review If you already have the latest Muse S headband, get amped because it’s the newest update push with its new capabilities to track your sleep at night! As you likely know, head based trackers tend to be far more accurate than hand or wrist trackers; however, most of them are not comfortable enough to truly make it a habit. I have a call with Ariel, the inventor, tomorrow to discuss the latest and report back! UPDATE: I just spoke with Ariel, the creator of Muse, last week, and she said that they are in the midst of a clinical trial to validate the Muse against a polysomnogram! Exciting stuff. I


Resource: Article, Healthline, Does Nyquil Make You Sleepy? If you have taken Nyquil as a sleeping aid in the past, this is a judgment-free zone. I’ve been there. However, there are 127 percent so many other things that you can do to transform this area beyond these or other over-the-counters that will have a profound and lasting effect on your health.


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️Resource: Podcast Episode, The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast, 025: Dr. Ty Canning, Psy.D. & Consultant at Lief Therapeutics, The Best HRV Training Wearable That Nobody Is Talking About! [FDA-Cleared & May Be Covered By Your Insurance!] Can improving your overall sleep quality be as simple as taking some deep breaths? When our Heart Rate Variability (HRV) changes, it will determine how good we feel throughout the day and how well we sleep at night. Dr. Ty Canning tells us all about a new type of biofeedback device, the most accurate health tracking device you can get on the market. With this device and a few other tips around breathwork, he explains just how the Lief biofeedback device can actively cue us to change some of our health habits. In this episode of Sleep is A Skill Podcast, you’ll gain insights into one of the most straightforward solutions for a good night’s rest and learn how to improve your quality of sleep over time.

Click Here To See A 30 Second Snippet Of How The Lief Helps You With Stress

BIO: Dr. Ty Canning, Psy.D., is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in behavioral sleep medicine and sexual wellness. The majority of his clinical work is done with The Clinic, a San Francisco based private group practice. He is the Precision Psychological Medicine Corporation and a consultant with several tech companies, including Lief Therapeutics and Lover.


Use code ‘sleepisaskill’ for a 10% off discount!



What is an HRV Biofeedback Device, and how does it improve your sleep?


Dr. Canning’s personal experience with using the Lief device


How our HRV responds to the environment around us


Why this device is better and the most accurate you can get on the market


Devices take on tracking HRV but not influencing it – Lief can change it.


You can’t control digestion, you can’t control other things, but you CAN prevent this!


Recommendations for raising HRV and shift habits or responses in your life


What you can do to break the cycle that reaffirms not getting a full night’s rest


How our sleep systems have changed over millions of years

PODCAST REVIEW SHOUTOUT: Big thanks to Poker50MD for his helpful review! For any of you, that post a review (you can do that here), going forward, I’ll be sure to highlight them here as a token of my appreciation!

As always, please send me your thoughts on this week’s obsession or your current fascinations.


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Naked and Unafraid to Exercise in Virtual Reality

Where Peloton or Mirror might offer ongoing streams of new classes, though, they are fixed physical platforms; VR fitness differentiates itself in letting users step outside the existing reality paradigm.

Naked and Unafraid to Exercise in Virtual Reality

Where Peloton or Mirror might offer ongoing streams of new classes, though, they are fixed physical platforms; VR fitness differentiates itself in letting users step outside the existing reality paradigm.

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