The Coffee Swaps Edition [Mollie's Monday Obsessions v.106]

“One should always look for a possible alternative.”​ ​-Sherlock Holmes 🕵️‍♂️

For some playful context, who doesn’t love this wacky old 1995 NASA spider web study illustrating caffeine’s power (You can learn more about this study here and here). This experiment is a silly representation, namely considering we aren’t spiders last I checked! However, because caffeine severely degraded the performance of the spiders on their task of building their webs more than virtually any drug tested (as measured by the numbers of completed sides in the cells: the more significant the toxicity, the more sides the spider fails to complete), it could be worth reexamining it as a performance enhancer, not to mention the established effect on your sleep.


This newsletter is particularly timely for me, considering that I am 2 weeks into my own unintentional “Coffee Swap.” Basically, I was on Day 2 of a fast, drank some coffee, and threw-up. Naturally, this isn’t the strategy that I would recommend for those looking to wean off coffee. Still, it certainly expedited the process once the thought of coffee went from being one of my favorite parts of my day to downright nauseating. To be clear, I haven’t given it up caffeine entirely, but I have made some pretty significant swaps, namely these two:

  1. My first coffee swap now serves as my most substantial “hit” of caffeine in the form of one Four Sigmatic
  2. packet with mushrooms & adaptogens, coming in at 50mg of caffeine (for comparison, a tall Blonde Starbucks has 270mg of caffeine).
  3. My final coffee swap has been MudWtr
  4. , which comes in at 1/7th the caffeine of regular coffee. The idea is that it contains - Cacao, Masala Chai, Turmeric, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Lions Mane - so that you’re getting a smarter “high” than traditional coffee.

​It’s too early to tell the impact these particular Coffee Swaps have had on my sleep yet (too many variables including my cycle, sickness, and changes in diet); however, I can say antidote that my sleep has now surpassed my weekly baseline which is promising.

Other elementary, but impactful alternatives include ensuring that you are consuming caffeine sources paired with L-theanine (promotes relaxation without tiredness), from drinks like Matcha or certain teas. Another is consuming your caffeine source with a healthy fat like MCT oil to help sustain the energy hit.

Below are more resources, but if you are serious about weaning yourself off coffee (or at least downgrade the amount of caffeine), you can join me in reading this book, Caffeine Blues !



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​🧪Experiment: Chlorella & Alcohol, Theory: Helps to minimize the effects of alcohol on sleep & hangovers... have any of you tested this?




Update: Gunniuss World Records, For those of you who participated in Podfest last week, we are now all Guinness World Record Holders! Go sleep, team!


Resource: Podcast, Digital Marketing Masters, 099 - Sleep Is A Skill with Mollie McGlocklin

As always, please send me your thoughts on this week’s obsession or your current fascinations.


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Naked and Unafraid to Exercise in Virtual Reality

Where Peloton or Mirror might offer ongoing streams of new classes, though, they are fixed physical platforms; VR fitness differentiates itself in letting users step outside the existing reality paradigm.

Naked and Unafraid to Exercise in Virtual Reality

Where Peloton or Mirror might offer ongoing streams of new classes, though, they are fixed physical platforms; VR fitness differentiates itself in letting users step outside the existing reality paradigm.

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