The Sleep Reset

A 45-Day Online Experience Designed to Change the Way You Sleep Forever. Become the Best Sleeper You Know.

1. Demystify Sleep: Applying A Systematic Approach To “Turn Off Your Brain” With 3 Key Daily Timing Shifts [Light-Timing, Meal-Timing, Movement-Timing] Designed To Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

This program will ensure that you are up-to-date with cutting edge research in chronobiology, paired with the use of the cutting edge technology necessary to completely upgrade not only your sleep, but by extension, your mental, emotional, and physical health.

2. Take The Shame, Frustration, Hopelessness Out Of Your Sleep: Create Authenticity, Openness, & Partnership Through A Strictly-Enforced Daily Tracking & Accountability System

Through video journals, daily tracking, slack accountability, weekly progress-report assessments, and weekly accountabilities; you can think of this as 45-day sprint towards your sleep (& wellness) goals of your dreams.

3. Creating A Solid (No-Excuses!) Path To Your Sleep Goals

After spending half a decade of researching and coaching in human behavior, I have seen so many people fail because they lack structure. They want results but they lack any sort of real long-term plan and actions to get there. This experience contains an incredibly high-number of touch points both automated and personal. I know that you are here because you want to transform your sleep and I won’t let you go through this program without getting results!

4. Create A Sleep Risk Profile

In order to make real changes that stand the test of time, we will define your individual risk level surrounding your current sleep habits and measure the impact that they have on your life both in the past, present and future. When we understand and are clear on what is at stake we can summon the commitment and discipline to make a real change.

5. Master the Daily-Consistency Method

The combination of Non-Negotiable Night & Morning Accountabilities and “Worry Planning” will help rewire the negative mindset traps that impact sleep. The 12 Steps of Exceptional Sleep Scheduling will ensure that you completely restructure your daily and nightly schedules for optimal sleep performance.

6. Classify & Monitor Key Sleep Sabotagers

You will categorize current problems/concerns in 1 of the key 17 Sleep Sabotagers worksheets. You will rank all 17 categories on a scale of 0-10 and receive an average overall score. In doing so, you will get a birdseye view of your life challenges while gaining clarity to take directed action to make a real & lasting change.

7. Create Harmony Within The Three Domains Of The Sleep Formula: Psychology, Physiology, and Environment

No one has a perfect balance of the Sleep Formula all the time. The important thing is to address the areas that are most out of alignment and target those strategically. Your daily habits game-plan will be uniquely tailored to your dominant inconsistencies. With practice and guided coaching, these new habits will become second nature to you.

8. Expertly Execute 12 Steps of Exceptional Sleep Scheduling For Optimal Sleep: Morning/Evening Routines, Light/Meal/Movement/Body-Temperature Timing, Dietary/Beverage Choices, Relaxation-Response Activation, Environment Design & Sound Strategies

Skilled morning & evening rituals will allow you to positively and powerfully relate to both the end and the start of your sleep. Light, meal, movement, & body-temperature timing all provide powerful cues to the body on a cellular level of when to wake and when to sleep. Environment design is where you take responsibility and control of the space you choose to sleep in each night and make it work for you.

9. Risk-Free Investment In Your Sleep & Your Health

If you do the work, bring the energy, and you still are not sleeping at the end of these 45 days, I’ll give you your money back. If you’ve ever considered taking your sleep to the next level, now is the time to do it. This is a beta run at a beta price that will not be offered again.