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Loftie Clock

The alarm clock reinvented. Sleep deeply, wake up refreshed, and kick the smartphone out of the bedroom. Avail 15% off all Loftie products (except refurbs). *Note: I always suggest stationing as many plugged-in electronics as possible away from the bed for EMF concerns.
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With updatable soundscapes, meditations, & bedtime stories, a two-phase alarm that mimics your body’s natural waking process, and a gentle nightlight with dimmable display, the stylish and thoughtful Loftie Clock is all about getting you the healthy rest you deserve.

Key Features

• Two-phase alarm that first brings you out of sleep, then lifts you back to consciousness.
• Customizable alarm tone, volume, and day of the week settings.
• High quality white noise machine and nature soundscapes.
• Updatable wellness content, including breathwork, sound baths, and guided meditation.
• Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your own music and other audio content.
• Built in, adjustable night light provides a warm glow.
• Sleep timer and blackout mode for your perfect sleeping environment.

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