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Dep Slepwear: Sleep Hoodie

NEW! Unisex Midweight Long Sleeve Sleep Hoodie.
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Dep slepwear lightest long sleeve model.

  • Great for people who can get hot during the night.
  • Cozy, breathable hood muffles sound Comfy integrated sleep mask blocks light Silky, sweat-wicking fabric keeps body cool Flat-lock stitching adds comfort
  • The three things you need for quality sleep - darkness, quiet, and body temperature control - are all in this one patented sleep solution.
  • The built-in, ultra-comfortable sleep mask, blocks light and muffles sound. And the stretchy, breathable fabrics wick away sweat so you're never too hot or too cold.
  • All of this comes together to give you the ideal environment for quality deep sleep, wherever you are.
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