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My name is Mollie. I have painstakingly navigated the maze of chronic sleep deprivation and I now help people solve the puzzle through technology, chronobiology, and accountability.
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Working with Mollie had a huge impact on my sleep routines and sleep efficiency. Through a busy time with work and large amount of travel we were able to improve my HRV score by over 20% and it's a trend that's continuing to improve. I highly recommend reaching out to her if you're looking to improve and understand your sleep.
Elliot Roe
High Performance Coach
Mollie took the time to get to know me and work with me around my unique schedule and life. The [Sleep Reset] program was also driven out of positivity and not shame. My favorite part of all was how data driven it was as that’s the way my brain works. This experience was transformational. Sleep is a Skill is a Trojan horse that moves you towards a healthy lifestyle, not just healthy sleep habits. It gave me lasting practices that I’ll carry with me the rest of my life and made me insatiably curious about my health, body and data.
Greg Calderiso
Technology Executive
I recently had some of my best scores ever tracking my sleep with the Oura ring, which was great! It's fantastic and because of the things I've learned at Sleep Is A Skill.
Caroline Söderström
"I was able to start shifting habits and being more mindful of how different activities could be positively or negatively affecting my sleep"
Leah Humphries
When I started out working with Mollie, my Oura scores were very up and down, very sporadic. My sleep score average wasn't very high. Mollie was able to zero in on exactly what I needed to optimize and what I needed to do to really improve my sleep. My sleep is night and day and because of her, now I sleep very well. I’m actually very excited because last night my efficiency score was at 90%, which is very good for me, when I started with Mollie was about 75%.
Ron Reich
I didn't think I was ever going to sleep again. I don't want to get teary, but, since working with Mollie, I know that I am definitely going to get good sleep, and it’s because of my awareness that I gained working with her.
Iris Goldfeder
"Mollie is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of sleep and has taught me a lot about things like eating, light conditions, supplements, and cool gadgets to use for sleep. She was always extremely positive and happy to see my progress and I could tell she really cared"
Rhami Ax
Web & UX Design Expert
Thanks to Sleep is a Skill, I am sleeping better and not feeling tired all of the time. I am more focused and in the moment when I am playing poker. My HRV has improved greatly. I have lost close to 30 lbs in the past few months. I am a type two diabetic and all during Covid I was having difficulty keeping my glucose readings under 200. My readings now are fabulous and I have lowered my insulin dosage by 40 units daily. At 65, Sleep is a Skill has not only transformed my lifestyle but, in my opinion, saved my life.
Larry Semi
Professional Poker Player
Mollie and I were able to go deep into various topics and thanks to all that time well spent, we were able to pinpoint the areas of my life that affected my sleep the most and tried to make adjustments to those. I really liked the weekly "themes" of the course, where you had a good chunk of time to implement various things that could potentially be big sleep sabotagers.
Patrik Schöllin
Retired Professional Poker Player
The biggest takeaway is to learn that sleep is a skill and changing my lifestyle can lead to the outcome of good sleep. I started to have a more healthy lifestyle of sleeping early (10:30pm), waking up early (7:00am), exercising everyday, going outside everyday, and eating healthy. And as a result, I'm less tired during the day, my mood has gotten better and I have less emotional breakdowns because my emotional state is a lot more stable.
Business Owner

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