Probably the best written, health-related email newsletter there is. :) The format is excellent and the links/resources are always relevant and useful.
Deep Johal
Thank you for helping me to improve my life by improving my understanding of and relationship with sleep. It has merged with so many other areas of my life - caffeine, alcohol, eating, discipline/consistency.
Kylie Maron-Vallorani
Poker Player
This is my favorite newsletter! It's one of the few newsletters that I actually look forward to reading!
Renee Belz
Cohost of The Biohacker Babes Podcast
A lot of newsletters have a lot of fluff and self-promotion. This is not that! I love this newsletter!
Kristin Weitzel
Host of The Warrior Woman Mode Podcast
I’m always impressed with Mollie's newsletter.
Brian Hain
CoFounder & COO of Primary

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