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Ron Reich

Marketing Entrepreneur
“I got connected to Mollie a few months ago when I was really looking to optimize my sleep. I am so happy that I joined her program. It was an absolute game-changer for me. If you're looking to optimize your life, optimize your sleep. Join Mollie's program. It is truly transformational.”
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Do You Need to Optimize Your Sleep?

If you’re reading these words, you probably aren't getting the necessary sleep that you need. Most of us lack the necessary information, structure, awareness, and feedback loops to get sufficient & high quality sleep.

Even if you consider yourself a “Good Sleeper”, you are likely to have multiple blindspots in areas that could massively impact your sleep and health.

You always feel tired, even if you can log 7-8 hours (and certainly when it’s less!).


You are waking up throughout the night and cannot fall back asleep.


You have a difficult time sleeping with even the smallest change to your environment or routine (new hotel, new stressor, argument, noises, out with friends, etc.).


You have poor sleep efficiency (you are laying in bed for much longer than you are actually sleeping).


You’re relying on supplements, elixirs, gadgets, apps, lotions, and potions to sleep.


You used to sleep great. But something happened (hormonal changes, death of a loved one, move, job change, etc.), and now you are mystified as to how to get things back on track.


You experience signs of “sleep anxiety” when thinking of another night without sleep.


Your mind seems to race whenever your head hits the pillow.


All you want is to be able to “shut your brain off”.


You are resigned to always being a bad sleeper.

If any of these sounds like you.
You need to optimize your sleep!

My insomnia is gone, at least to the extent that I know what I need to do to avoid it, and what will allow it to be at play. Sometimes life gets in the way, but when I'm doing everything right, my sleep efficiency is up from 71% to 89%, I've gone from 5.5 hours of sleep including naps to 6.5 hours without naps, my sleep latency is usually ~15 minutes instead of over an hour, and my deep sleep has gone from ~1 hour to ~2. This has alleviated the anxiety I had about sleep, my sugar cravings are gone, I'm down 21 pounds, my HRV has nearly doubled, and my resting heart rate has dropped about 10%. It's been life changing!
Ryan Messick
Poker Player
I no longer think of myself as a poor sleeper! I can make changes in my life (like keeping lights out, using red bulbs, and eating early) and see improvement in my sleep. Thanks for all the encouragement, availability, and generosity with your time, knowledge, and resources! It's a winning combination.
Jenny Robertson
I've definitely deepened my awareness around all things that can affect sleep, and have incorporated more activity (steps/light) into my daily routine. Thanks for all your guidance and awesome energy Mollie!
Jim Battenberg
I am much more productive now and also more aware to sleep sabotagers throughout the day. Through the course i developed a new shedule for my days which not only improved my sleep, but also my focus and awareness during the day. So this 10 weeks improved definitely more than just my sleep.
wedding videographer
SO MUCH rest and vitality!! Sleep is so much more of a priority; I see the impact it has on my life. I am so much more aware of my ability to influence my own sleep. In other words, sleep really is a skill :)
Tricia Bolender
executive coach & strategist
Improved the circadian rhythm, waking up less often. Improved my sleep quality and therefore my overall well being
Vlad Lache
poker player
Mollie's education was so helpful. She is enthusiastic and encouraging. I learned so much about sleep scheduling, sleep hygiene. My health has always been a priority, now it's more so! And now my sleep is a priority, where it was just an afterthought before. Mollie is so helpful and encouraging!
Lisa Roth
Nurse practitioner
OMG, I'm sleeping soooooo much better! Thank you for EVERYTHING, Mollie! She recommended COUNTLESS changes I could make, most of which I did. I now sleep much longer overall, and, when I wake up in the middle of the night - which had been my main issue - I go back to sleep much faster. Also, my heart rate and HRV have improved, so much so that my Readiness is now usually in the 90s!
Russ Terry
Coach & Motivational Speaker
The Program Is Built On 3 Foundational Principles:

Optimize Your Sleep

A blend of education, accountability, and behavioral change all
designed to give you the skills to completely transform your sleep.
Principle #1


Sleep is something we all do each night. It's an essential foundation of health that very few people actually understand. This course will bring you up to speed on the latest in chronobiology, the science of time and how that impacts your biology. You will learn how your rhythms (ultradian, circadian, and infradian) can completely influence your sleep and learn a process for fully optimizing your habits, environment, and behaviors.
Principle #2

Awareness Through Technology

This course ensures that you are intimately connected to your sleep & health biomarkers throughout and, perhaps most importantly, empowered in exactly what to do with this information. We will explore how you can utilize technology as a means to bring about personal development and awareness of your behavior.
Principle #3


Want to change your life for the better? Studies show that one of the fastest ways to do that is to join a supportive community. This accountability structure is distinctive in that everyone is sharing their sleep biomarkers among the group. In addition, thanks to the Hawthorne Effect (Observer Effect), the phenomenon in which study participants tend to act differently because they are being observed, will be in full force thanks to this unique 8-week setting of wearable transparency and guided behavior change.
About us

Optimize Your Sleep with Mollie

Mollie Eastman (McGlocklin) is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill, and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. Sleep Is A Skill is a company that optimizes people’s sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change.  After navigating insomnia while traveling internationally, she created what she couldn’t find - a place to go to learn the skill set of sleep.
With a background in behavioral change from The Nonverbal Group, she became fascinated with chronobiology and its practical application to sleep and our overall experience of life. Knowing the difference between a life with sleep and without, she’s now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep. In the spirit of that goal, she has created the #2 sleep podcast, written a popular weekly sleep newsletter for over four years, partnered with luxury hotels & lifestyle brands, and has appeared on over 150 podcasts.

How does Optimize Your
Sleep work?

The Optimize Your Sleep training sessions are released in weekly modules with easy-to-follow videos, sleep assignments, resource lists, and more. However, the REAL training takes place on our weekly LIVE zoom calls in which we review the group’s wearable data. In between the calls, we will all communicate on a private site to share sleep stats and strategies to measurably improve your results in the long term.  
Week 1

Phase 1 - Assessment

Assessment is the foundation of any optimization protocol. Week 1 is arguably the most important week because this is where you will get crystal clear on what is working and what is not working about your sleep. You will complete in-depth assessments to understand your psychology, physiology, and environment and immediately get clear on possible actions that you may need to take based on your answers, such as testing for sleep apnea or other sleep-related disorders. You will complete our Sleep Sabotager assignment to assess all areas of your life to identify if you require support in particular areas of your life that are causing significant stressors that may be at the source of your poor sleep. You will also identify your sleep labels & narratives and commit.
Week 2

Phase 2 - Education

This is where we dive deep into a critical framework for getting great sleep: Biorhythm Entrainment. Here we will go deeper into the latest science and resources that you will need to become a sleep Jedi. We will create your Circadian Crafted Day from that lens, which will serve as your guide throughout the rest of our program as you navigate your sleep.
Week 3 - 10

Phase 3 - Optimize

A dedicated period of behavioral change, habit formation, group training, sleep data breakdown, and transformation. Once you understand the foundation of what is required to get great sleep, we will enter in the true optimization period. Each week we will implement one new behavioral change method that will continue to compound as we layer in more and more winnable & gamified habit changes. This is also the part of the course in which we will share & breakdown your sleep stats with the group, get live coaching on our weekly calls, and perform daily check-ins on the group platform.

What is Included With
Optimize Your Sleep

Weekly Sleep Optimization Hour with Mollie McGlocklin

Sometimes you just need to ask a question or want personal feedback. That's why I host a weekly Zoom call that's only available to course students. Get your questions answered and learn from the questions of the other students. The call replays are available inside the course if you can't attend live.

6 Month Access to the Optimize Your Sleep 24/7 Circle Community

If you have any question at all about sleep the community is the place to ask. It is filled with people dedicated to improving their sleep. This is the place where you can ask questions when you're stuck and share ideas to get honest feedback from the Sleep is a Skill team and other sleep optimizers like yourself.

Lifetime Access Optimize Your Sleep Content and Material

Optimize Your Sleep contains a practical, real world education on sleep optimization, chronobiology, biorhythm entrainment, and wearable technology guidance. You will have lifetime access to all content and can continue to optimize your sleep after the program is completed.

Exclusive Discounts on Sleep Products

The only requirement for this course is the Oura Ring. However, if you become interested in investing further in your sleep optimization journey, we will help you sift through the noise to understand what’s likely to bring the best results for you. And as a bonus, get you best price with exclusive discounts.

Bonus Guests Talks from Sleep and Health Experts

We will have guest masterclass sessions from individuals in the wellness community and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of some of the biggest names in the industry on our course members only Q&A portion of the podcast.


Optimize your sleep isn’t a magic pill. When I had my own sleep crisis I was constantly looking for the one supplement or practice that would fix my sleep. I have seen myself and many clients go through the same patterns

1. You are looking for a quick fix

This is a 8 week program that requires you to make big changes to daily habits and approach to sleep. You need to be committed towards making those modifications.

2. You have absolutely no control over your environment.

You travel a lot or you live with people who aren’t willing to work with you on lighting, temperature, sound, or optimization in general.

3. You aren’t open to tracking your sleep

During this program you will need to wear a sleep tracker in order to track your progress and uncover things that both work and don’t work. If that sort of information is anxiety provoking, this is not for you.

4. You have chronic mental health issues

If you currently have a mental health conditions that require a doctor’s guidance or supervision.

5. You recently discontinued your sleeping medication

If you are currently struggling with rebound insomnia or anxiety.

6. You are in a desperate place financially.

Optimize Your Sleep is designed to help you cope with the stressors of life and get you back on track, not add to your stress load.

If you are willing to do the following. This is what is available on the other side of Optimize Your Sleep.

The Benefits of
Optimizing Your Sleep

Studies have shown that improving your sleep could result in the
following overall improvements:

Sleep Related Benefits

Reduce the amount of times you’re waking up at night
Decrease the amount of time it takes to fall back to sleep & the frustration associated with it.
Freedom from sleep anxiety
Remove the reliance on external “things” (supplements like melatonin, etc) to sleep. Know yourself as someone who knows the steps to take to get an amazing night of sleep.
Sleep well anywhere
Know exactly how to create a daytime and nighttime sleep environment that supports great sleep. Learn to sleep in hotels, airplanes and everything in between.  
Stop all the various ways to cope with poor sleep
Have less reliance on naps and caffeine. Make friends with others who prioritize sleep in a like-minded community filled with high levels of accountability
Optimize your bedroom for performance
Learn how to design your bedroom and create a sleep sanctuary.
Pro-sleep alcohol & THC strategies
Learn mindful strategies around alcohol and THC so recreational use doesn't impact your sleep.

Health/Wellness Benefits

An increase in energy levels during the day
Longer and higher quality sleep can lead to greater energy during the day.
Be more emotionally grounded
Ever find yourself more anxious or frustrated when you don't sleep? Optimizing your sleep can considerably reduce the chances of that happening.
Decrease your chances for developing a neurodegenerative disease
Studies show a lack of sleep can contribute to  your chances of developing diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and dementia.
Improve your overall health and have the stats to support it
Optimizing your sleep can lead to an increase in HRV, decrease in your heart rate, and more.
Lose weight and improve your workouts
Deep sleep is critical element in recovery. Find yourself recovering quicker from workouts once you optimize your sleep,
Take actions that can extend your life
Improve your risk of all-cause mortality (yes, studies show great sleep can do just that!)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this program start? How long does it last?

8-Week Wearable Group “Optimize Your Sleep” Program KICKS OFF on June 12th, 2024

Below is our 8-week call schedule:
•  12 JUNE 2024, WED at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
•  19 JUNE 2024, WED at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
•  26 JUNE 2024, WED at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
•   3 JULY 2024, WED at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
•  10 JULY 2024, WED at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
•  17 JULY 2024, WED at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET

•  24 JULY 2024, WED at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
•  31 JULY 2024, WED at 10am PT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET

Just a reminder: Those of you don't have an Oura ring will have to purchase one before the second week of the program. You can do that with this link:

Also available in Amazon:

Why is the Oura ring required? Can't I use another tracker?

We have tested every single sleep tracker and we believe Oura ring is the best. While other trackers provide similar data, Oura ring gives us the ability to track all of our students at the same time. This gives us the layer of accountability and structure to help you optimize your sleep.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a no questions asked 14 day refund policy on the program. The 14 day window starts two weeks after the course begins and you can ask for a refund before we start the optimization period.

How much work is required in this program?

Optimize your sleep is a blend of videos, assessments, live workshops, and more. The first two weeks contain about 3-5 hours of work. After that you will have to make changes to your lifestyle and the time dedicated will range from person to person. If you can't dedicate a solid 2-4 hours towards optimizing your sleep each week we don't suggest taking the program.

How does the payment plan work?

Instead of paying a one time fee of $1,200 you can break your payments into 3 payments of $450. You will be charged each month on the day you initially signed up for 3 months.

Optimize Your Sleep

One-Time Payment - Save $150
One-Time Payment
Monthly Payments
Lifetime access to the Optimize Your Sleep platform and content
Access to 17 Sleep Sabotagers Worksheet
Access to Sleep Is A Skill x Oura Ring Dashboard
8-Week Course & Behavioral Change Itinerary
Unlimited access to questions and  assessments/assignments video call reviews
Access to 6 months of weekly live sleep optimization video calls
6 month access to the Optimize Your Sleep Circle Community group (this will be going away soon for future groups)

NOTE: Optimize Your Sleep requires the separate purchase of an Oura Ring (Starts at $299).
“I created a reliable and consistent routine and schedule around my life that sets me up for success at night when going to sleep. It also left room for workability as my circadian crafted day was always something I could go back to and trust.”

Greg Calderiso

Technology Executive
“I recently had some of my best scores ever tracking my sleep with the Oura ring, which was great! It's fantastic and because of the things I've learned at Sleep Is A Skill”

Caroline Soderstrom

“I got connected to Mollie a few months ago when I was really looking to optimize my sleep. I am so happy that I joined her program. It was an absolute game-changer for me. If you're looking to optimize your life, optimize your sleep. Join Mollie's program. It is truly transformational.”

Ron Reich

Marketing Entrepreneur