002: Dr. Jamie Zeitzer, Stanford U. & CMO Lumos Flux, Light Therapy & Sleep!

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Episode Summary

Episode #2 is all about LIGHT! And there is a reason for that... Strengthening your circadian rhythm is central to everything that we do at Sleep Is A Skill. And it turns out that understanding and utilizing light is one of the most important ways to fulfill that goal.  Thankfully Dr. Jamie Zeitzer is a leader in this area and provides some incredible and practical takeaways that you can implement immediately.

Episode Notes

A clinical champion and pioneer in the field of light therapy and circadian rhythms, Dr. Jamie Zeitzer is a research professor at Stanford's Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, a member of Stanford Bio-X and Chief Medical Officer of Lumos Health. He received his Ph.D. in neurobiology from Harvard in 1999 and has spent 25 years of his research career focusing on light, sleep, and circadian rhythms. Over the past few decades, Dr. Jamie Zeitzer has published over 123 papers in established journals and championed over 5 sleep related clinical trials. His 6th trial, Bright Light as a Countermeasure for Circadian Desynchrony is currently hiring.

In 2019, Dr. Jamie Zeitzer co-founded Lumos Health, a medical technology startup in the field of light therapy, providing research oriented and clinically effective light therapy products combined with the latest nano-technology to create a personalized light environment for people looking to improve their sleep and wellbeing.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Circadian rhythms
  • Impact of light on sleep
  • Lumos Flux (light therapy wearable glasses)
  • The science behind light therapy
  • Effects of irregular light exposure on health
  • How Jamie manages his light exposure
  • Can color-shifting your screen really help you sleep easier?
  • Subjective sleep quality