108: Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, Founder of Leela Quantum Tech: How An Ex Tech Exec Created A Frequency Technology To Help Promote Inner Peace and Improve Sleep!

Join us on this episode with Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, the founder & CEO of Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade. He shares his journey from corporate executive to energy healer. You'll learn about the cutting-edge technology and benefits Leela Quantum Tech offers, including the Inner Peace Card, which Phillipp created to help manage stress, anxiety, and persistent thoughts.

Discover the fascinating studies that speak to the effectiveness of Leela Quantum Tech's products and technology, including evidence for its support of (HRV) heart rate variability for some individuals. 

And, to top it off, Philipp will even reveal his night sleep routine! So take advantage of this informative and engaging podcast episode - tune in now!


Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, alpha chi teacher and energy healer.  In parallel to a successful international business career he constantly worked through blockages and barriers that prevented him to fully connect with his true self. With that he started to also see energy fields and developed his unique skills as a healer.

His core competency is to transform energetic blockages, and to open the hidden treasures within one’s self. During his business career he worked as an executive for several well known companies, including T-Mobile International and T-Mobile US where he served as Vice President. He’s the founder of Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade.

In this episode, we discuss:

🧘‍♀️Philipp Samor: From Corporate Executive to building his own company: Journey toward discovering energy and frequency world

🧘‍♀️Leela Quantum Tech: Technological advancements and benefits

🧘‍♀️One of the frequency cards Leela Quantum Tech offers is the Inner Peace Card, which helps with anxiety, stress, and constant thoughts.

🧘‍♀️Inner Peace Card VS traditional methods such as pills

🧘‍♀️What is NPS and how does it help in balancing the mind and improving sleep?

🧘‍♀️What are some examples of studies conducted to test the effectiveness of Leela Quantum Tech's products and technology?

🧘Leela Quantum Tech did five studies that proved their products can improve blood and HRV heart rate variability.

🧘‍♀️What is the ideal placement for Leela Quantum Tech's frequency cards to get the full benefit?

🧘‍♀️What is Philipp night sleep routine?


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Welcome to the sleep as a skill podcast. My name is Mollie McGlocklin and I own a company that optimizes sleep through technology, accountability, and behavioral change. Each week I'll be interviewing world class experts ranging from doctors, innovators, and thought leaders to give actionable tips and strategies that you can implement to become a more skillful sleeper.


Let's jump into your dose of practical sleep training.


Welcome to the sleep as a skill podcast. podcast. This episode was filmed on location at Biohacking Congress here in Austin, Texas. And this is a little different of an episode. Often we are speaking to sleep experts. We are discussing the latest research in chronobiology, circadian rhythm and trainment, different tools and techniques to help support you on your sleep journey.


Well, This one is a little outside of the box and we do that on purpose because we want to make sure that you have lots of different modalities and awareness of what's out there in the space. So for this episode, we actually sat down with the founder and CEO at Lila Quantum. And Lila Quantum is all about helping to educate around EMFs electromagnetic frequencies and potential ways that you might be able to support yourself in a world that is more and more surrounded and engulfed with many, many EMFs.


There does exist research that looks at could EMFs. be disruptive for sleep. So we're going to be exploring some of those topics today and look to see if some of the products that Lila Quantum puts out might be supportive in your journey of mitigating some of the effects of EMFs. It might be worthwhile for you to explore some of those topics and some of those services that they have available.


So. A little bit about the founder. So Philipp is who we sat down with, and he is a coach, conscious entrepreneur, and energy healer in parallel to a successful international business career. He constantly worked through blockages and barriers that had prevented him from fully connecting with his true self.


During his business career, he worked as an executive for several well known companies, including T Mobile International and T Mobile US. Where he served as vice president, he is now the founder and CEO of Lila quantum tech and quantum upgrade, where he's also a passionate bio and bio energy hacker in his personal life.


He's also a Kundalini yoga teacher, a father of two loves dogs and made it to the top eight in the tennis senior us nationals when he still participated in tournaments. Now we've jumped around to a lot of different topics in this conversation today, and I'm hopeful. That you find it beneficial in your journey of really looking at the many, many areas that can impact your sleep and your health.


That's why we say that sleep is a skill. And so if you are someone that has been curious in ways that you might be able to live in harmony with the many, many EMFs that are often surrounding many of us unavoidably in this day and age, then this episode very well may be for you. So I get a lot of questions around sleep supplements, and I'm very hesitant to just throw out a whole laundry list of possibilities.


One, I don't think it's the most responsible thing to do. I really do believe in testing to see what types of supplements make sense for you. And two, because I really, truly believe that most of the things that you can do to improve your sleep are behavioral, psychological, environmental, and nature, and often don't cost a dime.


However, there is one supplement that I personally take every day and that I do feel quite comfortable with suggesting for most individuals to experiment with because of a couple of reasons. It's high safety profile and high rates of deficiencies in our modern society. Some put the numbers as somewhere around 80% of the population being deficient in this one area, and that is magnesium.


So magnesium has been called the calming mineral, and some report that magnesium can increase GABA, which encourages relaxation on a cellular level, which is critical for sleep. Magnesium also plays a key role in regulating our body's stress response system. Those with magnesium deficiency usually have higher anxiety and stress levels, which negatively impact sleep as well.


Now, before you go out and buy a magnesium supplement, it's important to understand that most magnesium products out there are either synthetic or They only have one to two forms of magnesium when in reality your body needs all seven forms of this essential sleep mineral. So that's why I recommend a product from my friends over at BioOptimizers.


They have created something called the Magnesium Breakthrough. And taking this magnesium before bed helps you relax and wake up refreshed wearables.


I will share anecdotally that many clients have reported improvements in their deep sleep trend numbers. Again, I don't want you going nuts on the sleep stage classification numbers on your wearables, but I do want to let you know about that because I know that many of you do reach out on questions of how to improve your deep sleep.


So I also love that BioOptimizers offers free shipping on select orders, and they offer a 365 day money back guarantee on all their products. Plus they have a customer satisfaction rating of 99. 3%. Very impressive. And you can get 10% off Magnesium Breakthrough. Again, this is the same magnesium that I use every single night.


And finally you can get 10% off magnesium breakthrough. Again, that's the magnesium supplement that I use every single night by going to www dot mag m a g. So mag breakthrough.com/sleep as a skill, and be sure to use the code sleep as a skill for 10%. Okay, and welcome to the Sleep as a Skill podcast here on location at Biohacking Congress.


We are in Austin, Texas. Very excited for this conversation, but first, before we jump into it, I'm going to read you a little bit so I don't forget anything. So essentially we're here in Austin. We are very excited to learn from great biohackers, doctors, scientists, as well as explore different products and digital health devices, life changing weekend.


And we definitely recommend that you check out Biohacking Congress website and getting your ticket for the next Biohacking Congress, which is going to be in Miami, October 20th through the 22nd. Okay, so without further ado, Philipp! Hi! Thank you so much for taking the time in the midst of this like super busy weekend.


You're on panels, you're talking, all the things, and to come in and have this conversation about sleep really means a lot. I'm excited about it. Thanks for having me on. Awesome! Okay, so this is gonna be fun. because I was sharing with you before we, you know, hit record that I have one of your necklaces.


I've seen you all around, uh, you know, just very omnipresent. It feels, I feel like I've seen your podcast. I've seen your people wearing your stuff, all the things. And yet I have a lot of questions on just the whole world of it. So I'm really excited for you to share more, but also of course, since this is a sleep and skill podcast.


bridge that gap for us of how this might be helpful in the challenges that people have in the world of sleep. So one, thank you, uh, for being here. And two, I wonder if you could share a little bit about how this came to pass that you created and really invented this product. Yeah. So I used to be in corporate America and corporate Europe.


And in the early two thousands, I realized I cut myself off of my emotions and feelings completely. I was living a hundred percent rational life. Yeah. Out of my head and I wouldn't believe anything I couldn't touch and see with my own eyes. Yeah. And I was very unhappy at that point. So that turned everything for me because I got into meditation, into yoga, got interested in healing arts and, uh, Then went through shamanic workshops, uh, through past life regression work training.


So I learned how to do that with others. Uh, I learned various energy healing techniques. I met my wife in the in between of all that in 2005 was born with the ability to see our own energy fields. And so I got really into the energy and frequency world in a way and realized, Oh my God, this is crazy. And realized at some point, you know, that's.


That's a core what we are energy and frequency and in 2016 I stopped being in corporate and said the stretch is too big I had to just constantly do whatever was my own real calling which was not working in corporate as an executive So doing what the board wants or something like that and working for just making profits for, for a big company, then out of that, we created Lena quantum tech and the vision was to create products that can help us on a consciousness level.


But they can also promote physical changes and using similar methods that a top notch healer would use that you go to if you have real trouble in your life something really big that you need to solve you no one can help you just this one top notch healer helps you and That in a nutshell we did because what do they do when they work with you?


They, they work with frequencies and they also work with the quantum field. So we've been able to create a technology that can imprint pure quantum energy into any object. You can leverage it for your physiological organism. And it sounds all crazy because it's, it's almost magical, right? And that's actually also what our products appear like, like if that they do stuff that you think, how can this work?


But it's all backed by hard science. So I stopped there and let you jump in. Okay. That's the wrap up, you know, how I got there. Okay, lots of questions because, so for the people that are listening, often they're coming along. We found two real camps of listeners so far. It's the people that, but all camps are tired, um, or, or want to improve their sleep, right?


In some way, shape, or form. And so they're listening and they're saying, okay, well either I'm not sleeping and I want support with sleep. Could this help? And then the other group is sleeping. There may be more athletic or what have you, and they're tracking and they want to improve their numbers. So either group though, dissatisfied with their current state and looking to improve it through the lens of sleep.


So curious if you can help bridge the gap for them of if they're listening and like, well, this doesn't apply for my sleep. What do you see there? Yeah, so besides this technology that can imprint pure quantum energy into any object that you can leverage as such, which already has certain benefits, we create specific frequencies with a top notch HeLa network together.


And So we have about 27 different frequency cards right now. I'm not going to go through them, but I want to give an example. They would be for a specific use case. And one would be like the inner peace card, for example. And the inner peace card is designed for any state of anxiety, stress, Panic attacks mind, constant mind, you know, thoughts that don't stop.


I'm thinking about tomorrow, about yesterday, and about what I didn't do right and what I should be doing right the next day and all of that. Yeah. It helps you to calm down. Mm-hmm. Not like a pill because it, A pill is really just focusing on the symptoms. And then as soon as you don't take the pills anymore, you have the symptoms again, because the root cause was always there and you never did anything with it.


So the inner peace card actually helps you to access the state of inner peace within you that we always have there. But when we're just so active with our minds and imbalance, we cut it off. Like we energetically contract. and then the inner peace is as if it's not there and we're just like that and we can't sleep and oh my god and then once we can't sleep it gets worse because we're like oh my god now i can't sleep i want to sleep and i can't and it's just a spiral and and then we get fear that we yeah okay so i go to bed oh my god when i wake up again at two and i'll stay awake oh my god and it makes it worse yes so the inner peace helps with balancing the mind.


And I actually use it almost every night. I don't need to anyway, because I actually have relatively good sleep, but it helps me sleep even better and even longer. And I'm calmer that way. And it's in a very natural way. So you don't need to take any, any chemicals, right? It's literally just. the information.


We do have a sleep and rest card. I shouldn't say that because we changed the name into common rest just because of FDA regulations. And I don't recommend that though. And at first, I always recommend the inner peace frequency because it's, it solves a lot of problems for most people already. And mostly it's, it's a mind thing actually for most people I have found.


And common rest card is a little bit. stronger, it's, it's more heavy, it's more intrusive, invasive, almost like it's still just a frequency, though it's not really invasive, right? But it's a tougher frequency than the inner peace frequency. The inner peace frequency does not make you sleepy, but since it makes you access the space of inner peace, you can sleep relatively easily then actually.


And what you do is you put the inner peace card, it's like a It looks like a credit card basically, it looks way nicer, but in terms of the size, it's like a credit card. It's golden and you can put it underneath a pillow, underneath a bedsheet, and some people actually just even hold it in their hands or put it right underneath their belly or because it doesn't seem to.


distract us in any way. Okay. I'm glad you helped us visualize too. Cause in case anyone's wondering, they're like, is it a necklace? Is it a this? So that's great. So yeah, maybe it does make sense for us to explain kind of your product offerings. Usually we wait later, but I think it does pertain based on our conversation.


So largely. The necklace and then the cards, are those the main offerings or does, um, are there other that you would speak to too? Those are the main offerings in terms of the lifestyle products and also more affordable products. The others are the blocks. Those are way more expensive, so we're talking, you know, 1, 500, give or take for one of those.


Uh, it's extremely cheap for what they do, because, I mean, we'll get into that, you know, what signs there is in regards to that. But it's a higher price point, obviously, and if you're just now looking for sleep. you know, the first thing that I would grab would not be a block. I would grab the inner piece card and see what it does for me.


Nice. Okay. Yeah. And so I love your call out of the, the science piece. So if you can help us bridge that gap. So what is there? What did we understand from the science of how that would be beneficial for us? Yeah, so, uh, our technology has been tested in three different continents from various labs and institutes and doctor's practices because early on we realized what we do is so cutting edge that people have a hard time understanding how it works and can it even work.


So we needed to not just talk about it. We need to really come up with research and testing. So what has been shown? The Emoto Institute in Japan showed that if you charge water. with our technology, it improves significantly faster than any other method they've ever tested. Since they've seen that, they actually asked us if they could distribute our products in the paint Japan, which they've never done before with any other product line.


They've been selling our products since 10 months in Japan now. They're not a shop, like they're an institute. They really don't do that usually. So that's like the one thing, uh, which is kind of interesting. Then we were able to show in five randomized sham controlled double blind and single blind studies that the blood improves within minutes, frankly, and it improves significantly.


And is that for all the products or for individual? Okay. So with all products, we have seen quite significant improvements in the blood within minutes indeed, but the. Largest studies that were randomized and sham controlled and double blind, single blind. Those were the blocks. The blocks are the most powerful ones by far and large.


And I mean, there you can see even reduction of parasitic load by 80% within minutes. You can see that stage one and stage two of black clotting reverses within 10 minutes. you see white blood cell activity and motility increase. So overall, like it improves your blood very visibly and extremely rapidly.


We've shown, or not us, but the lab that tested this just a few days ago that ATP production in the cells actually increases by 20 to 25% with using our technology. And here we're also again, talking the blocks. So it's very, very significantly. And yes, several other methods have been used. The heart rate variability is something that, you know, again, ties back to sleep somehow, because it's somewhat correlated with our autonomic nervous system.


So when the nervous system is overwhelmed and very stressed, then we can't sleep, we can't relax. Yes. So if we can balance that out and optimize the heart rate variability, that's a positive thing. And that's actually something that this here does. Also has been proven in a study to do that. But this one you would not wear at night.


We recommend to wear during the day. because it, it will be too stimulating. But if you wear it throughout the day, then maybe take it off at six and maybe at nine you go to bed or something like that. And you know, you've had your stimulating day and everything with a lot of energy. And then you're starting to calm down just naturally and then grab the inner peace card or grab nothing and see what it does.


Um, because this improves your Heart rate variability also over time more and more the longer you use it the more it improves it But you can show improvements already after 10 minutes. Okay, and then would you recommend for the block? So for someone for sleep and optimizing that putting that in the bedroom, is that something or no?


No, I would recommend to do the opposite actually Well the blocks of the block All of our products neutralize EMF. They don't block EMF, but they, they harmonize them. So basically they neutralize the negative effects and the block does it literally for the whole home or office where you put it in. And so not only yourself has the benefits, but you know, if you have a husband, kids, whatever, you know, pets, all plans, they're all positively impacted by it, but don't put the block in the first two weeks in your.


bedroom because it may be too stimulating for you. So just rather have a living room or a kitchen or whatever. Got it. So it's similar to the necklace from the stimulating piece. Yeah. In that sense, it is. Okay. In that sense, it is. But the inner piece, are there certain frequencies then you could customize and have more in the bedroom?


Yes. The inner piece is actually, you know, you have to have it closed. Any card that we have should be very close to the body to have an effect. Yeah. Already, if you put it on the nightstand, I would say it's too far away. Okay. Then you just have the effect of, okay, it's nice to have a card there, but energetically it doesn't do much.


It needs to be in very close proximity to the body. Okay. And then, then all of the other cells also get the benefit because the cells have a quantum field and they communicate. So if you have it in your pocket underneath your head, or ideally actually we found relatively close to the solar plexus or heart chakra area.


That's the best area for the night for the card to have the optimum effect. Got it. Very cool. So I'm wondering if you can share a little bit more about, so anyone that's listening that like, what? There's a necklace, there's a card, there's a block. How in the world could this be improving, especially something like HRV?


We do have a lot of listeners that are curious about HRV and other things certainly that would support health and sleep and just kind of further walk us through. through that for anyone that's just like, I don't understand. Yeah. So we work with pure quantum energy. It's 100% natural quantum energy. It couldn't be more natural.


And that's the same energy you have in your cells. So That's why it's so harmonious. It's absolutely harmonious and it's a coherence thing. So you basically come back into coherence, into better balance through that energy. And with these specific frequencies, that's easy to explain because Frequency is nothing else but information.


It's basically the same thing. So if you take a vitamin C pill, what ends up in the core of the cell is not the vitamin C substance, it's the information of the vitamin C. We can bypass that with our technology so that you can get the frequency of the vitamin C, or in this case, Frequencies that promote inner peace that help you access this inner peace so that you can relax, you can expand more and you get out of this energetic contraction, what is a big part and factor in not being able to sleep.


So that's the information is there. signals that to your body, because we're energy and frequency beings. That's at core what we are. We're way more than that than anything else. Sure. So if that information is there, we can take it in and we translate that into a reaction, right? So we can act upon it. Okay.


Amazing. And you said there's these different studies and trials, and are you in the midst of those ongoingly? What does that all look like? for those that are further just like so curious to further understand from a kind of study based perspective. So tons of studies have been done already. I mean we have hundreds of papers.


Oh really? Pages of studies, you know, in regards to live blood analysis, uh, heart rate variability, the motor study, uh, bio well testing, ATP production study, and so on and so on. But there's ongoing research because there's We've just scratched the surface of what's possible and one of the most interesting, well, there's an autism study that was actually done.


So clinical trial in India with 42 autistic kids, which also showed significant improvements by the way, that will be published in the next three months. And right now my biggest field of research is food allergies. Oh yeah. Because we found that. It shows, everything points to the fact that our technology is able to reduce allergy responses by 70 to 100 percent.


And when you charge the substance with our blocks, we can't recommend that yet though. So don't do it at home because we want to have way more data points. So we've, we've had a lot of anecdotal evidence. We've even showed it live on Dave Asprey's big conference, live on stage. And Now there was a pilot study that also confirmed that, but we want to do a broader study and that's currently underway in Germany in the clinic.


And once we have the data, you know, we will share it and provide some guidance, but that's, that's a very, very interesting field. And it again shows, you know, that you can, with information and energy, you can change waveform patterns. That are formerly detrimental now are completely harmful or to a large extent harmful.


Wow. Very cool. I can't. I was at, uh, what's his last Dave's Dave's last event. Yeah. I must've missed that. Damn it. No, no, no, no. So, so that was already a year and a half ago in Orlando. Yes. Um, the last one we didn't do it live on stage, but we showed it's on YouTube. Like everybody can look up the video. Okay.


Very cool. All right. Maybe we can put that in the show notes. Very cool. Amazing. And so for anyone listening, it's like, well, why is like, why aren't more people doing this? Is it patent technology? Like, why aren't we seeing this more? It's extremely difficult to do. No one else has figured it out so far, but us, I mean, there's a lot of like, there's a lot of fields in frequency medicine.


So you have a lot of researchers and great companies doing things with Rife machines or with sound frequencies. I think that's all part of frequency medicine. Sure. But the way we do it, it's unique and we have design patents, but we did not patent the method because then we would have had to disclose it and that's kind of like this thing with a patent office, like, yeah, you know, if you tell them how something like this works, that's so cutting edge, then yeah.


Suddenly it may be gone. Yeah. You know, so it's just something we didn't feel we need to do because no one else is able to do it anyway. Got it. Very cool. All right, amazing. Well, so given this kind of visionary thinking and clearly a deep commitment to health and wellbeing, I'm sure everyone's gonna wanna know about how you're manag.


your health and your sleep. So we do always ask people four questions. And so our first question is what is your nightly sleep routine looking like right now? I'm sure you're traveling and all those different things, but what might we learn? Yeah. So one thing I can actually recommend not just for sleep, but for general tuning into your own body and starting to feel yourself better, which Everyone struggles with at least at times in the evening when you go to bed put your phone away first thing I mean, that's anyway something you I'll get into but yeah lay down and just have a minute or two just with yourself Like ask yourself.


How do I feel? And you don't even have to have the answer like don't wait for your own answer but just let that sink in and just feel yourself for like a minute or two and just be with yourself and not with Some thoughts, or your spouse, or the phone, and then when you wake up in the morning first thing you do for just a minute or two, just be with yourself.


Feel, ask yourself, how do I feel? Don't think about what you need to do, what you haven't done and all that. Just feel, just stay in your body. Do that for seven days and it'll be life changing, honestly. So it's, it's like a daily long meditation, but you don't have to spend that much time. It's not much effort and it really helps.


And it may bring up some stuff also because maybe something comes up that. Is an emotion that you haven't looked at or something. So it's good for that. But I, I do recommend, you know, in the evenings, the screen time is a big issue for sleep. Obviously because it, you know, messes with the melatonin levels.


It messes with just our, you know, our energy gets too. artificially excited inside just because of the screen so if you have to do it use these blue light glasses or something like that but i would say hey if you can take a walk in nature before you start your going to bed process do that like 10 15 minutes and if it's just five minutes best thing to do because of the fresh air and you're connecting back with nature and after that don't get back on your phone start to go to bed and whatever and then And maybe try that for a week, what that does.


I think that's the cheapest way to go about it, to be honest. I love that. Okay. That's perfect. And so, so you do that in your evenings and then I love how you already give us insight to your mornings for the sounds of it, which is always our second question. So you begin your morning with that kind of one minute just for you just to check in.


I think it's really great too for some of our listeners are have lots of data and they're looking at. their aura ring stats, their whoop stats, their bio strap, their all these things. And before taking that step, actually getting checked in subjectively. How are you experiencing yourself right in this moment?


How reflecting, how was your sleep? How, how is the whole state of you right now? So I love that. And what would we see thereafter for your morning kind of flow? I'm sure it ebbs and flows, but what might we learn there? Well, I, I try to. If I can. Well, no, I'm telling you I can, but usually I try to get on my hyper vibe.


Oh, sure, yeah. Uh, for, you know, 10 minutes or so, and then do some Kundalini yoga. I'm a Kundalini yoga teacher, so I don't teach really, but, you know, I do it myself still. Cool. And at least, you know, three, four times a week, I do it in the mornings. Okay. Which is great, you know, to get into the day, and that's pretty much it.


Nice. Okay. Do you pay attention at all to the morning sunlight aspects, circadian rhythm, peace, or not as much? It depends where I'm at. We have, we have a place in Costa Rica and when I'm there, I honestly, I always wake up when the sun gets up. That's around 530, 545. Every day I wake up at that time. When I'm in New Mexico, where we usually live, I, Yeah, right.


So it's A little less inspiring than like, you know, on the beach or whatever. Yeah, totally understand. Okay. And then the third question is, what might we see on your nightstand or if you are traveling, kind of proverbial nightstand with apps, gadgets, supplements, anything to be aware of? Yeah. So I have an amethyst on my nightstand, which is actually, It also has a calming effect.


Uh, it's really nice, uh, also to look at it and it's just beautiful. And I do have, uh, an inner peace card actually on the nightstand, but then when I go to bed, I actually grab it. Now we have some different methods on how to deal with that, but with a frequency card, that's. Yeah, you know, that's about it.


Okay, very cool. Love this inner peace. I'm gonna have to look at that. Okay, so then the last question would be what has made the biggest change to your sleep game or maybe the biggest aha moment you've had in managing your sleep? Well, I mean, it's a few different things. I think the inner peace, it was definitely one great finding another one, you know, the walking in nature and connecting.


Yeah. And then the third one was to just get in more balance in general in my life, right? Because I think that's something if we, if we just live a pretty hectic life and we're always trying to achieve something or do something and get something that takes us off center Yeah. During the day. It's not going to help us at night.


So if I can try to manage my life in general better, where I try to stay centered, if I notice I get out of center, I do something that helps me go back in a center and I do that in my regular life, that has a big impact. on my sleep and I used to have times really where I had really bad sleep so I kind of feel I know what I'm talking about and I've solved it for myself and you know maybe every three months I have one or two nights where I can't sleep well and I'm awake for three hours maybe yeah okay so then that happens fine but you don't get into the stress of that happening over and over again because it's maybe just it was just a rough day or energetic there's a lot going on yeah But hey, if you have that on a regular basis, go do something about it and don't just try to manage your night, try to manage your life.


Mmm, love that. So good. And it sounds like you've really worked through, because I appreciate that sounds like years back in previous. you had those experiences and now I've been able to put in the work to not get messed with because that's what we see so often for people when then they have a rough night.


It's then that reaction that then can spiral it into more stress, more fear, more anxieties is going to happen again and that can trip us up. So you're able to just roll with it from the sound of it. That's great. Exactly. And it's often, it's actually also messages from our subconscious or the subconscious doesn't want to let us sleep because we're not paying attention to what's really meaningful in our lives.


Yes. And we're, we're not doing what we're supposed to do. And if we just start to listen a little bit, you know, then that helps in this tuning in at nights in the morning. If you do that for seven days, that actually helps with that. Yes. And sometimes that's all it takes to start noticing. Okay. Okay, I need to move myself into a different direction.


Yes. We need to pay attention to ourselves. I love that so much. That's really well said because one of the things we speak about a lot is that there can actually be a gift in some of these sleep disruptions because with the argument that we can look at sleep as kind of a barometer of the workability of our lives and that every so often we might just be getting a little veering off course or in whatever way that might show up and so this is actually an opportunity to listen to our bodies when it is trying to communicate something and then actually come out, you know, stronger, better, what have you, on the other side.


So I love that. Really important. Well, first off, did we forget anything in this conversation? Did we leave anything out? Sleep, all the products that you guys have created to help really support people in their journey for health and well being. I think we've hit on the major. Okay, great. I think we did. We did, right?


I think that was pretty good. Okay. So then having said that, people are definitely going to want to know how can I learn more? How can I check out the inner piece, the block, the necklace, the whole thing? Where could they go? Yeah, so it would be leelaq. com. L E E L A Q. com. Okay. And we have a private telegram group.


I need to share the link with you because people won't be able to find it. Oh, sure. Great. We can include that for sure. Yeah. And that's something, you know, if you want to hear from others, not just me, you're going to have over 6, 000 people that can talk about the products and answer questions. Neat. Oh, very cool.


I did not know that. All right. So we'll make sure we put that in the show notes. And then besides all of that, I just want to really thank you for the work you're doing for the difference you're making for people. And it just really means a lot that you took the time to speak on this topic that we believe is very, very important.


And hopefully in the future will be even more of a talking point on this kind of biohacking journey. The importance of sleep is a foundation. But often we need that support that products like yours in this wild world can help, uh, make available. So thank you. Thank you so much for having me on early.


Amazing. Yeah. Oh, thank you so much. You've been listening to the sleep as a skill podcast, the number one podcast for people who want to take their sleep skills to the next level. Every Monday, I send out something that I call Molly's Monday obsessions, containing everything that I'm obsessing over in the world of sleep.


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