122: Maria Claps and Kristin Johnson, Creators of Wise + Well: Understanding Midlife Sleep Challenges & Hormone Health

Join us on our episode about the complexities of women’s midlife sleep challenges as hormone decline and how to fuel health and well-being.

Hear from Kristin and Maria, the dynamic duo behind Wise + Well, as they share their personal stories and enlightening experiences with hormone shifts and sleep issues. Together, they aim to empower and educate women on prioritizing sleep and hormonal health.

Kristin and Maria uncover the science linking hormones to sleep and how hormonal balance impacts our quality of sleep, cognitive function, and overall well-being.

Gain insights into how to fuel women's health and well-being through a holistic approach and proper nutrition.

But there's more! Kristin and Maria share their top recommendations for further exploration, including Wise + Wells' masterclasses and two recommended books, "The Female Brain" and "Estrogen Matters," which provide deep insights into women's health and hormones.

Take advantage of this captivating episode. Don't miss out!


Maria, an FDN practitioner, and Kristin, a Board-certified nutritionist, are plainspoken friends and practitioners who share a passion for women's health, especially women's health at midlife. As both are themselves menopausal, they've refined the art and science of thriving as a midlife woman based on both clinical and personal experience. They combine individualized nutrition and lifestyle changes tailored to midlife women's needs with mindset coaching, lab testing and hormone replacement therapy education to help women thrive so that they can stop or prevent their health from spinning out of control.

In this episode, we discuss:

👩🏻 What Kristin and Maria experienced with hormonal shifts and sleep difficulties

👩🏻 Hormones and Sleep: Unveiling the Intricate Connection

  • The relationship between hormones and sleep
  • Discover how hormonal fluctuations during perimenopause can disrupt sleep patterns.
  • Understanding the vital significance of hormonal balance for sleep, cognition, bone, heart, and gut health.

👩🏻 The Perimenopause Journey:
Navigating Sleep Challenges

  • Perimenopause is the period around menopause that can last between four and 10 years, with an average duration of around four years.
  • What are the common sleep-related symptoms experienced by women during this hormonal transition?
  • What are the challenges in breaking the cycle of persistent sleep issues related to hormonal transitions?
  • Practical insights into sleep optimization for individuals who may be experiencing hormonal changes

👩🏻 Fueling Women's Health: A Holistic Approach

  • What are the key components of a holistic approach to health?
  • Kristin emphasized nutrition is vital for women's health and should be given priority
  • Protein-rich diets

👩🏻 TIPS for healthy bedtime and morning routines

What we could learn from Kristin and Maria’s sleep-night habits


👩🏻 Recommended sources

And More!!!


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