014: Kara Collier, Director at Nutrisense, Continuous Glucose Monitors for healthy individuals looking to improve their glucose stability (and improve their sleep & circadian rhythm!)

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Episode Summary

📈 The relationship between glucose and sleep is a fascinating one. When you bring stability to this area: sleep, health, and mood improvements tend to follow. Historically, individuals wearing Continuous Glucose Monitors were prediabetic, diabetic, or a fringe group of extreme biohackers (who had finagled a prescription from their doctor!). Nutrisense is one of the few emerging companies looking to change that by removing the obstacle of needing a doctor’s prescription to obtain a monitor for general preventative & optimal health. Most people don’t know that glucose runs on a circadian rhythm meaning WHEN you eat matters, and in this conversation - can play a very real role in your sleep results. Just one night of acute sleep deprivation can lead to a spike in glucose. Not only that, glucose reliably tends to rise when you’re stressed, and even when women are in their luteal phase. Get ready to learn more about the enthralling world of glucose and sleep!


Kara is the Director of Nutrition at NutriSense, a company that uses continuous glucose monitors to personalize nutrition. She and her team of dietitians interpret complex glucose datasets to make lasting lifestyle changes, reverse metabolic dysfunction, and prevent chronic conditions. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician with a background in clinical nutrition, nutrition technology, and entrepreneurship.

Episode Notes

📈How Kara Collier came to be so passionate about glucose and health

📈Information from Kara about glucose and sleep: how are those two things connected, and what can we glean from monitoring this area related to improving sleep?

📈The snowball effect of sleep deprivation and sleep

📈When people say, “I have carbs at night; then I'll just pass out if I'm able to that helps me put to put me to sleep” - What has Kara noticed about that and how that could potentially maybe backfire.

📈Discussion related to wakeups and glucose

📈Kara shares some of the most important things to remember for people looking to improve their sleep and improve their glucose regulation?

📈During the COVID lockdown, Kara has seen major changes in alcohol consumption, and if we can just touch on what alcohol does for glucose, and the types of spikes, and ways to gamify the classes of alcohol we use.

📈What you can expect to gain once you stabilize blood sugar. Nutrisense users log in their database reports of less anxiety and increased emotional regulation.

📈Strategies to blunt glucose spikes, including apple cider vinegar, certain supplements, walking after eating, and more.

📈Interesting hits on glucose like stress, workouts, and heat.

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