157: Pavel Stuchlik, NOA|AON, A Spiritual (& Tech!) Approach To Sleep & Prioritizing Down Regulation


NOA|AON, also known as Pavel Stuchlik. Pavel is an ex-professional cyclist, an expert in self-realization technique and application, an internationally conscious DJ/producer, serial impact entrepreneur and investor, certified Ambassador of Peace, and Wim Hof Instructor.As the founder of NOA|AON, Pavel's mission is to bring people back to their center and connect them with others through the power of movement and harmony. The name NOA represents movement, while AON stands for 'all or none.' The #noamovement is all about embracing our differences and working together to create a better world.With his diverse background and unique set of skills, Pavel is a true visionary and leader in the wellness and entrepreneurial space. He is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential and live their best lives.Join us as we dive deeper into Pavel's journey, his insights on self-realization and conscious entrepreneurship, and how NOA|AON is making a positive impact in the world.

In this episode, we discuss:

😴 Personal transformation through darkness

😴 Breatharian lifestyle and prana

😴 A four-step process

😴 The importance of self-care

😴 Psychic senses and spiritual gifts

😴 EMF Sensitivity Discovery

😴 Improving sleep with technology

😴 Nightly sleep routine and routines

😴 Biohacking gym and routines

😴 Sleep and biohacking

😴 Ashwagandha for better sleep

😴 Consciousness expansion marketplace

😴  What can we learn from Pavel’s sleep-night habits?  

😴  And more!

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Welcome to the Sleep as a Skill podcast. My name is Mollie Eastman and I am the founder of Sleep as a Skill, a company that optimizes sleep through technology, accountability, and behavioral change. As an ex sleep sufferer turned sleep course creator, I am on a mission to transform the way the world thinks about.

sleep. Each week I'll be interviewing world class experts ranging from researchers, doctors, innovators and thought leaders to give actionable tips and strategies that you can implement to become a more skillful sleeper. Ultimately, I believe that living a circadian aligned life. Style is going to be one of the biggest trends in wellness, and I'm committed to keeping you up to date on all the things that you can do today to transform your circadian health.

And by extension, allowing you to sleep and live better than ever before.

Welcome to sleep as a skill podcast. My guest today is Pavel Stuchlik and he is someone that I have met over the years at different points at different biohacking events and conferences. And it was a real pleasure to get to sit down and go in more deeply with him on the topic of. sleep and how he uniquely manages this area in his own life through a really, uh, thoughtful and measured approach.

One of the things that I loved was some of the ways that he manages his own calendar to carve out time for himself, to ensure that he kind of gets time away from his business to mentally go on vacation, if you will, and ensure that he is down regulating his nervous system consistently. He has. It's also lots of tech that he brings into this conversation.

So it was a really unique conversation. I think you're going to enjoy it immensely, but a little bit about Pavel. So Pavel is an ex professional cyclist, an expert in self realization techniques and application and internationally conscious DJ, producer, serial impact entrepreneur, and Wim Hof instructor.

Pavel's mission is to bring people back to their center and connect them with others through the power of movement and harmony. With his diverse background and unique set of skills, Pavel is a true visionary and leader in the wellness and entrepreneurial space. He is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential and live their best lives.

Join us as we dive deeper into Pavel's journey, his insights on self realization and conscious entrepreneurship. and how his company is making a positive impact on the world. Now let's jump into the podcast, but first a few words from our sponsors. If you're listening to this podcast, you're likely looking to improve your sleep.

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And welcome to the Sleep is a Skill, a podcast, oh, my guest is joining us from Miami in the midst of a event that he's, uh, you know, a part of. He's on the road. All the time, bringing lots of amazing energy to so many people and thankfully he took the time to steal some time to talk to us today about sleep and some of the things that he can provide to make a big difference.

So one, just thank you so much for taking the time to be here. Absolutely. So happy and grateful. And I feel like, you know, we've known each other for a long time, but never got the chance to chat. So what an honor. I know I'm so happy. I'm really excited to learn more from you. And I think you shared you're on the road.

What was it? 150 days? Yeah, we do about 150 events out of the year. And you know, it's just Drive, you know, to, uh, to be able to unite this world we're living in and give people the power back through these tools. And this is what you're doing as well. So thank you. Oh, well, thank you as well. Well, we're going to have a great conversation.

And, you know, of course. Given that this is a Sleep and Skill podcast, we're looking to support people in their journey of improving their sleep, wherever that might be. And I'm excited to dive in on your knowledge bank on this topic. So one, just like how did you find yourself in this arena that you have created for yourself?

And how can this support people in their journey on improving their sleep? Yeah. So see my whole life, I've been an avid seeker of truth. So since a very young age, I just did not bound into the traditional society. And I, I used to be professional athlete. I used to cycle, uh, or roads did a road cycling and essentially it completely destroyed my health.

And, uh, what happened to me was I, you know, basically crashed out of, uh, a Czech national race, woke up in the hospital and. I had a chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr, uh, I literally was like host of pretty much every virus that many of us are in today's world. And it got me so down low that I got very depressed.

I had chronic anxiety, I could not sleep. I literally was a mess. And so that's kind of what led me into biohacking. After my cycling career, I became, you know, entrepreneur, I, I moved to the United States and, uh, I, I start opening Orange Theory fitness locations, uh, all over the country. Uh, this is back when there was, you know, six, six stores open only.

And, uh, and I, I was a 22, 22 year old boy that basically opened his first one and then grew it into, you know, seven different regions. with almost 100, uh, franchisees under my belt. And, uh, it led me into the same spot again. I got burned out. I got tired. That lack of purpose, you know, came back to my field and I was like, there must be more to life.

life. Uh, we can't just, you know, keep on driving ourselves to the ground and, you know, checking the box of what the American dream is, but then is this it? And so what I did, I committed myself that every three months I'm going to fly somewhere and learn from some of the most sought out teachers, gurus, shamans, mystics.

And it led me on a tour of this world and essentially, uh, it wasn't until I went into dark room, I spent 10 days in complete darkness with no physical food, uh, about seven years ago that I completely changed my life 360. And so what happened to me or what I made happen was for the first time in my life.

You know, I've touched myself for who I am, not for what I think I am or what other people want me to be. And I had a major realignment and time to actually hear, you know, what, what's my passion, what's my purpose? And, and how do I make means with, with living in service? And so I walked out of that cave, uh, and essentially I started the Noah Aon, uh, brand.

Uh, Noah means movement. Aeon is all or none and it symbolizes duality. You know, the, the tennis match I play, the highs and lows and good days and bad days. And the whole mission for us is to come back into harmony, into the center, uh, where there's happiness, health, uh, and harmonious life with, with everything, with our passions, relationships, and purpose.

And so through this, uh, it's been about 15 years of traveling and learning. I start, um, having this thought like I can't just keep it for myself. I gotta repackage this and make this into events and lectures and, and education. And so my, my passion became music. So I, uh, curate, uh, frequency sound on a modern beat.

So we do these conscious raves. of symphonies and synchronicities with other instrumentalists. Uh, my purpose became retreats, workshops, and, and, and, and lectures. And then my legacy became our conscious, um, uh, products offering that help people with the things that we're, we're saying. And so long story short, that darkroom is what led me into what I'm doing today.

Wow. So, and the dark room, was that part of that Sky Cave Dark Retreats? Is that the one? Or is it a different one? No. So, this one is, uh, from Jasmine. Uh, she's a breatharian. She does not eat any physical food. Uh, she's solely nourished by prana and it's as far out there as it gets, you know, especially for me.

The first time I came in there, I was like, what, what do you mean you don't need to eat physical food? And, and then I had this experience that, uh, helped me understand this. So through sequence of meditations and, and focus and brainwave, uh, switch, right. Coming from that busy beta overly thinking mind into that alpha, theta, gamma, you know, all the, the mystical rounds and subconscious mind.

It allowed me to basically, uh, not. So two weeks after the, the, the cave or after the dark room was the first time I start getting hungry again. And I did not understand how is this possible, but this is source, source energy. So you, you eat all the time, but a different form of food, the essence of, of, you know, what gives us life when we're born and takes it away when we die.

Wow. So interesting. Okay. We had I think one other person that had done one of these kind of dark retreats, but you're adding in a whole other layer to it that I hadn't heard of. So amazing. And I'm wondering if you can share too a bit about some of these products that you have created and how they might support people in kind of their sleep improvement journey.

Yeah, absolutely. So, so to reverse a little bit, basically, after all of this travel and learning, I, I basically became on a journey through self transformation and, you know, we are all on a journey and it's just a matter of how conscious of it we are willing to be. And so what happened in this, I had to take the power back to my own hands and, you know, first heal my physical body, then healing my mental body, all of the toxic thoughts and beliefs that I had about myself and about another.

Then it was the emotional body, which was, traumas and looking back in time and forgiving myself and another for what maybe, you know, I have done wrong. And then it was connecting into the, to the spirit, into our spiritual gifts, which I actually spent a month with the psychics in the middle of Brazil, which, you know, taught me how we are all connected, how we all can, you know, do this.

So, so I call this the me, the individual consciousness. And so in this journey, I first had to focus on the things that I can affect in my life, you know, and apply it into, into this new, uh, creation. So when I healed my physical body, when I stopped thinking so negatively and not being worthy of my, you know, the beauty that we all have inside of us, I start also thinking about what about the collective?

What about the group around us? So it led me into facing my relationships and facing the people that I have heard and what can I do to rebalance them. So that way, the top five people we spend the most time with are the army of angels that is reflecting the best of one another rather than the opposite.

Now then that led me into environment. And so this is when I start thinking, okay, this. This body lives and needs to breathe, right? So what's the quality of air? What's the, what, what type of EMS are in our field? What type of, you know, food sources we're eating and water we're drinking. So then you can create an environment that works for you.

And so I call it a week, the collective consciousness, and then. I had to face the B, which I call the supra collective consciousness, which is how did we get here? You know, if universe was created 13. 5 billion years ago, we're a little drop of a, uh, of a dot in the middle of this vast ocean. And I call this the me, we, and the model.

And it's the micro and macro cycles that we're all operating in that. Was the main kind of a tool set that, you know, help me understand this now to this journey to these, you know, packages. I then, um, created a simple four step process, which, by the way, whatever you are, you know, you can do that right away.

It's so simple. You just. self assessed each and every of the area, your mental body, physical body, emotional body, your spiritual connection, your relationships, your career. You kind of look at the aspects of your life where you spend the most time with. And then first thing first, so the step number one is waking up.

It's the awakening process. that you apply to, to the things that do not work. And to give you an example, uh, for the physical body, you know, you take a blood test, you do a, uh, food sensitivity test. You really want to first understand what is the data that you're working with. Now, let's say that the test gives you, you know, high, uh, environmental toxins and, you know, low vitamin D, which is very common in today's world.

Then You take that data and you apply it into the second step, which is the cleanup phase. This is that time when you detox the body. This is when you let go of the negative relationships. This is when you let go of the negative thoughts or, you know, your partnership, your career. And without us letting go of the old, there's no room for the new.

And, you know, I used to love holding on the old. and also have this new person, but it led me to have the highs and lows of Noah and Aeon. So I cleaned up the second, the third stage is power up. And this is when you go into the driver's seat. And this is when you supplement vitamin D or you, you know, go and get, get a few shots, right.

To, to, to rebuild the levels. This is when you bring new. Uh, new tools, new biohacks, new sleep hacks, right? Whatever that area that you're struggling with, you then bring it on. And then the fourth step is, uh, resting up and repeat the cycle. And I call it the cycle of unhooking. And what I mean by that is if we don't unhook from this world, we're continue to live somebody else's life.

You know, we're, we're slaves to the world of doing instead of. You know, being. And for me, I break it down into very simple steps. And by the way, everything that we teach is like the simplified biohacking. How do you actually embody this on daily basis? Because the science can get really, you know, confusing and hard and, and there's so much, right, that there's out there to pull from.

So we kind of bring it into a steps that you can take on daily basis. So first step of unhooking is. First thing in the morning before I, you know, go on the phone, I go into my morning ritual. This is when I go do breathwork, meditation, sound healing, and we'll touch up more of this a little bit later. But it is that time to basically dictate how do you want to spend your day.

The second phase is once a week, I take a full day off from everything. I detox from the social media, physical body. It's my time, especially the first half of the day where I journal. I'm in the nature. It's a time to realign. So that way I can see what the past week was like. And then what's the following week ahead of me?

Uh, once a month I take four days off. And that is, if you've ever been to a vacation and you know, the first couple of days you're just like agitated. I don't know what to do with myself and like, you know, phone this and it's, it's the nervous system, right? It's so in heightened in this world that we, it takes a while to, to calm down.

Now the last few days of the vacation. You're like, I don't want to go back. I'm finally like relaxed. And this was too short. And so this is why usually day four is where all the beauty, all of the insights, all of the good stuff, you know, comes in. And once a year I spend 10 days in darkness. So I've done it now four times.

So I spent over 40 days in complete darkness, but this could be, you know, you don't have to go into this extreme. I mean, it could be silence. It could be a cabin. It's just your dedicated time with yourself. So that way you can recalibrate, realign where you're going. And you know, for me, the first dark room, I switched 360.

But then the second one, it was a minor adjustment. The third one, it was a minor adjustment. And so because of this, I'm on the path that is, you know, fully abundant with health, with happiness, with great relationships because of these choices and consequences that I'm receiving from this new state of being.

So wake up, clean up. power up and rest up. And I know I didn't answer your, your, your question about products. I'm going to get there. Yeah, totally. Like these structures in place are so thoughtful that I don't think many of us have applied these type of models that we can bring in to have that balance, especially for someone like you, the fact that you're making this time in the midst of all this travel and events and all of these things, it shows how important it is for you.

And that even for any of us. that we can make that time and I'm being inspired by what you do in that once a week piece of the totally turning off. I think I can up my level with that myself, but I'm sure many listeners can relate. And then the four days a month, did you say it was or quarter? Yes, you got it.

month. Yeah, per month, four days a month. I love that. So then you can have that time to kind of let the nervous system calm and kind of get intentional and thoughtful because that's this is like, you know, many of these episodes will have sleep experts come on or people come on with different gadgets or things that you can do, which are all wonderful.

And I think you're touching on something that's more esoteric and yet so important that we cannot divorce the management of our lives and our sleep results. So if we are just running on autopilot and automaticity and not taking this thoughtful time to kind of check in, reflect, and create, we're missing out.

And then it's absolutely likely to show up in our night. So I love that. So unique. Thank you for sharing that. That's a very thoughtful approach. Absolutely. And you know, and this is the, this is our whole mission is to give these tools out because there's no, you know, this is not a rocket science and anything that's like long processes and, and, and so much commitment, you know, it's the old pie trickle way of, of learning.

But we're in this world where we're, the The Feminine has so much to teach all of us, because if we just follow cycles, you know, men's have men have cycles as well, but not many men are aware of these cycles. And so what I've noticed is, for example, with my wife, you know, we, our cycles merge, not merge, they, they go exactly opposite.

So when she's down, I'm up when I'm down, she's the one holding the, you know, holding the, uh, household or just, you know, being the energetic one. And so what I've noticed is, and this is what I've learned in Brazil. You know, I, I walked in there again as a busy entrepreneur and I, you know, always have an open heart and open mind.

And if something works. show it to me. Let me test it. Let me do it. Let me work with it. And then we add it into the toolbox if, if it does work. Now, what they taught me is something very interesting. So we've got five physical senses, which is not the interesting part. We all know that. And that's what gets us in trouble.

You know, that's the gratification. That's the dopamine buzz that we're also chronically, you know, involved in. And then we've got four psychic senses or spiritual gifts that is that insights. And so these four senses, uh, I I've been able to develop through, through my practice. Uh, and essentially the sense number one is your inner hearing.

What that is. Uh, those are the little whispers, that little voice that always has your back. It's that voice that's telling you, you know, turn off your Netflix at night or start working out and quit drinking alcohol. But a lot of times we don't listen to that sense. And if we don't listen to it long enough, that's when we get in trouble.

Now, what they taught me is that when you want to build this relationship, it's just like any muscle you simply knowledge to sense. So thank you. I heard that. And then what you're going to do about that. And that's the most important part about this because that's what strengthens this. So that way, what happens is the volume of this voice will go up as high as your monkey brain.

You know, the egoic mind that we call that's the protector and nothing wrong with that. But when you integrate it with this higher knowing or insights or God or universe, whatever we, we call this unseen, you know, energy, the source vibration, it's, uh, your life will shift. The second sense is your inner seeing.

Uh, this could be a lucid dreaming, uh, visionaries of the world. You know, when you have a vision that's 12 months down the road, you're pulling from some other source, bringing it into your level today. And same thing, you acknowledge it to strengthen it. Then you've got your inner feeling. Uh, those are the empaths of the world.

When you go into a room and there was a fight, something doesn't feel right. You know, it's like in your body and you can't explain why you don't feel right about someone, something. So that's our, you know, psychic feeling. And then it's your inner knowing. or intuition, which essentially comes from a place of knowing.

For example, you know, you knew that that person was cheating on you. You knew that you shouldn't have gone to the party. You know, it's that when you think you don't know, when you know, you don't require thinking. And I call it the spirit hacking because after all of these biohacks and plan medicine and stem cells, I mean, I've literally done.

Pretty much everything that's in there possibly possible because I was so depressed and so low. Totally. Yeah. And it all came back to consciousness expansion. And so that was my story with with these senses. Oh my goodness. Wow. If you want great sleep, you've got to get your temperature right, which is why I'm so grateful to have partnered with Muslim Comfort, home of the viral temperature regulating 365 blanket.

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Okay, well, so I think so many people can likely relate to that in our modern society. So for those people that are also in on this journey with you and saying, okay, I'm interested in starting to reclaim some of my power around how to manage my sleep, I'm going to test out some of these things that you're speaking to of carving out intentional time to kind of be.

off, kind of rebalance my nervous system. And then they're saying, well, what about, you know, my environment? Because I know some of the things that you've created can further support your environment to pull for some of that balance with your nervous system. I'm wondering if you can tell us a little bit about that and some of the science that you've uncovered of the why that that can be important.

Yeah. So, I mean, I think let's just take people through the framework. So basically what we can do right now and, and, you know, obviously if you're driving, don't do this, but, uh, later on just, uh, create a little note and little list where you can write down and, you know, first thing first is the wake up phase, right?

So if you're thinking about your physical body. right? Like what is your level of health for the sake of this time? I would just say put zero to 10 so you can put like a number 10 is you're at the best zero. You're at the worst. And essentially, uh, write down where's your, where's your overall physical body.

Um, at, um, the second phase is your mental body. So zero to 10 and essentially just think about it this way. You know, are your thoughts that you're thinking about yourself and about another, you know, other positive, are you, you know, in a state of, I can, I will, or if it's, I'm not worthy of, I can't, I won't, you know, if that thought is there, I literally just write these thoughts down to, to erase them and rewrite them just like a software on a computer and hardware.

Uh, you know, think about software, your mind, hardware, the body now, then you move into the emotions and that is what makes our life feel real. So just put zero to 10. What are your, your most prominent emotions? And if it's, you know, jealousy, guilt, fear, pain, that will be on the lower. scale, kind of like a piano, right?

You have a keynote. You can vibrate at the high, uh, level, uh, with love, joy, and, or you can vibrate at the lower levels at the, you know, fear of pain. And, uh, then you move into your spiritual connection. How connected, how intuitive do you feel? So same thing, zero to 10, then do the same thing with your relationships.

So kind of think about who do you spend the most time with? And the reason why we're doing this little exercise is because every single one of these things is impacting how do you sleep is impacting how do you wake up from the sleep? Because the minute that you wake up and let's say that your mind is constantly in a fear, right?

In a fight or flight and you're like going from meeting the meeting and just running like like crazy in this world, then guess what? You know, you may be wake up in the morning with only 40 percent of your total. willpower or your total energy levels. And so that's the me, right? Then, uh, with the relationships, write the same thing, zero to 10, you know, what are the most prominent ones?

And, uh, then we're going to move into the environment. So when it comes to environment, and this is what I had to do because I, I didn't know this, but I am electro, I'm not electro hypersensitive. I'm sensitive to EMS. And that's by the way, how I even got into the electromagnetic frequency space. Because I, uh, moved to Houston, uh, during COVID and during the same time, the 5g towers were rolled out and I start feeling iffy.

I couldn't sleep. I had that same mild depression and I couldn't tell where was it coming from? Well, guess what? I had a 5g tower, 200 yards away from my window where I was sleeping and I didn't believe in EMFs until then. But then I went on this rabbit hole of, you know, there's over 6, 000 studies proving that EMFs are harmful to us.

So that's, you know, kind of a number one right now when it comes to stand, what are the frequencies pounding through our bodies? Then it's the quality water. So we've actually built a fully conscious. space or conscious house. And, uh, essentially, you know, we've got, uh, water filters, we've got crystals, we've got a whole house system that basically, you know, completely reactivates, rebalances and reverse osmosis the, uh, the, the space, the, the water, uh, then it's the food, right?

So if you're still eating MSGs and anything that's not organic and hopefully as as closely grown to you as possible. That's, that's the food source. Um, then it's, uh, the air. Uh, we actually have a air filter at the house that, um, has a probiotics in there. And, uh, we also use a lot of ozone. So when we're out of home, we, we use ozone to kill any mold spores.

Uh, cause obviously mold is a huge issue. I think it's like 50 percent homes have a mold and you want to have a bad sleep, sleep in a moldy house. Yeah, absolutely. That's been another one, you know, especially when we travel a lot to, to find the right hotels. Yeah. So, so then you've got that, but then I also went into what about the paint?

You know, what about the clothes we're wearing? Uh, imagine like our, our skin is the biggest organ, right? So we're observing potentially, you know, harmful, uh, substances, uh, from all kinds of clothes. So I've really had to become extremely mindful because if I want to wake up with a hundred percent energy and have a deep sleep, right, I first had to clear this up.

So, um, put the zero to 10 on your environment. And, uh, then I would like to ask you to simply add up all of the numbers together, divided by the total sum, and then get a nice little average. Uh, I know we don't have any other data, but sometimes intuitively just seeing and looking into where you at today is.

That's all you need. And then cleaning up all of these things first. So before I was able to sleep, right, I had to get rid of everything that's harming the sleep. Right. So that's the environment. That's the mind. That's the, that's the overall physical health. And then I finally powered up, which is the fun part.

Then I brought in the gadgets and then I brought in, you know, all of the other tools. You know, right now, I, uh, this research for EMF, it led me to find something called a waveguard. It's the key technologies. It's a proprietary liquid that, uh, compresses the full spectrum lighting into a liquid. And essentially it's been, uh, uh, scientifically proven by 29 studies now, uh, proving this efficacy, that it depolarizes the harmful EMFs around you.

And what depolarization means is basically takes the harmful EMFs and it renaturalizes it back into its natural state. So it's, uh, that that's been my biggest help when it comes to, uh, sleep score in general. You can literally see it with aura ring or, you know, any sorts of HRV device. And, uh, then I, I use something called Neurovisor.

Uh, it's a light therapy that you put in front of your head, uh, that you connect with meditation, breath work, uh, you know, variety of different things. And that light therapy has been around since. twenties, you know, the benefits of it for our brain. And what it does, it basically takes you on a variety of different brain waves in just an 11 minute exercise.

And sleep is one of the biggest, you know, portion of this. Um, then, you know, I have a wide range of supplements that I use. Uh, some of the simplest, the more simple ones is, uh, ashwagandha. It's been like a savior for me. Uh, I take it sometimes three times a day, you know, with the amount of stress that it can correlate with.

Uh, I love GABA, uh, GABA at a nice dose, at least 750 milligrams. Uh, that's, that's been, you know, it's a neurotransmitter that, uh, has totally healed my, uh, chronic stress. Um, I also combine it with L thionine, but I. tend to weave in and out of that just because it, it can, uh, it doesn't work as well if you use it, you know, too frequently, just like with, with everything.

Um, I, uh, I do variety of, uh, IVs. Uh, I've recently got into methylene blue, uh, at a higher doses, so 80 to 120 milligram, uh, combined with a high dose of melatonin. And combined with, um, CBN, uh, it's, it's from mitosin. Uh, you, I'm sure, you know, Dr. John. Yes. And so he's really helped me with my autoimmune stuff with the, with the Epstein bar that I've, you know, battled for 10 years.

And so, so that's been very, very helpful as well. And then my bed, it has, uh, I sleep on Samina bed. So I have, you know, a grounding, uh, mat underneath. Uh, so that way, you know, I can sleep in a, in a, in a awesome space. And when it comes to the home, I mean, we created an Oasis in our bedroom. So that way there is no technology at all.

It's all natural. We've got, uh, biohacking plans, uh, like the snake, uh, plans, the plans that actually also clear, uh, help clear the air. Um, we, uh, what else we done? We basically turn off the network like wifi completely at night and then, you know, obviously cell phone, uh, off. So that way, uh, you know, I use the sleep score or Sleep Something app.

Uh, you know, that messes your, your breathing. Uh, sure rhythm. Uh, but. Yeah. So, so it's really, it's like elimination diet, but with your environment has been like, like really, really important. And then we were bringing in, you know, all of the, the other part. Oh, and I forgot about lights. Uh, we have, uh, three different light bulbs.

So Yeah. Yeah. There's a morning light, there's a midday light, and then there's a red light, uh, at night. Obviously using blue light blockers as frequently as, as, as possible. And we, we're also, we're bringing into the market something called Serothrive, which is a brain gut red light. So, uh, plenty of light in our life.

Oh, I love it. Yeah. I love how you said, and obviously the blue blockers. And yet, so I think it's like amazing. And so many people could use that statement in their own lives. And obviously, you know, I just got off a call with a client and it was like, trying to convince them to bring in these changes, even the light piece.

And you know, it's for some people, it's like even that in and of itself is groundbreaking, let alone all these other thoughtful things that you're speaking to for your environment. So this is incredible. So I think maybe one of the places that might be interesting, and we might have touched on some of them, but we seem to learn a lot when we go through some of the routines of the guests that come on the podcast.

So we do ask everyone for questions, and I'm very curious to hear yours. I know I got a sense of some of them, but if we left anything out, be really interested. So the first question we ask everyone is what is your nightly sleep routine? Now for you, maybe there's two or something when you're traveling versus home, but let us know what might be noteworthy there.

Absolutely. So, you know, the last two hours I, I wear red light glasses when it comes to home, you know, I tape all of the lights, uh, even hotels, uh, because I'm really light sensitive. So it, and also, you know, it's, it's, it's kind of also like, Um, like gluten, you know, like until you are off gluten for two weeks, you don't know that you were ever inflamed by gluten.

And so the same thing goes, like once you start doing these things, then you never want to go back because you know what good feels like. And the new, there's new good every time you, you know, ramp up this. this journey. Uh, so, so that's, uh, that's a huge one. Uh, the other thing, I, uh, I do, uh, light breath work.

I, I use a special two part breathing, which we, which, uh, we have a on demand library. We'll include it with, uh, this recording. So people get a free access to choose what they want to, uh, test out. And basically, um, Uh, in that I, uh, also use the visor. So up until 9 p. m., uh, having the light therapy can help, uh, stimulate, uh, your brain to basically start dozing off.

And, uh, basically I also, so One thing that might be interesting for people is claiming your energy. So when I actually lay down on the bed, I start going back in the day and I visualize some of the most important things that have happened. And what happens is number one, the minute that you close your eyes, you're going to alpha.

But the minute that you start visualizing something with your eyes closed, you go into theta. And then it's, and then it's, you know, very easy hop into Delta for, for the sleep. And so essentially when I visualize the day, I just simply state, I'm calling in all of my energy back from all the people, all the places.

And you can visualize as. in a form of color, it could really be feeling it matters not, but with you, first of all, going back in day, it kind of gives you a nice, you know, what have I done? Well, what do I want to improve? Uh, what I don't want to do. And, uh, as you get towards the morning, right. As you were like imagining when you like woke up, you actually, uh, are pretty much like dozed off.

And then I just use a slow, subtle breath, you know, about six seconds, inhale, six seconds, exhale in and out your nose. And then I follow the breathing and then relaxation, right? So relax the body and visualization. And it literally helps you just. Um, prior to best, I also, you know, I would take a few different supplements, especially magnesium.

I find that hugely important for sleep. Uh, one of my favorite things to do is something called dirty keto diet. Meaning that I'm mostly ketogenic during the day, but at night I mix myself a smoothie that's blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries with collagen protein with a little bit of a honey, raw honey.

And with, uh, uh, I just put a bunch of like herbs and, you know, little mini things. But first of all, you know, when your sugar spikes, then it makes you feel tired. Uh, second of all, your brain, uh, uses. You use your brain, you know, I would say even more when you're sleeping than when you're awake. So you need that.

Uh, I also put MCT or, you know, oil into it, so you need a fat to, to fuel it. And when I used to be, uh, like chronically not able to sleep, I would literally wake up at 2 a. m. every single night and I felt like I was, I was good. And it was, you know, my adrenaline spike at night and the stress and, and everything going on.

With honey, honey and, and pink Himalayan salt, I would put it on, on top of honey and I would just, just like a little spoon, like a, like a little kid, you know, and, uh, during the time that I, I, I could not sleep, it literally is like the easiest hack for, for sleeping without using any other. you know, supplements.

And once I was able to sleep again, I just weaved off of it. So, you know, obviously sugar has its own impacts and it created a magic. That is so great. I love just the thoughtful nature that you have around all of these habits. and kind of creating your life routines and rituals, you know, with some real vigor and, you know, vigilance around different periods of your life.

And then to your point, like maybe some of these things serve you for some time and then you shift out of them. Love all of this. So my second question would be what might we see in your morning quote unquote sleep routine with the argument that how we start our day can impact our sleep. Yeah. So, so at my house, I built a biohacking gym, which obviously is not possible for everyone.

So I have a very rigorous, uh, you know, gym. I mean, there is, there's an ice bed, there's a sauna, there is a shaker. I love, uh, I love, uh, the vibe plate, uh, because of it creates easy water and it also grounds you. It just wakes up all of the cells in your, in your body. Uh, I also have a carol bike for, for a hit, uh, exercise.

I've got, uh, compressions. I mean, it's, it's like a fully well oiled machine. And so whenever I wake up and I'm home, you know, I first go into meditation. So I actually want to keep that Theta brain waves. as long as possible, because, you know, for most people, they wake up, they go on their phone, and then the minute you give your consciousness away, you tense up, you stop breathing, and guess what happens?

Anxiety. Then you're like the slave to doing. So I want to be slave to being, because that's not slavery. And essentially, you know, I go into that meditation, I put the light therapy on. And then I do three to four rounds of Wim Hof retention breath, uh, you know, that's been proven by so many studies now what it can do for our energy, for inflammation, uh, for alkalizing our blood.

And uh, so that's been something I have been doing now for six plus years, like rigorously every, every morning. Even when traveling? Is that something you bring? Especially, especially when I travel. Love that. Yes, that's, and especially airports, like long flights, you know, oxygen, oxygen is, is huge. And, and I mean, uh, you know, we're in a nasty airplanes all the time.

So as soon as I land, I go into even just a short three rounds because you want to, you know, let go of excessive CO2 and, and bring up nice, fresh oxygen. for yourself. Uh, so, so that's a huge one. Uh, after that I generally would do some stretching, some movements, some, some yoga at least two to three times a week.

So I, I flipped in and out. Uh, I usually do once or twice a week, hit exercise, short, short hit. So that's when I would do like Carol bike or I sometimes love going to group fitness cause it's cool and, and, uh, and you know, fun with others. And then, you know, once a week I will do something more endurance based.

But when I do this first thing in the morning, you know, I don't drink coffee until about 90 to 90 minutes to two, three hours after, uh, because I want to, you know, let all of the tiredness, uh, leave on its own and, uh, then it gives me energy for the whole day. And so same thing. I flip flop. I don't do ice bath every day.

Uh, that's something that a lot of people now, especially in Austin do, right? Yeah, which can also get us in trouble. You know, too much of anything, too much of stress is not good for us. And this is why, you know, to end this with is the most important biohack or sleep hack you will ever take is to unhack and everything that you've ever known and tap into that inner source.

Because then you can ask your body, what is required for me today? Then you can ask your mind, you know, how do you want to be fueled today? And, and then you can ask for emotions. Uh, because for example, if we're not creative and we don't focus on art and dance and music, we are not filling up the emotional body.

You know, so, so there are ways how every single part of us needs to be fueled and grown. And that's what I built into these routines. Oh, I love that. You're definitely inspiring me with certain ways that I myself can put some of this balance in my own life. I love how you're really thinking thoughtfully about all these areas, but I'm sure listeners are likely thinking the same.

So really, really cool. Real quick. When you said the light therapy piece in the morning, is that with that same visor that you're bringing in? Okay. So we travel with that. I do. I do. It's so easy to take and we, so we actually were bringing them to the market as well. So on our conscious products, we have a visor, we have the red light, we've got the EMF supplies.

So I basically I'm building a whole, I call it the consciousness expansion marketplace. So that way people have like a go to with integrative approach to these health tech that we can, you know, uh, I don't want to say cheat, but we can hack the system so we don't have to do it to our meditations. You know, if you do a solid 10 15 minutes that you're in Theta, then that's what meditations are for, you know?

Yes. Oh, quick question. How long is your meditation session routinely or does it vary? So it does vary. Usually once a week, I try to do something more prolonged, but the daily, you know, simple hack is three to four rounds of Wim Hof breath with the light therapy. And then I would do a little bit of after I visualize the day in front of me.

So just like at night, I visualize the day behind me. Then in the morning, I actually thing about all the important things. So that way I prepare my mind as to what's to come. And I don't have to go into a stressful state because I've already replayed it right before it happens. Love that. Okay, fantastic.

All right. So then we have a sense of your night time and your morning. What might we visually see on your nightstand or proverbial nightstand with travel and or any kind of call outs in your environment that are nearby, particularly as it relates to sleep? Yeah. So, you know, I've got my key shield. I don't have it here on me, but that's something that I always travel with.

It's the small portable version that can cover 16 feet in diameter. Uh, so that, you know, will depolarize harmful EMFs in the space. Uh, then I've got my tapes. So I tape out any, any darkness. I, uh, moved the bed a little bit away from the, uh, from the wall because of dirty electricity. That's another big issue that, uh, we have to be concerned about.

Uh, then I travel with the little sleeping, uh, spikes. What do you call those? Uh, um, it's like, uh, you, you lay down on it with your back. Sure. Like the acupressure. Yep. So, so I travel with that and then obviously all my, all my meditational, uh, gadgets, uh, for, you know, the, the, the sleep part. And, uh, and then supplements, you know, I have a lot of supplements.

So, are you able to fit all this in carry on kind of addition or do you have to check to get all of these things in? Have you figured out cool ways to pack? How are you making all that seamless? Well, so because we travel most of our events with, you know, hundreds of silent disco headphones and blindfolds, and we have all these senses and drums, it's such a pain in the butt.

But yeah, we travel with like six bags everywhere we go. So so I usually just, you know, ship it, you know, and yeah, bring it with me that way. Got it. Okay, cool. So this is so interesting. So clearly you've thought deeply about this topic of sleep and your health and wellness and all of this. So I'm very interested of this last question, which is out of all the things you've gathered so far, what would you say to date has made the biggest change to your sleep game or said another way, biggest aha moment in managing your sleep?

It's the combination. So I think what's really important is the integration of removing the things that are, you know, vividly not helping us and then bringing in the things that have already plenty of science to, to improve that. But, you know, if I just went to bring it down to Nothing. It would be, uh, Ashwagandha.

Like I literally, it's such a, I mean, anytime I give it to any, any of my private, uh, clients, I mean, it's, it, anybody that's stressed and, and most of us are stressed, it really makes magic. Mm. That is so great. I'm so glad you because it's so interesting. We, you know, ask so many people these questions and just the different answers we get.

And I love when I'm getting unique responses. And that is a great one. It's something that so many people could tap into now. So easy. Go to any, any store. And, you know, so that's, that's why I wanted to keep it to that. I love that. Wow. Okay. So you've really got my personal mind going on all kinds of ways that I can up, how I'm showing up in the balance.

'cause balance and me have, uh, have been forever kind of, you know, ups and downs. 'cause I know myself, anyone who's listened to this podcast knows that I can veer into obsessive tendencies and get really into things which I'm happy about in my own life. And yet. You're speaking to something that I think is really important in my own life and then I really believe will be impactful for the listener of this quest for kicking in and seeing are there things that we might have been neglecting or ways that we can bring in some more ease and peace and mindfulness is.

Just awesome. So for the listener who is going to want to learn how can they follow you, how can they be a part, maybe some of your live events, just check out some of these products that you're speaking to and more. What are the best ways to do that? Yeah. So, uh, No, Aon, N-O-A-A-O-N uh, dot com is our website.

Uh, that's where you can find our on-demand Library, uh, as well as courses. Uh, we've got plenty of sleep, uh, state recordings, so we literally recorded it with binaural beads, with dealt with, with data into delta brainwaves with the breath. So literally, I'll thank you on a beautiful little journey before sleep.

And that will all come with today's podcast. Uh, the other part is obviously the physical look, uh, you know, appearances, which, uh, we literally do every single continent beside Antarctica. We, we travel constantly and it's either immersive stuff, uh, workshops or full retreats. Uh, that's like three to 10 days.

And, uh, and then our products are at the same place. We've got EMF marketplace. with our team that you can book a free EMF consultation, which they will be able to look at your house, tell you exactly what to mitigate. And then of course, if you have the means, you know, you can, you can purchase, but if not, at least you can go as far as possible without any, uh, anything to buy.

And then, uh, the second part is consciousness expansion, a marketplace, which is our next. You know, big thing and, um, the one really interesting thing that we're bringing in is EEG headband, which will measure heart brain coherence, uh, and you can be moving so you could be exercising, you could be using it in many different forms and all our events from next year, we're going to have a group EEG technology to measure group coherence, uh, so we can actually rise together as one, which is our main mission.

Wow. So, so cool. Wow. Okay. So lots to share. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here. We will include all of those things in the show notes so that people can tap into those and really neat. I didn't even realize that about that kind of free offering for people to get the EMF assessment. for anyone listening.

I hope it doesn't land as like, Oh man, to sleep. There's so many things, but hopefully we can shift it to like, wow, there's so many things that I might have just missed that might be present that could be impacting my sleep. And then to have some of these free resources to learn more. And then if so inclined, then to, you know, take steps to have further kind of protective options to support that you're in as much of a coherent state and balance environment as possible.

So. Really, really cool. Really appreciate you. I know you're in the midst of like an event over in Miami right now, so the fact that you took the time is not lost on me. So thank you for your time and wisdom. Thank you so much and best of luck to everyone. You can do this! Yes! Love that! Thank you!

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