165: Christopher J Allen, MD, Sleep Medicine Specialist: Snoring Is Not Normal! Save Your Sleep (And Health!)!


Christopher J. Allen, MD (SleepDrChris) is a board certified Sleep Medicine Doctor for kids and adults. He received his sleep medicine training at the University of Michigan (Go BLUE 💙 💛).

He also has a board certification in pediatric neurology. He loves neurology, but sleep is his PASSION!

He has a personal mission to make sure that people get quality sleep. Usually when people want to sacrifice something, sleep is the first to go. He is here to help with that. Kind of like a sleep superhero... LOL!

Some fun facts about Dr. Allen - he is a HUGE Raiders fan and he also has the power to sing any karaoke song without any shame. Also, big fan of dancing.

In this episode, we discuss:


😴 Dr Allen’s Inspiration behind entering the field of Sleep Medicine

😴 Challenging misconceptions about snoring

😴  Impact of snoring on sleep quality and potential health implications

😴  How snoring occurs

😴  Obstructive sleep apnea

😴  Snoring: Diagnosis and Testing

😴  Sleep Apnea: Importance of patient support and exploring alternative treatments

😴  Discussion on the evolution of treatment for sleep apnea over 20 years

😴  Dispelling myths about sleep requirement and the dangers of sleep deprivation

😴  What can we learn from Dr. Allen’s sleep-night habits

😴 Dr. Allen’s “Aha” Moments in Sleep Management

😴 And more!


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