019: Elizabeth Grojean, Founder of Baloo Living, Weighted Blankets 101: Every Question Answered!

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Episode Summary

I am asked a LOT about one sleep “gadget” in particular...it’s relatively low-tech, but lands as a very confusing concept: weighted blankets! “How heavy should it be?” “Will it hurt my joints?” “How do you wash it?” “Should I get it just for me or to cover the whole bed?”, “Will it get too hot?” and beyond. Despite a history of use in psychiatric units for potential calming properties, weighted blankets are relatively new for the average consumer and have certainly experienced an uptick in interest on the heels of Covid-19. People who love them say that they calm their nerves, reduce their anxiety, and make them feel more grounded/safe. Anecdotally, many of my single clients, in particular, speak to the experience of feeling supported and like that the bed feels all-around less lonely. I’m so grateful to have my friend and creator of Baloo Living, a wildly successful eco-conscious weighted blanket line on the podcast to clear up the confusion!  


Elizabeth Grojean is the founder and CEO of Baloo Living, a sleep and wellness company providing tools to support the mind-body connection and sleep. She started Baloo while living abroad in Bali, creating the brand as an expression of the lessons learned while reconnecting with nature, tuning out external noise, and listening to intuition.

Episode Notes


  • Weighted blankets don't have many studies behind them so what we know is largely from user-feedback.
  • Users speak to reduced anxiety and stress and bring with it the feeling of being secure and safe.
  • It is thought that the way these blankets might achieve these benefits is by helping to decrease the stress hormone cortisol while increasing the happiness hormone serotonin. All necessary components to produce melatonin.
  • Weighted blankets seem to improve restfulness scores for some users, including users’ sleep quality, who didn’t even realize that their sleep is subpar.


  • Anxiety rates have been increasing worldwide. As a result, weighted blankets are even more en vogue now with their ties to anxiety reduction.
  • ‘A blanket which feels like a gentle hug’
  • Weighted blankets are thought to reduce stress and anxiety while giving a feeling of comfort, improving the mood, and helping the user relax.
  • Relationship to sleep:
  • Thought to decrease the stress hormone cortisol and increase serotonin which is necessary for melatonin production
  • Relax the nervous system and calm down the user by tapping into primal senses. Feedback from users includes feeling more safe and secure while using it.
  • Many people who did not know that they had sleeping problems realized they weren't getting high-quality sleep before switching to the weighted blanket.
  • Calm down hyperactivity and  anxiety built up through the day
  • Micro glass beads are used to create the weight in some blankets. From a sleep perspective, the benefits are that they don't keep the heat as synthetic fillings can.
  • How can it help with sleep quality and wakeups?
  • There are different weights for different people, which depends on the user's preferences. 15lbs is the most popular option. For side sleepers, it is not recommended to go above 15lbs.
  • Recommended for children above the age of 4
  • Benefits for people on the spectrum? ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety?


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