020: Sarah Turner, Red Light Therapy Expert, Behind the Scenes @ Recharge & FlexBEAM (A Battery Run, Flexible Red Light Product!)

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Episode Summary

Red light therapy can be a real gamechanger for many in regards to their health & their sleep. The exciting thing is that it no longer lives just in the doctor’s office or reserved for elite athletes. The message is beginning to trickle down to the masses. But what is so great about red light therapy anyway, and how can it stand to improve your sleep specifically? How do we decern between the red light products that are worth the investment and those that are a waste of money? What is flicker rate, and why does it matter? Sarah Turner answers all of this and more in this week’s episode.


Sarah has research background in the field of novel therapeutic devices, circadian biology, chronobiology, and Biohacking. She has studied Psychological Science, Nutritional Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience

Sarah is a member of the team at Recharge – a start-up frontier technology company with a focus on disruptive health technologies that empower the individual to take control of their own health.

Sarah is a red light therapist therapy expert, and regularity talks on the subject of photobiomodulation and wellness. She uses FlexBEAM with home users, biohackers and within a research clinical setting. Her goal is to put this innovative, all natural, non-drug therapy into the hands of the individual.

Episode Notes

Circadian Biology, “it’s something we need to pay attention to”

Sunlight in today’s world, do we get enough sunlight?

Why is sunlight important and how does it relate to red light?

Effects of artificial lights: What is red light, and how can it help us? UV lights and Red lights What type of lights can we buy to improve our sleep schedule and sleep quality?

How do we use red lights, and how do they help?

How do the red lights alter hormones and help with different illnesses?

Which red light products should we avoid?


“We are mammals that have evolved under the sun; only recently, we have become this creature that lives indoors all the time and under artificial lights.”

“The light environment is hugely important for humans; we need to have natural light.”

“Our bodies are covered in with light receptors, not just our eyes; it’s our skin; it’s our fat cells…”

“Our whole body is geared up sense light and our environment through light.”

“For so many conditions and people who have a problem sleeping, is due to our light environment, it’s a huge factor in all kinds of health situations.”


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