021: Tim Antos, CEO of Kokoon / Nightbuds, How a former insomniac made smart sleep earbuds & built a sleep coaching platform!

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Episode Summary

Tim Antos joins us to discuss why you can’t forget about NOISE in your quest to improve your sleep! We explor some of the latest in audio technology designed specifically to enhance the quality of sleep. I was particularly excited and grateful to have Tim on the show, considering he’s in the midst of an inspiring Kickstarter campaign that is already on course to hit $700,000 after only a few days on the site. Dive in to learn more about sound, sleep quality, and sleep coaching from an ex-insomniac turned serial entrepreneur.


Tim is a mechanical engineer and former insomniac. He founded Kokoon in 2013 to make sleep science more accessible to consumers on their own terms. His company have two products that work with an app platform to deliver audio coaching and content tailored to the individual based on their data.

Episode Notes

What is the relationship between sound and sleep?

What type of sounds are helpful with sleep, and how can it make your rest more enjoyable?

What audio devices can help with sleep quality? And what are some of the pros and cons of the standard items out there right now?

Switching to audio instead of screens during night time can be beneficial for sleep quality in that it removes light & hyper engagement. Find out how you can use audio to work for your night routine.

Do sounds affect deep sleep?

In what other ways could audio be beneficial for health & sleep?

What can you do specifically to improve your nighttime routines and sleep quality through the modularity of noise?


Check out the new NightBuds here: https://nightbuds-smart-earbuds-for.kckb.st/d147707f

Email: Tim@kokoon.io

Instagram: SleepKokoon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KokoonTech

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/5341680/

Twitter: @SleepKokoon