024: Sergey Young, Founder of The $100 Million Longevity Vision Fund: What the man who aims to live to 200 is doing for his sleep!

What does the man who aims to live to 200 years old

What does the man who aims to live to 200 years old - and even doubled down on this goal by creating his $100 Million Longevity Vision Fund - what does he do to optimize his sleep over the long haul? And how can you use this to improve your health & longevity by optimizing your sleep over the long term? Find out in this episode of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast.


Sergey founded the $100 million Longevity Vision Fund, his personal passion project, to accelerate life extension breakthroughs and to make them affordable and accessible to all, positioning him as one of a few investors in the category globally.  His longevity fund invests in companies that develop technologies, products, and services that extend healthy human lifespans and overcome the negative effects of aging. Led by Sergey, the team is comprised of a world-class Scientific Advisory Board and leading investment professionals.  

Sergey has over 20 years of experience managing funds, and while not working on his passion project, he oversees $2 billion in private equity funds and heads Peak State Ventures, a US-based fund with a focus on new technologies in real estate, digital healthcare, and the future of workplace environments.

Prior to becoming a fund manager and investor, Sergey made a career as a business consultant, working at McKinsey & Co., serving global corporations worldwide. Sergey’s first book, The Science and Technology of Growing Young, will be released in August 2021.


In this episode, we discuss:

🧪What does the man who plans to live to 200 do for his sleep?

🧪Sergey's thoughts on sleep in the puzzle of longevity.

🧪Why does Sergey believe that you need to know your sleep numbers if you’re going to improve them? What does Sergey do with those numbers? How does he make meaning of them?

🧪Discussions around caffeine’s effect on sleep and coffee replacements.
🧪Discussion around alcohol and wine specifically, that are lower in sugar. Are there types of brands that Sergey recommends? Or does he just embrace moderation & circadian timing?

🧪How Sergey tracks his food intake

🧪Sergey’s insights around his heart rate, HRV, and body temperature during sleep

🧪Sergey’s approach to light management for sleep and circadian rhythm?

🧪Sergey’s longevity approach to supplements?

🧪What Sergey envisions as the future for sleep innovation, what’s on the horizon?

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Mentioned Resources

Linkedin: LinkedIn.com/in/SergeyYoung
Website: https://sergeyyoung.com/
Book Release: August 2021

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