027: Dr. Lindsey Elmore, Founder of the Young Living Education, Podcaster and Wellness Expert - Ditch the Sleeping Pills and Discover the Holistic Approaches to Sleep

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Say goodbye to your sleeping pills and hello to these new recommendations for sleep. There are many experts out there and a lot of “quick fixes” for sleep, but there is only one Lindsey Elmore. She helps people with every aspect of their health journey and creates the ultimate roadmap for their health. In this episode of Sleep is A Skill, Lindsey walks us through one of her own roadmaps for sleep and overall wellness. From herbal remedies to essential oils and even genetics, we cover A LOT! Tune in to hear how you can start to dramatically change your own self-awareness and improve your circadian rhythm tonight.

There are a lot of pharmacists out there. There are numerous natural wellness experts, yoga teachers, business coaches, and social media influencers, but there is only one Lindsey Elmore. She helps people to take full ownership of their health and wellness, every single aspect of it. From wellness in the physical body to mental health stability to the robustness of spirit to freedom in finances, Lindsey works with her clients to discover their ultimate roadmap to health.

🌿  From pharmacy to different pathways of medicine

🌿 Physical pain, injuries and the effects on sleep

🌿  Homeopathic and natural ways to look at health and healing

🌿  Energy shifting and sleep

🌿  Traditional Indigenous Herbs Supplements and medicines

🌿  Bookends to your health routine

🌿  The most common Nutrient deficiencies affecting your sleep

🌿  Building awareness and fighting for trust in Alternative medicine

🌿  How to effectively train your circadian rhythm

🌿  Biohacking and genetics affecting your chances at a good night sleep

🌿  How sleep deprivation affects memory

🌿  Vitamins breakdown and the benefits they have on sleep.

🌿  Debunking essential oils and making connections to different emotions

🌿  Ditch your caffeine for these invigorating responses

🌿  Menstrual cycles and their relation to the sleep cycle

🌿  How to create the perfect sleep set up