036: Sameer Sontakey, Co-Founder and CEO of Biostrap, An All in One Biomarker Device, Meet Biostrap: The Wearable Sleep Tracker Disrupting the Wellness Industry

After a transformative weight-loss journey, Sameer Sontakey became obsessed with health and how one can take better control of their well-being. Now Sameer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Biostrap -- a health-tracking wearable device and platform offering the world's most advanced science-based technology to improve global health. Through a clinically validated wrist-worn device, Biostrap utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensively individualized and population-level insights into one's physiology and overall health, help users to manage stress, monitor sleep, activity, meditation, brain health, and heart health. Sameer shares the science behind Biostrap, his stance on training your body for optimizing sleep, and where the future of wearable sleep technology is heading.


Sameer Sontakey, co-founder and CEO of Biostrap has 10+ years of experience in software and product development. After a transformative weight-loss journey, he has become obsessed with health and how to take control of their well-being. Sameer realized that his passion for wearables and health could be interlinked and that he could create something convenient, that provides clinical data, and is more meaningful to the consumer than other wearable technology.

In this episode, we discuss:

⌚  A Cloud-Based Wearable That is Easy to Use

⌚  What PPG Systems Are and Why Biostrap Is One of the Best Wearables On the Market

⌚  Not Just One Marker - Biostrap Targets ALL the Biomarkers

⌚  Biostrap Labs Looks to Prioritizing Experimentation

⌚  How Rigid or Elastic Your Arteries Are Affects Your Sleep

⌚  The Technology Behind the Biostrap Wearable

⌚  Surviving COVID and Sleep Disturbances - The Key to Healing Faster

⌚  Iron Cowboy Collaboration and How the Biostrap Also Monitors Fitness

⌚  Measuring Your Zones of Risk for Respiratory Rates

⌚  Can Biostrap Help Identify COVID or Other Illnesses?

⌚  Sleep Gadgets Are A Tool but Just One of These Many Ways to Improve Your Sleep

⌚  Sleep Disturbances and What You Can Do To Work Through Them

⌚  Checking Arterial Pressure As A Sign of Aging

⌚  Sameer’s Stance on Sleep and Supplements

⌚  How to Train Your Body To Get the Best Night’s Sleep

⌚  Sameer’s Humbling Moment With His Own Sleep Struggles

⌚  Sameer’s Biggest Change to His Sleep Game

⌚  The Future of Sleep Tracking

⌚  Can Clinical Level Lab Research Be Achieved From Right At Home?

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Instagram: @biostrap

Twitter: @biostrap

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/biostrap

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/biostrap



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