047: Robbie Bent, CEO of Inward Breathwork: Breathwork, Psychedelics, & Creating a Community Focused on Health & Wellness 🌿

In this episode, Mollie is joined by Robbie Bent, an entrepreneur focused on helping people improve their mental health in an accessible way. Robbie discusses the use of breath work and how it can help you deal with a variety of different issues, from sleep to increasing energy in the morning. Robbie also explains his use of psychedelics and his exciting new venture that is aimed at creating a fun, healthy, new form of social gathering.


Robbie Bent is building a global community to improve mental health in an accessible way.  Inward, combines beautiful social spaces built around saunas/ice baths and the largest library of breathwork content in the world.  Robbie and the Inward team host a Clubhouse Show on Psychedelic Medicines and have been profiled by leading wellness brands like Eight Sleep and the Natural State Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss:

💭 Robbie’s story and what led him to create his organization

💭 Why the focus on breathwork for sleep

💭 Recommendations for an approach to breathwork

💭 How Robbie reduces stimulation before sleep and his sleep routine

💭 How breathwork helps to improve sleep

💭 Breathwork exercises

💭 Robbie’s morning routine

💭 Robbie explains his experience at a dark retreat

💭 His new venture that creates a new way of interacting

💭 Use of psychedelics for improving sleep and other mental health issues

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