049: Prof Michael Gradisar, Surprising Research on the Impact of Technology on Sleep & The Virtual Wink Sleep Conference!

In this episode, Mollie is joined by Professor Michael Gradisar, whose research is focused on sleep. Michael discusses what his research findings say about the use of technology and its impact on sleep, specifically video games. He also discussed the exciting new sleep conference, Wink, which he will be launching this year, and the importance of making scientific research available to the general public.


Prof Michael Gradisar has been researching sleep since 1998 and treating insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders since 2002. He developed WINK Sleep Online so that his novel treatments could be used by anyone on the planet.

In this episode, we discuss:

💻  Michael’s background and how he came to be a sleep expert

💻  Why he created the Wink sleep conference

💻  What is the Wink sleep conference

💻  Who should attend the conference and what should they expect

💻  Sleep and technology

💻  Impact of video games on sleep

💻  Importance of getting scientific research about sleep directly to the people

💻  Sleep and teenagers

💻  How to properly use technology at night without negatively impacting sleep

💻  What is flow state, how to measure and control it, and finding a way to snap out of flow state

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