052: Tracy Duhs, Host of Hydrate Podcast & Founder of Sanctuary Wellness Experience: How Our Water and Thoughts Can Influence Sleep!

You've probably heard that “Water is life”, “Drink water 6-8 glasses per day”, or “Stay hydrated” for optimal health. However, just drinking water might not be as simple as it sounds. There are different types of water and knowing what’s inside your water is very important to get its benefits not only for your health but for your sleep. The chemistry, physics, and bioenergetic information of water have evolved throughout the years. The healthiest and optimal water molecules can be found in mountain springs, but not everyone lives there. Learn more about the types of water and how it can be a healing and transformative element in your health and sleep game!


Tracy Duhs is a modern wellness experience maker and educator and has pioneered an approach to health and wellness that integrates easily into people’s everyday lives, helping them build healthy and connected communities.

As a wellness consultant to major businesses and hospitality brands, the founder of two naturopathic clinics, and a podcast host, she feels privileged to help individuals and groups from all walks of life reach their highest wellness potential and truly thrive.

Tracy Duhs believes that optimal health is a fundamental right for all humanity, not just a privilege for a select few.

Helping people look and feel their best has been Tracy’s life-long mission. Growing up in a missionary home cultivated her profound sense of compassion and her desire to help others.

By the time she was 15, Tracy had already begun her undergraduate education in medicine.

At 16, Tracy shadowed a missionary doctor working in an indigenous village in Guatemala, where she gained hands-on surgical and medical training. The time she spent there opened her eyes, her heart, and ultimately changed her life.

Tracy decided to forgo a traditional allopathic career in favor of one that focused on regenerative care and education.

In this episode, we discuss:

💧Tracy’s Journey in Medicine

💧99% of Molecules in Our Body is Water

💧Making a Difference Does Not Require You to Fill the Medicine Cabinet

💧What is Cleaning Water?

💧The Type of Water We Drink Matters

💧Bioenergetic Information of Water: Tap Water Vs Mountain Springs

💧Our Thoughts is Where to Restart Our Hydration Game

💧Reverse Osmosis, Water Distillation to Remove Chemical Contaminant in Water

💧Minerals Are Essential in Water to Properly Hydrate the Cells

💧Vortex to Cleanse the Physics of Water

💧Get Your Water Right, and You Don’t Need Supplements like You Thought You Did

💧Water Received Information Through Singing, Humming, Praying

💧Water Molecules: H2O, D2O, HDO

💧How Does D2O Can Break Your Mitochondria

💧Deuterium Depleted Water

💧Sunlight Activate Our Hydration: Red Light Therapy

💧Shower Filter Contaminants

💧Where Can You Find Tracy: Instagram, Website, and Youtube

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