054: Elliot Roe, Mindset Coach, On Using Hypnotherapy as a Science-Backed Approach For Sleep [Plus How The Primed Mind App Can Help]

In this episode, Mollie is joined by Elliot Roe, world-renowned mindset coach, to talk about the benefits of hypnotherapy, how it works, and importantly, how it can help your sleep! Elliot also discusses his app, Primed Minds, which allows you to access his Mindset Coaching program which combines meditation, hypnotherapy, and life coaching!


Elliot Roe, the voice of Primed Mind, is considered one of the world’s top Mindset & Performance coaches. He helps those in highly demanding industries unlock their full potential and perform on-demand.

His clientele includes Professional athletes, High-stakes Poker players, Olympians, UFC Champions, Hollywood actors, Wall Street traders, Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Executives.

Primed Mind leverages many of the strategies Elliot uses with private clients and allows anyone to access them on-demand.

DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE: https://frstre.com/go/?a=33265-19cf00&s=2083500-fd14cc

In this episode, we discuss:

💭  How Elliot entered into the world of hypnotherapy

💭 How hypnotherapy can help with sleep

💭 What hypnotherapy is

💭 What the process of hypnotherapy looks like

💭 Why hypnotherapy works

💭 Whether hypnotherapy considers an individual's future or just past events

💭 Thoughts on self-hypnosis

💭 Elliot’s hypnosis app, Primed Minds

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