056: Dr. Matt Dawson, CEO of Wild Health, Talks About Using a Holistic Approach and GENOMICS to Level Up Your Sleep

Mollie is joined by Dr. Matt Dawson, CEO of Wild Health. Wild Health uses a holistic approach to help you to achieve optimal health. This might include genetic testing, lab tests, analysis of lifestyle and microbiome. In this episode, Dr. Matt Dawson talks about his company, its approach, how it works, and specifically, how it can help you to improve your sleep!

Wild Health also offers a Fellowship for those who want to learn about Genomics-based medicine. If you are interested in the fellowship, click this link and mention Sleep is a Skill for 20% off the membership price.


Dr. Matt Dawson has been obsessed with performance optimization for as long as he can remember. He received scholarships to play two sports in college even with “minimal talent” because of his voracious reading and implementation of any fitness or nutritional techniques that would give him an edge. He continued that obsession in medical school and, as a physician, he has won numerous national awards for education, innovation, and leadership. He has lectured in over 20 countries and trained thousands of other physicians through live lectures, online education, two textbooks, and even an educational app. He combines his training in genomics and functional medicine to give personalized, precise medical guidance.

His obsession with performance optimization has morphed from initially athletic to now mental performance, business performance, and longevity.

Whether it's a professional athlete or a grandparent optimizing their mental clarity and mobility to keep up with their grandkids, Dr. Dawson is passionate about helping everyone perform at their absolute peak.

In this episode, we discuss:


😴  Background of Wild Health, why Dr. Matt Dawson started it, and how it can improve sleep.

😴  The use of cutting-edge science and the importance of connection to nature based on  

     ancient wisdom.

😴  Why it is useful to assess genomics.

😴  How they been able to provide this at an affordable price point so it is accessible.

😴  What using Wild Health would look like, and what can people expect from the process,

     particularly for sleep.

😴  Use of wearable trackers for the program.

😴  Length of time it takes to do the program.

😴  What Wild Health does to increase accountability.

😴  Specific aspects that are tested by Wild Health that have a strong connection to


😴  Go-to stacks that Dr. Matt Dawson suggests to people for improving sleep, whether it be

     through supplements or behavioral.

😴  How they help with people with sleep issues like sleep apnea or mouth breathing.

😴  Use of Ketamine for sleep.

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