057: The Founders of Soul CBD, Mike Lee and Angie Lee, Discuss How CBD Can Optimize Your Sleep, Decrease Your Anxiety, and Even Help ADHD and Racing Thoughts.

In this episode, Mollie is joined by Mike Lee and Angie Lee, a brother/sister team who founded the health and wellness brand, Soul CBD. Mike is a former professional boxer who suffered from a chronic autoimmune illness and Angie is a longtime entrepreneur who dealt with anxiety. They discovered that CBD helped them deal with the chronic pain and anxiety that were affecting their sleep, and became passionate about sharing the benefits of CBD with other people. They discuss how sleep quality can cascade into your general health and wellness, how CBD can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly, and a new compound called CBN that has an even more positive effect on sleep.


For the last decade, Mike has fought in front of millions in the biggest arenas in the world, from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to Madison Square Garden in New York City.

However, his journey as a boxer has had a lot of ups and downs. In the prime of his career, he spent almost two years in and out of hospitals battling what he found out was an autoimmune disease that almost ended his career. Fed up with countless hospital visits and years on prescription medication, Mike immersed himself in the wellness world, learning everything he could about nutrition, mindset, and most importantly, CBD. With the help of the latter, Mike defied every doctor’s prognosis and went on to win eight more fights, becoming the #3 ranked fighter in the World and eventually fighting for a World Title last July.

Today, Mike is the CEO and co-founder of Soul CBD, a 7-figure CBD wellness brand with his sister Angie Lee. With his company, Mike continues to deliver on his mission by helping thousands of people find natural relief from pain, anxiety, and more.

In this episode, we discuss:

🌿 The origins of Soul CBD and how it aligns with sleep optimization.

🌿 How CBD can help anxiety and sleep problems.

🌿 How sleep quality cascades across general health and wellness.

🌿 The unsexy things that make a huge difference in sleep optimization.

🌿 Comparing CBD to other sleep aids like Tylenol PM or Advil PM.

🌿 Getting started with CBD to help your sleep if you are unfamiliar or nervous about using it.

🌿 Adjusting your sleep CBD regimen according to your hormonal cycle if you menstruate.

🌿 Using CBD to help with chronic pain or illness that disrupts your sleep.

🌿 Endocannabinoids and how CBD can help all types of mammals.

🌿 Introducing a new compound called CBN that helps particularly with sleeping longer and more deeply.

🌿 The connetion between ADHD, CBD, and better sleep.

🌿 Why CBD’s calming effect on the racing brain can lead to falling asleep more easily.

🌿 Preparing yourself for to wind down for the night and setting yourself up for good sleep.

🌿 Discussing electromagnetic frequenies (EMF) and how they affect humans and pets alike.

🌿 The changes and techniques that made the biggest difference for improving Mike Lee’s sleep.

🌿 The changes and techniques that made the biggest difference for improving Angie Lee’s sleep.

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