058: Dr. Patrick Porter, founder of BrainTap, Talks to Mollie About Using Meditation and the Science of the Brain to Improve and Achieve Effective Sleep

In this episode, Mollie is joined by Dr. Patrick Porter who is the founder and creator of BrainTap. Dr. Porters tells Mollie more of the science behind sleep and meditation. He illustrates how BrainTap tries to evolve humans sleep cycles and patterns. Dr. Porter in this episode talks more of increasing sleep and helping people have more effective sleep cycles to allow more effective outcomes on a physical, spiritual and mental level. What Dr. Porter brings to this week's podcast is how science of the brain can actually be a new form of dealing with sleep issues. The new era in effective sleep technology rests in the brain, if we unlock the true potential.


Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, is an award-winning author/speaker and the founder of BrainTap, the leader in technology-enhanced meditation. Dr. Porter pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment to improve clarity, sleep & energy, and remains at the forefront of scientific research.

He founded BrainTap with the goal of making this technology accessible to everyone. BrainTap offers over 1000 original audio sessions in 12 languages and serves a worldwide user base with its mobile app and headset.

Dr. Porter has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, People, Entrepreneur, INC and on ABC, NBC, CBS as an expert in brain health & wellness, and in 2020, Dr. Porter received the IAFNR lifetime achievement award.

In this episode, we discuss:

🧠 Brain Fitness

🧠 Waves of Wellness

🧠 Tech Assisted Meditation

🧠  Sleeping Pills/ Prescription Medications do not entirely resolve sleeping problems. They cause adverse effects on the brain and body.

🧠 Morning and Evening rituals that are more health-conscious

🧠 As humans we regulate certain amounts of energy

🧠 Energy can be brought into the body by light, sound, and vibration.

🧠 Having a balanced energy regulation from morning to night

🧠 Grounding and Minerals Salts can help in energy-efficient regulation within the body

🧠  Lack of  sleep or body regulation causes short sleep cycles or not enough sleep

🧠 Sleeping is a way to re-evaluate if your lifestyle is right

🧠 Fourth Wave of Wellness is realizing we are more than physical beings

🧠 We need to watch the light we work in.

🧠 Reframe all negative memories or emotions.

🧠 Train the brain to accentuate  the  positive

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