006: Dr. Eric Nofzinger, creator of Ebb Sleep, teaches how cooling a hyperaroused brain can help us sleep at night!

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Episode Summary

Did you know that your inability to "turn off your brain" can literally HEAT up your brain? I can't think of a more illustrative example of the power that our thoughts have over our biology and our sleep results than this episode. Dr. Eric Nofzinger created a product that you wear on your head at night that literally cools the prefrontal cortex.  "Ebb is born from decades of research including 3,800 night studies by a renowned sleep researcher and studies of brain scans revealed a revolutionary new way to sleep." Btw, I don't get anything out of this, I just think this concept is incredibly interesting and can prove helpful for certain people!

Episode Notes

In this episode, we discuss:
*Why Dr. Eric Nofzinger created a company like this one to support insomnia sufferers
*The concept of temperature and sleep
*Does Dr. Eric Nofzinger see a real dramatic change in the layout of the architecture when the brain is cooled?
*How Dr. Eric Nofzinger got to see some real market changes or amplification of certain stages throughout the night
*Background on the product
*Current treatments for insomnia & how cooling can help    
*Dr. Eric Nofzinger understanding the various brain mechanisms at rest
*How people can learn more about Dr. Eric Nofzinger's product & stay in touch with what he is doing about his findings: