061: BJ Marshall, Co-host of The Blind Stealing the Blinds, Gives Insight on How His Sleep Has Improved Since Working with Sleep as a Skill

In today’s episode, Mollie is joined by BJ Marshall who is a poker podcaster. This episode is the first of many to come, it goes on to give a deep but brief overview of his sleep experience. BJ takes us on a journey on his past sleep problems and how with the assistance of Sleep is a Skill he is now able to say that his sleep optimization is better than ever.


BJ Marshall is co-host of The Blind Stealing the Blinds, a weekly poker podcast by students of the game for students of the game, helping players bridge the gap between theory and application by discussing basic problems and concepts, and introducing solutions and tools anyone can apply, often both in poker and in life writ large. Outside poker, he is an avid golfer with two legit holes-in-one to his name, and he’s just within the past year become a real estate investor with two properties in his portfolio. He is supported by his wife of 21 years and 12yo son, whom he's already taught to play poker and hired as his Property Manager.

In this episode, we discuss:


😴 The conversation o sleep being the bare minimum and sleep optimization

😴 Sleep levelling

😴 Sleep rest

😴 Helping to up-level sleep optimization and individual behavior towards sleep

😴 With the Oura ring, the way you do one thing is like the way you do another thing

😴 The exchange and understanding of sleep capital over social capital.

😴 Need to take an audit of our lives and routines

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