063: Victor Sagalovsky of Litewater Scientific Talks to Us About Deuterium-Depleted Water (DDW), its Positive Effects on Sleep, and More

In this week's episode, Mollie chats with Victor Sagalovsky, co-founder and CEO of Litewater Scientific. Litewater is the first and only super deuterium-depleted water on the market. Victor has dedicated himself to the research, development, and production of this rare water. He talks about how having better Deuterium depleted water levels provides amazing effects on deep sleep and rest management, along with other positive biological effects.


Victor Sagalovsky is the co-founder and CEO of Litewater Scientific, the first and only super deuterium-depleted light water. He has researched and studied the benefits of deuterium-depleted water through his theory entitled Endogenous Radiation Damage Theory of Aging. It proposes that our biggest obstacle to longevity is the excess deuterium and other damaging isotopes on the planet and proper mitigation will radically extend our lifespans. Victor started his career as an innovator in plant-based culinary art, having co-founded the first organic gourmet raw food restaurant in North America called RAW.

He attended Loyola University and the University of Hawaii where he pursued multidisciplinary education. He has completed apprenticeships and graduate coursework in chemistry, optical microscopy, and molecular biology. He is the author of many articles and guides in the field of wellness, biohacking, emerging medicine, technology, mysticism, and esoteric wisdom.

In this episode, we discuss:

💦How Deuterium-depleted water can help with stress management

💦Better Deuterium-depleted water levels have amazing effects on deep sleep and rest management

💦The immune benefits provided by the science of water

💦What exactly is Deuterium-depleted water and why is it important

💦Litewater Scientific’s goal to help you optimize your cellular energy for optimal sleep.

💦The sleep optimization benefits of DDW

💦Learn about the scientific studies that found DDW to have incredible effects on sleep and anti-aging

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