065: Nick Coetzee, Founder of Mychondria: Using Red Light Therapy to Optimize the Circadian Rhythm and Improve Sleep Quality 🚨

In this episode, Mollie is joined by Nick Coetzee, an entrepreneur focused on helping people improve their sleep quality using red light therapy. Nick explains the mechanisms by which red light exposure can help with a variety of issues, including autoimmune disorders and protection from the sun’s UV rays. He also explains the importance of blue light blockers and optimizing exposure to natural light. His organization, Mychondria, focuses on encouraging people to try red light therapy and explore the variety of health benefits.


Nick Coetzee is the founder of Mychondria, a red light therapy company. He has a BSc in Sports Science (undergraduate) and a BSc Hons. in Biokinetics (postgraduate).

In this episode, we discuss:

🔴 Nick’s story and what led him to create his organization

🔴 Why did they focus on red light therapy

🔴 The mechanisms by which red light therapy can help to improve sleep

🔴 How Nick reduces blue light exposure before sleep and his sleep routine

🔴 When to use red light therapy

🔴 Choosing a red light device

🔴 Nick discusses how red light therapy can increase testosterone levels and improve fertility

🔴 Infrared exposure for protection from the sun’s UV rays

🔴 Infrared exposure for reducing inflammation

🔴 Nature is your compass when it comes to health

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