072: Jim Poole, the CEO of Solace Lifesciences, Talks About How the Patented Technology NuCalm Can Transform the Way You Sleep

Jim Poole, the CEO of Solace Lifesciences and producer of NuCalm explains how the groundbreaking technology was invented and how it helps to balance the health of the human nervous system, thereby improving stress, sleep, anxiety and more. NuCalm is the only patented technology of its kind, and it helps improve mental state without prescription medications or other drugs. You’ll learn how it works, why it works, and why it’s a revolutionary solution to serious stress-related problems experienced by people every day.


Jim Poole is the Chairman, President and CEO of Solace Lifesciences, Inc. He is an accomplished business executive with extensive experience in the healthcare, biotechnology, market research, dental, financial services, and IT industries. Since 2009 Mr. Poole has managed the strategic direction and ongoing operations of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., the neuroscience company that created the world’s first and only patented, clinically-proven platform that allows humans to change their mental state on-demand without drugs, without side effects, and without compromise.  In 2015, Solace Lifesciences, the maker of NuCalm®, was granted the world’s sole patent for “Systems and Methods for Balancing and Maintaining the Health of the Human Autonomic Nervous System.” A New York state native, Poole earned a BA in psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MBA in International Business & Marketing from Babson College.

In this episode, we discuss:

🧘What is NuCalm? And how can this revolutionary, patented technology help your sleep?

🧘Inventing a technology that quickly and safely relaxes the mind without side effects.

🧘How NuCalm taps into your nervous system to calm you without using prescription or other types of drugs.

🧘The connection between stress and sleep and how regulating one is vital for optimizing the other.

🧘Discovering that sleep is about 80% dependent on the human stress response.​​

🧘The ways in which NuCalm provides access to stress responses and helps improve sleep in the process.

🧘How NuCalm was able to get the only patent in the world for balancing the human autonomic nervous system, which governs fear, stress, anxiety, depression, fight, or flight, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

🧘A description of what actually happens when you use NuCalm to improve your stress or sleep.

🧘The three different ways in which NuCalm improves your sleep and how it is different from all other sleep optimization techniques.

🧘Why it’s important for adults to dream and how NuCalm helps to make up for the GABA deficiencies that occur to most people as they age.

🧘How NuCalm can help auxiliary issues that affect sleep, like PTSD or anxiety or other stress-related struggles.

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Speaker 1 0:04 And welcome to the sleep as a skill podcast. I could not be more excited to have this conversation with Jim Poole. Jim, thank you so much for taking the time. I know your lineup is wild of people that you're interacting with governments, you know, top high-performers all kinds of people that you are working with. So thank you so much for taking the time. Speaker 2 0:23 Thanks for having me. Speaker 1 0:25 Awesome. Well, I would like to jump right in because I know you are just a wealth of information. So want to just give people a little bit of a background as to how you found yourself into this arena of NuCalm and how this relates to sleep Speaker 2 0:42 Wonderful. My previous occupation, well, several, you know, was an investment banker and the private equity wall street side of the world, and a commensurate with kind of the meltdown of wall street and private equity and mergers and acquisitions. The neuroscientists, quantum physicists natural path who invented this product offering contacted our firm. He had heard the ethers from a dentist of all people, that there was a firm that made another dentist $300 million. So an acquisition of a company in California, which was our firm and it was truth. And he was a neuroscientist needing to take his invention out of his cranium into the world. And so he contacted our firm in June of 2009, and I was really smitten with his, his intellect. I mean the brain science and studying the human brain is such a depth. You never really get bored because it's constantly evolving. And he also the unique part about Dr. Holloway, he had a Southern drawl being raised in east Texas, which I think I found disarming as an east coast, New York businessman. And he was ego-less. I mean, he had an ego enough to take care of himself and survive, but his whole goal in life was the compassion persistence of helping humanity. And that grabbed my heart. The intellectual curiosity in me grabbed my brain. And then the opportunity Molly. He said this to me, he said, I've invented a technology that quickly predictably and safely relaxes the mind and body within minutes without side effects. And I never heard that statement said out loud, I didn't understand my first thought was marijuana. And then I thought, well, marijuana makes your mouth dry and your eyes gloss over and you get the munchies and you giggle and they lose sense of time. So there's side effects to marijuana. That's what got me into this. Speaker 1 2:39 Hmm. Wow. And you know, it's, it's had such a ripple effect and impact that even just right before this podcast. It just so happened that someone had messaged me asking, have you tried new calm? What's the deal with this? What is this thing? I have the amount of times I've been asked about new calm and wanting to know what, but what exactly, what does it do? What's the little sticker, the whole thing. And so, and by the way, as a, for context, for anyone listening, you know, the reason for having this podcast was not just for like, oh, here's another, you know, thing for you to buy or to get when looking to improve your sleep. Instead, this is something that just has so had such conversations around it and such feedback from people. Especially I have people that are wearing the leaf, which is a continuous HRV tracker. And we'll notice that when they're using that, seemingly they're having improvements in their HRV during the time of utilizing NuCalm. So just a lot of questions about like, what is this thing? So that's why we wanted to have this conversation today to get in deeper on what does this all look like? Speaker 2 3:47 So before we start with the science and it's going to be fascinating, we can go many, many layers of the onion. I'd like to just start with a foundation. Now your audience has probably heard you many times because people are going to ask you these things because the technology has the only patent in the world for lowering stress and improving sleep quality without drugs. So inherently people are gonna find it somewhere on the internet. And they're going to ask you, and that's great. Let's start with what it means to be a human. We have two nervous systems. Many of us are familiar with the central nervous system. The central nervous system has one primary function. And it's really important. It's called self-preservation. It keeps us alive. Your central nervous system works all the time and it works in a nanosecond compartmentalization, meaning every nanosecond of every second of every minute, an hour that you're alive. It's constantly evaluating your surroundings for familiarity and security. The other nervous system is the autonomic nervous system. Now, some people have heard about it. Some people have studied it or remember it from biology in 10th grade, the autonomic nervous system has two sides as the stress response, which is called the sympathetic nervous system. And it has a rest and digest response, which is the parasympathetic nervous system. But what people don't realize is that aspect of our body and our brain, our spirit that's 40 million years evolved. This is called the reptilian side of our brain, the reptilian side of our brain. If you think about how complex the brain is, how quickly we consolidate memory. And we learn just think of the last two years, how much learning in evolution you've done to exist in. COVID give that same brain of yours 40 million years to build the perfect mouse trap. The fight or flight mechanism is the perfect neuronal, you know, network. It's incredible. The autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and the parasympathetic governs fight or flight, but it also governs human fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and worry. So here's how this works on a daily basis. Your central nervous system has an incredible memory. It remembers every time you were publicly shamed or failed or felt guilty, anything ever done, and it wants you to succeed, but it wants to keep you isolated. If your central nervous system had any power over you, it would keep you isolated your bedroom for the rest of your life, because then you're safe. When it perceives a threat of any kind memory, real perceived threat, it activates the amygdala of the autonomic nervous system, that reptilian side of our brain. So the prefrontal and frontal cortex, which you'd call your forehead, separates us as humans from primates. This area of our brain is 4 million years evolved 4 million. And this area of our brain happens to be our character, our personality, our presence, our patients, our executive functioning, our ability to solve problems and our emotional stability. So think about it on a daily basis, we are challenged with trying to overcome a 36 million year headstart by the brain's neurocircuitry to override these triggers that create anxiety, fear, depression, and worry. So who are we to judge? When we behave out of character, who are we to judge when we don't take care of ourselves? This is, this is neuronal circuitry that you don't override, where does living in that landscape. So I think it's really important that we understand what is the landscape. What's the chess board that we call being a human that's, where we start. And so interestingly for us as a neuroscience company, we began our requests and our invention and our discovery and all the stuff we do 32 years ago. And it's a long time and 32 years, we're still at probably the nascent stages of really understanding the capability of what we need to do to manage the brainwave function of a human, but complex problems, such as stress and sleep require complex solutions. That's life. There's a direct correlation between your stress, how you manage stress and your sleep. And it's that simple. Any people out there will say, Hey, I don't sleep well, but I manage stress well, well, let's take your ego aside. And that statement is nonsensical. It can't co-exist that way. Yeah. Stress has a really important hormone called cortisol and cortisol changes our physiology. It does a lot of bad things for us if it's chronically, constantly being pinged. And I find that most of us, especially in American culture, we're constantly, as soon as we wake up, cortisol is the highest in the morning. As soon as we wake up our to-do lists and our monkey mind just freaking takes over and does dominates. It does. And when we see an energy dip in our cognition and our physical energy, we often as Americans reach for energy drinks or espresso at two o'clock in the afternoon. And it's like, oh my goodness, please understand physiology. When your body is demanding a break, listen to your body. That's when you actually need a break. And if you listen to your body and take care of your body, your body will in turn, take care of you. So we're in this really a strange pace. I often wonder when we lie down at bedtime and we put our head on the pillow and our mind is racing. Very few of us are ever satisfied because very few of us have ever achieved our to do list, but I would challenge your audience to say what part of that to do list is really that imperative that overrides your health and longevity and resilience and ability to reduce inflammation and increase, you know, your body's natural resistance. What exactly on that to-do list? Was that important? Probably nothing. Speaker 1 9:43 Yeah. Speaker 2 9:44 That's where we need to stop. And I think when I reflect on two years ago, I believe it's tomorrow. I was in New York when New York shutdown for COVID. It was actually St. Patrick's day Speaker 1 9:58 Happy Speaker 2 9:58 Birthday. That Speaker 1 9:59 Is Speaker 2 10:02 Several reasons to indulge in alcohol. So, you know, this COVID happens and you remember back then two years ago, they said, well, this'll be about seven days. Or, you know, we'll have these restrictions about 10 days. This is 750 days later, right? So I think what's fascinating to know Molly is I think the world and the human race needed this opportunity to stop. And we need to reset where our trajectory was going was nowhere but downhill in a depreciated state, in a miserable state. You know, you look at all the anchors, you look at all the numbers out there, you see the increase incidence of child abuse, abuse. You see the increase incidents of spousal abuse. You see the increase in alcohol consumption and drug abuse, and you see the increase in our kids being administered anti-anxiety and into depressive drugs. These are children, their brains have not fully developed yet. And now you're going to compromise the evolution of their brain chemistry and physiology by introducing an anti-anxiety drug into the brain chemistry, knowing full well that the body has a natural compensatory mechanism that will create all these compensation pieces and change the trajectory of that brains evolution that is tragic. Awful. It just speaks to the desperation that we're all having now. So it's all predicated on stress. Sleep is probably 80% dependent on the human stress response. Speaker 1 11:40 Mm Hmm. Absolutely. And so for you, when a company, you know, 2009, you're connected with Dr. Hallowell and in that moment, was there an evolution where you started to then discover, okay, this can really be something that we can have in the hands of every person to make a difference. What was take us through kind of what evolved and a bit more about how this could be an access point to impacting the stress response? Speaker 2 12:11 That's a great question. It happened very quickly. Sometimes things take a while to manifest and gain clarity, but happened relatively quickly from June, 2009 to October, we just were having a weekly conference calls, learning. I just was growing an affinity to him as a human, but as a business, I didn't see the opportunity because it wasn't clear to me what the heck it was. Right. And then I flew down to Texas. I finally got just enough impatient. I said, you know what? I got to meet this guy a try this. So I fly down to Texas and I try new column for the first time. And I remember the experience vividly. It was about 32 minutes. I was in a doctor's chair. I had just come in from international travel. I was relatively jet lag, certainly dehydrated and not really imbalanced. And I remember vividly in the experience itself, three or four occasions during the 32 minutes, my nose had such an itch on it and I'd say, wow, my nose has to itch. And I was like, I couldn't find the strength to move my arms to inch it. And then I'd forget about it. And then my mind would wander again. And then I'd be like, oh yeah, you have an itch on your nose. Itching. I can't. And I remember that. I was like, wow, this is really cool. I'm like trapped in this weird state of lucid dream and not really available to, to move that, that easily. When I got up, I felt so much better. I felt physically relaxed, like Gumby. Literally my body felt so loose. I felt grounded to the earth, but I had a mental acuity and clarity that as a high performing CEO, I love this. I was like, I feel amazing. And there's no way I should. The next day we spent nine hours in a boardroom, white boarding, the science. Now I had some background in science. And so the logic puzzle that Blake put together on this 20 year journey prior to that made sense to me, and then comes the linchpin. We bring in intellectual property attorneys, we'll bring our accountants would bring in our corporate attorneys. And we basically take over the business and the intellectual property attorneys do a vast assessment of this patent that they had had begun to author. And, you know, from my knowledge and my experience in running companies for a living intellectual property attorneys are really not prone to hyperbole. You're going to get the truth and you're probably going to get bent on it. They came back to us 10 weeks after their analysis and said, if you get this patent, you will only, only patent in the world for balancing the human autonomic nervous system, which governs fear, stress, anxiety, depression, fight, or flight, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. And that that concept really blew my mind. And for me, Molly had simply validated what I intuitively was something that could really change humanity is actually true because in patent law, you, the onus falls on the company to define two things. One that prior in, in human history, there is no prior art that's never existed before. And secondarily, is it efficacious? And does it do what you claim? It does? Well, it took us five years. It took us the best scientists in the world. Statistical biophysicist from Harvard medical school, mathematicians from NASA, the former medical director of the NFL. We have 52 doctors on our medical advisory board of the who's who, and it took us five years to present irrefutable quantified evidence to showcase using heart rate variability. Now medical grade was single ladies faces in a real complex process, but I knew probably 12 weeks into visiting Dr. Holloway, that this would be my mission for the rest of my life. And that be to liberate humanity from the grips of stress. Understanding that addition by subtraction will make each of us a better human being because stress in its chronic form has never improved. Our emotional stability has never made us patient. It's never made us present. It's never made us our best person. We've lost a lot of time. We've lost a lot of energy. We've lost a lot of relationships by succumbing to this in its incessant stress just grips you, gets you, and then it takes off from there. So it was at this point today I'm 13 years running this company. I can't tell you where new calm in our company stops. And Jim pool's DNA begins intertwined with it and inexorably linked for the rest of my existence, with what we're doing. I served as the voice and the conductor and the visionary for a scientist who was so blessed with tremendous curiosity and ability, but also was cursed with Asperger's. So it was, it was quite a unique relationship. He's he's passed away on December 20th, 2020, which is unfortunate for many reasons, but he passed away before we launched the full throttle of his invention, which breaks my heart, even though, probably in the ether, somewhere, paying attention and smiling with a big heart. So that's where it came to be. And that's what it is. So why don't I tell you what it is? We do Speaker 1 17:30 Well, Speaker 2 17:31 Pierce the veil of Speaker 1 17:32 The biggest question, we'll get, you know, get on Instagram and get to my newsletters. What ha this thing, new comment I'll mention at different points and different clients using it. And they'll say, okay, but what is it? And what is the sticker and what is the thing? And yeah, so that would be great. Speaker 2 17:45 Okay. We're going to, there's going to be several layers of the onion. We're not going to go too. If you want to go deep, we've got white papers and science up the wazoo. Okay. Conceptually, here's what we're doing. We are using your ears as a carrier to present your brain at the caudate nucleus of the midbrain, where your ears processes signal, we're presenting a brain with a beat, with a pattern. This pattern for new calm happens to slow down your brainwave function into alpha and theta. So the human brainwave function is a 41 Hertz range, and there are five components to it. Really. We play in four of them. The fifth one is a place that's a theorial and difficult to get to, but we'll start at the lowest form. 0.5 Hertz to four Hertz is deep sleep. So when your brainwave form is oscillating at 0.5 to four Hertz, you are in deep sleep is a, dreamless like deep sleep. Your body and mind are healing. Now this isn't up for debate. This is physics and math. If my brainwave function right now is a two Hertz I'm face down in a puddle of drool in deep sleep. That's just the way it is. As we go a little faster in the frequency, we go four Hertz to seven Hertz that's data. Now, theta is fascinating in theta for the healers and the functional medicine, integrative medicine folks, the vagal issue and bagel stimulation and the Vegas nerve and the parasympathetic dominance. It's all related to theta. Now, when your brain wave is oscillating and feta, which is four Hertz to seven Hertz, just above deep sleep, your cells are doing two really important functions for resilience and prince and for Jevity, they're cleaning their toxins. This is the only time and the only period in your daily life, that your cells clean their toxins and do their daily maintenance. Number two, the mitochondria, which is the energy source of your cell structure is being restored. So theta is known as the healing zone. It also has commensurate properties to the second stage of sleep. But what we find in sleep architecture is when we go through puberty and our hormonal dysregulation compromises, our circadian rhythm, no kid going through puberty has a circadian rhythm. That's why they can get up at five 30 every day, Monday through Friday, and then sleep till noon on Saturday. You and I can't do that, right? We have the circadian rhythm, but only through puberty. So after puberty, it appears that most humans, as we age, we glide too quickly through that second stage in theta of sleep there in lies the problem because when your cells clean their toxins in the mitochondria is restored. If you did this every night, if you slept well every night, you'd probably live to be about 150 years old. Why? Because your cells would do their job. So theta is really important. And any technology, any way to bring your brainwave function of feta in a concentrated way, and to stay there is the key to healing. When we go above feta, we go into alpha. Many people have heard of alpha. Alpha is synonymous with creativity, being in the zone, being relaxed, being in state, being in flow, transcendental meditation. That's eight Hertz to 12 Hertz. Now, interestingly enough, Molly, between alpha and feta, 7.83 Hertz is the Earth's magnetic rotation. Something called the Schumann resonance magnetic rotation is also the frequency of the human body cavity. Hello, geometry of the universe. Everything's kind of related through mathematics. So 7.83 Hertz is really important for grounding for DNA structure, for health, longevity, and alpha, and theta is in that space. So relaxation, creativity, and then getting into the healing zone. That's alpha and theta. When we go up above alpha, we go from 13 Hertz all the way up to 38 Hertz. It's the broadest range that is beta. Now beta has several stages, 13 to 15 Hertz to simply alert functioning. Hey, I'm awake. I'm doing my thing. 15 to 20 Hertz is focus. So if my brain is at 17 Hertz, I am focused 20 to 25 Hertz. I'm starting to stress 25 to 30. I am in a high stress, probably anticipatory anxiety. Heart's palupate palpitating, shortness of breath, 30 to 38. I have lost my marbles. I am cognitively dissociated. I don't have any access to blood flow to my prefrontal cortex, my brain and my character and my personality and my presence. And my executive functioning are gone because all the oxygen, new Richard blood and my whole body are in my visceral organs and preparing me to stay alive. Okay. You'll notice that when someone's really in a panic state, they can't be talked out of it. They can hear you you're still work, but cognitively they're dissociated. There's no cognition available to them. Then comes this really weird, cool spot. And humanity is filled with really cool, weird things. It's called gamma 39 to 41 Hertz above the most stressed out way you can be is this little sweet spot. Now gamma is commensurate with higher consciousness and highintensity mistake free focus. So when you are in gamma brainwave function say 40 Hertz, you are listening your sensory motor rhythm and your motor cortex. You're activating your cerebellum and a Corpus callosum. You are also increasing your peripheral vision in your old factory. You're preparing for the highest level of intensity performance possible that ladies and gentlemen is how we survive. You cannot have zero frequency in your brainwave function. You would not be alive, right? So at any point in your day, your brain is oscillating at a certain frequency. Now, interestingly enough, for the most part, as humans, humans have evolved from cave people to today, we've always done something external to elevate or decrease our brainwave function. So for example, if I woke up this morning, it's Wednesday and I'm a little mentally lethargic and you know, Hey, I only got an 85 sleep score and I'm like, Hm, today's a busy day. I don't really want to perform. I don't want to be present in today's day Feeling. It's things. When you have that feeling, then you have a cup of coffee. And all of a sudden that feeling dissipates and your mind starts firing. These synapses are firing faster things, starting to look more optimistic. This isn't magic caffeine simply increased your brainwave frequency probably to 16 to 17 Hertz. You go exercise, endorphins, fire, you feel good. You increase your brainwave frequency. You get a hug from somebody. Oxytocin is released. You decrease your brainwave frequency. You have a glass of warm milk. You decrease your brainwave frequency. You sit and you read a book, you decrease your brainwave frequency. So we do all these sins. External Blake Holloway said, I'm going to find a way to dial up and dial down brainwave function on demand. Using very sophisticated algorithms, physics and mathematics, built in a software, and then overlaid with music, using your ears as a carrier to present the brain with a signal that is what we've done. It is absolutely amazing. I've been running this company for 13 years, I've run 49 companies. I've been around the block. I'm 53 years old. I have a vast amount of experience done. Some really cool things. I have never come remotely close to understanding the magnitude of what we've done. I look back at Nikola, Tesla and Georgia. Kosky two physicist electromedicine pioneers in the 1930s and forties and the world today still doesn't understand what they invented. And I believe that to be the case for what we've done as well. So our role and our goal has always been to perpetually, make improvements to the technology, to make it easier and to lower the barrier of entry in the price, new calm, and you see ALM was our first product offering. It came to market in 2009 was a $6,000 highly regulated FDA class, three medical device. We sold it primarily to doctors who in turn used it in surgical procedures and just really to help people balance their autonomic nervous system, kind of titrate them off antidepressants and anti-anxiety and all the core elements that create disease and emotional disorders and physical disorders. New calm in its present form looks nothing like it did 13 years ago. It's amazing. The evolution that we've done, the new calm technology is designed to slow down your brainwave function and to levitate you primarily in feta, feta being the healing zone. So I, as a human doesn't matter what my disposition is, I could have stage four cancer. I could have multiple sclerosis. I could have Alzheimer's. I could be a professional athlete that could be a celebrity, a performer that could be a special forces operator Navy seal. It doesn't matter what that looks like. The Allen's for us is to be able to down-regulate the sympathetic tone, slow down our stress response. When our monkey mind is active, most humans can't do that. Meditation can do that, but the persistence disciplined time and method required to achieve that as a meditator is so profoundly challenging. Most humans never get there. Tai Chi and yoga, the same thing. Conceptually, the whole goal around mindful practices is to oxygenate the entire body from your toes to your prefrontal cortex, new calm, basically levitates your brainwave function in that sweet spot keeps you there just above sleep and allows you to do several things. One, we synchronize your breath. We synchronize your heart and your lungs, and we sold it on your respiration rate to one breath, every 10 seconds, six breaths a minute, which is the ultimate diaphragmatic breathing. There'll be human being this in turn oxygen, nature, body, and creates nuances and rich red blood cells in your frontal and frontal cortex. This allows for new cognition and new what's called neuronal coherence. I am in coherence when I'm in breath, my heart and my lungs are connected and I'm oxygenated. And this is really important. I am less prone to sabotage by that little amygdala, that little almond shaped piece and my midbrain that constantly activates that sympathetic side and that fight or flight mechanism that is the value of new calm. And we've been at this for a long time and people will say, well, I've never heard of it. You're right. You have, because we don't want to tell people. But when you're a neuroscience company, where do you think you spend your time and resources on neuroscience? We've spent 32 years. We have spent $33 million building the perfect mouse trap to allow humans to dial up or dial down their brainwave function, change their mental state on demand with no side effects, no issues, no compromise, no nothing. So NuCalm was our first product. We launched it. We spent years literally just educating doctors around the world today. We've done over 2 million surgical procedures. New Collin's a huge honor, and it's an amazing feat. Great. We also work across the department of defense from your Navy seals through your special forces operators to air force, special operations command border patrol. The FBI. We work with veterans helping them basically reacclimate to civilian life and to manage the trauma that typically has to post-traumatic stress. That typically is comorbid with addiction, all stress modulating. So here we are as a foundational therapy simply to say, Hey, let us allow you to put the brakes on you. Can't heal. When you're in a constant state of hypervigilance, we've worked with over 50 professional sports teams, athletes, you know, their body and their performance, their mental acuity, their ability to perform at a very high level under tremendously stressful situations is their way of making a living. It's really important to them. And of all the athletes we've worked with. We worked with the best athletes in the world since 2011, not one of them is an effective meditator. And why would you expect them to be, they're not monks they're professional athletes. So new column has been an incredible gift to them because it allows them to relax, restore, recover, physically. But most importantly, and I think my gaps be the head trainer to the Chicago. Blackhawks said it best. He said, we want our players to play intense, not tense. And new Kong cleans the slate for that allows them to be accessed to their mental conditioning and not worrying about stuff in golf. They say, if you think you stink allows you that clarity of mind. So Nicole has been around since 2009 and in 2021 and 20, we were able to successfully migrate from a classroom. Medical device was four components that was $6,000 and moved to three components, make it an easier and a much more affordable product. You can buy a new column today for as low as a dollar 67 a day through a monthly subscription. Now I'll briefly talk about new column. You can go to the website and see how it works. There are three components today. There's a bio signal processing disc that's applied to your left wrist. There's an eye mask and there's software simply put the disc is very, very complicated. Quantum physics I can share with you briefly how we do it. There's a signature of frequencies. Primarily. GABAA a GABA B L Theni casein, tryptic hydrolysate and L tyrasine. These are what you call a cornucopia of inhibitory neurotransmitters. The opposite of adrenaline catecholomines nor epinephrin cortisol. Okay. They're designed to interrupt. What's called the HPA axis. The hypothalamus pituitary adrenal cortex. This is a unilateral mechanism. Once the amygdala pings the hypothalamus it's game on adrenaline's coming in full bore. Well, Gabba interrupts the HPA axis and shuts down the adrenal cortex. So the reason for the disc is we want to interrupt the human stress response and the adrenaline. So you can't resist the physics. It's what I would call the great equalizer. It makes sure that every time you new calm your adrenaline can't resist it. You're going to have a very fast acting, relaxation response, a very deep experience and the longevity of the benefits last longer. Secondly, we have an eye mask. The eye mask is simple. 80% of our cerebral cortex is our visual cortex of all the five senses and our intuition. We get most of our information from our eyes, making it impossible to relax, meditate, or sleep with your eyes open. So we simply need them close. There you go. There's two components. The third component is software. People think it's music. Well music, ladies and gentlemen can not elicit a physiological state change of the human brain and manage brainwave function with any predictability ever. It's a physiological impossibility music in our case is simply a distraction and a carrier to make it a nice experience. Think about that awesome photo in national geographic of the iceberg, four or 500 feet of waterline above is sys and it's majestic and beautiful. But underneath the water line is about 10,000 feet of ice. That's what we're doing. The top ice is the music below is over $8 million of patented physics, mathematics and algorithms, pitch, and frequency, mathematical matrices by neural signal processing, nonlinear, oscillating algorithms, vibration resonance. It is really complex because we're tricking the most complex organ in the history of mankind, the human brain. You're going to listen to a track. Your mind is going to continue to see move. It's not, we don't clear your mind. It's not forced meditation, your mind wanders while your body separates and become begins to feel heavy. And in that heaviness, you're starting to separate into theta. Then you'll notice your respiration slow down and then you'll notice you kind of go away. I don't know where you go. Sometimes people go and they talk to Jesus. Some people meet with their deceased relatives. Some people float through the Amazon. Some people see colors. I have no idea. We're liberating. Your subconscious for me. Most of the time, I think I just fall asleep. Okay. Yeah. Then you come to that's it. One of my body's had enough recovery, 30 minutes, 31 minutes, 32 minutes. You just become lucid with your surroundings again. And you're done. I've had enough recovery. I don't know how long I've been here. I take the IMS off the headphones. I get up. I feel very relaxed physically. I feel grounded to the earth, but I have a mental acuity and an optimism in my brain because all the garbage, all the stress, it's all these things that kind of occupy our brain are gone. They've been washed away by oxygen, rich red blood so that his new calm, new calm is incredible. And it is a foundational therapy for everything we do. If we're working with stage four cancer or work on PTSD or going on addiction, we have to resolve the stress response. First. Nothing else matters. Now as of November, 2021, we have dial up with ignite warrior brain and dial down with deep sleep. That's what makes our combination so powerful. So if I want to dial up my brainwave function for cardio, for walking for performance, I want real intense mistake, free focus in my brain. I will simply listen with headphones to ignite warrior brain. There's one instrumental track. And there's two other track. Tony Robins, and I trained the golden state warriors together. And we train the Washington capitals together. We took his training and his neuro-linguistic programming, and we applied it on top of our physics in a soundtrack to create arguably the most powerful mind control ever listen to you, listened to ignite, and you hear Tony yelling at the golden state warriors to win a world championship. And you feel like you can get on the court and dunk the ball. It's amazing. So ignite warrior brain, there's no desk. There's no IMS. There's just headphones. And off you go into this really high, intense state. It's like having four cups of coffee with no acidic issue and then comes the good stuff for you. Deep sleep, eight years of research and development, eight years to figure out how to trick the brain, using a different way format called isochronic wave form, as opposed to by neural signal processing, meaning you do not need headphones. You always want to make this easy. We can build the best, most sophisticated mousetrap in the world, but if it's not easy, humans won't adopt it. So what's the point. So eight years of development, you listened to this by your bedstand. I have a speaker it's access through my iPad through an app. And each night I turn it on. And the sleep latency is about one minute because the physics is pacing your brain down to 0.5 Hertz. We launched this on November 15th, 2021. We launched it with a 50 minute track, 55 0. It paces your brain to 0.5 Hertz. So helping the onset of sleep. But here's what we started hearing from people. Hey, this is amazing. I'm not having any issue falling asleep. I feel great. And then when the music stops, I tend to wake up and I said, okay, that's called your central nervous system. Even when you're sleeping, your central nervous system is governing you for safety. So when it notices a change in the environment, it activates. So we went back to the well and said, we can do this something different. We launched on January 25th of this year, three, eight hour unique tracks using the 50 minute physics to take you down and then seven hours and 10 minutes to keep you asleep. So now we have an eight hour track. You put it on off you go. So the combination for the folks out there that are having difficulty sleeping, which I'm going to presume is everybody. We see a $585 billion growing industry. People are having significant issues with sleep. COVID didn't help it or food supply. Doesn't help it. Our tethering to technology doesn't help it. Everything seems to be against us, right? This inertia seems to be against our ability to sleep well. And then you get into this weird habit of creating anticipatory anxiety. When the sun goes down inside your head, you start getting agitated that you're not going to sleep that night, making it possible for you not to sleep. You're right. It's a self fulfilling prophecy. Dave sleep doesn't have an attitude. Deep sleep. Doesn't have a judgment deep sleep doesn't care. It's simply physics. It says, Hey, Molly, let's tell, let's show you what 0.5 Hertz feels like you're going to end up in a puddle of drool, like the rest of our. So the combination today is exceptionally powerful. All of this is clinically proven. All of this is patented. All of this is FDA and military and all this really hard, arduous neuroscience stuff that you have to do, even though it seems non-value add. But in reality, if you knew calm for 34 hours a day, from the time you wake up to seven o'clock at night, it doesn't matter when ideally between 12 and four, when your body's natural borrower must take a nap, but new call each day, then you do deep sleep at night. And I guarantee if you're human and your heart is working and your lungs are working, you will have an incredible improvement in your sleep quality as measured by the low amount of time for you to fall asleep, which they call sleep latency and the increase in your REM, which is also feta and your increase in deep sleep. So for me, I'm 53 years old. I live a very, very untenable schedule. I travel between 270 and 300 days a year. I have three girls, 2018 and 15, and I run a global neuroscience company. There's a lot of reasons for me to have a really poor sleep architecture. I sleep about five to six hours a night, and my sleep scores are 85 to 95 every single day. And my sleep percentage of REM and deep is 56 to 64% every night. It is insane. I use this tool to help me stay alive, stay focused, perform at a very high level every minute of every day, so that I can proceed with this mission to change the world and liberate humans from stress and help with two key elements of life, manage your stress without drugs and improve your sleep quality without drugs. Speaker 1 40:56 Yes. Amazing. And I know I'm out of some of our conversations we'd had previously, you cited a couple instances in different groups that in particular have noticed some of those impacts with their sleep, you know, groups with PTSD and certain studies. That you've kind of been a part of. Wondering if you can share more about some of those, like on the ground, things that you've seen for people measurably that have really just been so clear that the sleep posit effect is so there, cause you, you said it so well around this element that you can not divorce sleep, you know, stress management from our results with our sleep. And so for anyone that needs more of the information around that very clear connection. I wonder if you can share a little about that. Speaker 2 41:51 New calm is a fundamental therapy, deep sleep kind of fills in the gaps of your sleep architecture. New column was key. Why there are three ways a new column improves your sleep quality. Now Dr. Chung Kang Pang, the world's leading statistical biophysicists. Anyone who's interested in HRV heart rate variability may or may not recognize his name, but he is the godfather of HRV medical grade HRV. And his research has over 59,200 citations. Now in as an academician, you look at your research citations as your currency. He has the most of anyone I've ever met. And probably the most of everybody I know combined, okay. He is an expert in sleep. He and the NASA mathematician are the ones who determined that 20 minutes of new call is equivalent to two hours of restorative sleep. Not two hours of sleep, two hours of restorative sleep. Why? Because if you recall new columns, suspends your brainwave and feta, allowing your body the opportunity to heal in a concentrated manner. So I personally am probably guilty of using new coma as a tool to kind of mitigate some of the hours. I need never ever tell anybody not to sleep. You will die if you don't sleep, but NuCalm has the ability to augment and make-up sleep debt where the human body doesn't new, calm that disc is presenting your brain with a super saturation of GABAA a and GABA B Gabba. Many of you are aware of, and you might even eat the supplement and I'd recommend that you probably stopped doing that cause your body can only absorb seven to 9% of any supplement and crosses. The blood brain barrier is very difficult, but using a bioresonance like a tuning fork, we have a different delivery mechanism and then bio signal processing discs, super saturates your brain with GABA. What does that do for me at night? When your body's preparing for sleep, it needs three key nutrients. It needs melatonin and serotonin and GABA were GABA's. Primary function in sleep is to turn off your brain and allow you to wind down and go to sleep. So each night that I've new calmed. When my brain goes to find Gabba, there is plenty there. That's number one, number two, you cannot go to sleep angry. You can not go to sleep agitated. You cannot go to sleep with cortisol in your belly, activating your mind. You can't do it. Go ahead, try it. Can't. So when we prepare for sleep, your body without talking to and asking permission is trying to resolve all the built up stress from the day. And many of us have built up a mountain, but when I knew call say at two o'clock any stress that I've created from five 30 to two o'clock is completely resolved and then new comb experience. So at night, that mountain is now a mole hill. It's an easier process for me to wind down and thirdly, and probably the biggest indictment in our culture and in our, you know, ever lasting quest to get our to-do list done. We've lost sight of simple being human elements. And that is, we have forgotten how to relax. New calm is going to train your brain, using elements of your brain. You can't hear and you can't see, okay, it's all done in mathematics underneath the human ear. It's inaudible, but everyday you new calm you're training your brain on how to relax. So those three elements make new calm and the cumulative benefit, new calm, improve my sleep quality. So it can tell you a couple of elements personally, from my journey, I dream every night, dreaming goes away for most adults because you have a Gabba deficiency. GABA deficiency is a really important really kind of tragic element to occurrence society. In fact, six or seven years ago, a Harvard medical school journal showed some of the etiology and Genesis of the spectrum of autism and Asperger's is derived from Gabba deficiency, which makes great sense because the autistic and Asperger person can not down-regulate their sympathetic tone and their overstimulation food is so metabolically, acidosis based it's everything's acid and sugar. We've lost the balance in our food supply. So we're not extracting the levels of GABA that our body needs to keep us in balance. So those three elements help with sleep. The deep sleep helps fill in the gaps of the sleep architecture. So when I wake up at night to go pee, I am 53 years old. Then I don't lie there and preservative or stupid shit I can solve at two 30 in the morning. I fall right back to sleep. It's amazing. So what have we seen? We've done a tremendous amount of work and a lot of our work for the patents and the regulatory were done on two elements of population, two extremes, stage four, metastatic cancer and the Chicago black Hawks. And the amazing thing about this was that the NuCalm system had the exact impact on both groups of humanity. And it didn't matter. It didn't matter if you were close to dying and consumed with stress, or you were a high performing professional athlete, finely tuned machine within five minutes, your sympathetic tone was almost nothing. Now it can't be nothing because you still need sympathetic tone or operate your heart. But you saw the sympathetic tone of the human. What's called a sympathovagal balance, your sympathetic and your parasympathetic balance. You saw go down almost zero and raise the parasympathetic. And it happens in five minutes for everybody. And then you saw this sustained parasympathetic dominance until you were done healing. So we've done a ton of work with the FBI, the FBI hostage rescue team, the Navy seals, special forces operators. They use quantified measures all the time, every day. And they measure HRV galvanic skin response. They have Rubin garment and, or an everything you can think of are constantly evaluating this. And what they're doing is they're using new calm as a tool. While the, the operators, I believe 93% of the operators are using it daily, but they can see through their dashboards who is starting to get to stress too sympathetic. And then thus impacted decision-making in a high stress environment where you're dealing with a hostage. They will literally pull them out of that mission. If they feel like they're not taking care of themselves and they'll do, Hey, you need new calming, your deep sleep. The professional athlete, amazing. We've had several world championships teams use NuCalm on a daily basis. The athlete uses NuCalm probably twice a day. They're very ritualistic and their behavioral pattern and their body and their ability to perform is their currency. Right? And that's how they're going to make a living. Typically the athlete will use NuCalm first thing in the morning to make up for that sleep debt. Their schedule's not normal. They have performance seven o'clock at night, they shower at 10, they do media and then they travel and then they will NuCalm after they do their morning skate or their, or their practice, all of the athletes typically have a built-in nap schedule. And, and then that schedule is when they'll new calm. Okay? When you new, calm, you oxygenate. So you repair the body, you get rid of lactic acid and you lower inflammation, but you also oxygenate. So you improve your endurance, your clarity and your strengths. And then at night they'll use deep sleep. You can use deep sleep anywhere you wish I have not traveled that much with it. And I know I have to go to Europe a few times. I think I'd go to Vietnam. I'll use deep sleep on the plane then, but for the most part, I'm on new calm on a daily basis. Very rarely will a new calm twice a day, but you can do call them as many times as you wish. It's really synonymous with like monk-like meditation and you can do it anytime you want, except don't do it after seven o'clock at night, because remember 20 minutes is equivalent to two hours of restorative sleep. And I didn't ever want to take a power nap and then try to go to sleep. Right? So there's one group that's really fascinating to me because I didn't invent new calm. It is so far beyond my pay grade. I've been running this company and lecturing for 13 years and I have the best advisory board on earth. Great. Learned a lot, but it's, it's difficult to conceptualize how all this works together. I just know that you want to test it and test and test it. I had the same disbelief that we all do. We've all been marketed to our entire life when something seems too good to be true. 99.9% of the time. It is, this is one of those rare times. It's not so seven years ago in my EverQuest of pushing the boundaries of learning what this is and challenging this, we started working with monks. You know, your technology is powerful when monks are using it to relax. So we have a book called a new calm authored by Dr. Michael Gallis or the esteemed energy medicine doctor in California. And Larry trivia area is written 35 or more books in holistic medicine. And the foreword of the book is authored by Tony Robbins, a dear friend of mine, and certainly a nuclear reactor and of power. I mean, his energy output is insane. Okay. The preface is written by brother Craig Marshall, the that trained the Beatles on meditation and was to use jobs, confidant and writing. And man, that's incredible. They're using the same technology to drive the same benefit from two aspects of humanity. So from stage four cancer to PTSD, to alcoholism, drug abuse, to titrating off antidepressants or antianxiety to Alzheimer's to trying to have a quality of life towards the end of your life with Lou Gehrig's disease, there is no cure for it through the dopamine issues with Parkinson's through just everyday function in humans, a lot of menopausal females have major, major interruptions in our sleep architecture in night sweats and mood swings. New was a great, great stabilizer. It's a great facilitator. Listen, let's help you get that sleep. Let's help you get the sleep. You didn't get one of the cool things about it is it's an anchor technology that I can always rely on and it's simple and it's form and powerful human is outcome, but if I don't sleep well or I'm traveling or whatever's going on, I know I can always make up for that. You know, in an hour long session, I just need time in a safe place. That's it. So all I can say to your audience is give it a try because we don't market it, but we have marketed. I've been featured on the BBC, CNN MSNBC, CBS news, CBS morning news. The today show the wall street journal. The financial times Forbes magazine we have been around, but with the human brain, getting 10 to 15,000 marketing messages a day, unless you spend most of your company's resources on marketing, you just need the in print and in print and in print, we are here. We are real. We've been at this for 32 years of invention discovery. We've been serving humanity for 13 years with a tangible, patented clinically proven device. And the beauty of it is Molly. It is easy to use. It will not judge you. It will simply be there to take care of you. Speaker 1 53:11 I love that. I also love somewhat. You mentioned around the antianxiety cause we have a lot of clients that might either have navigated they're in the process of weaning or curious about that for any anxiety medication under the umbrella of kind of benzodiazepines or hypnotics in particular that they've had for their sleep in particular throughout the, for, for often years and are struggling because they feel like there's not things for them to help support that process. So based on some of the things that you were sharing of people, being able to utilize this, to help support that process and how it affects Gabba, have you seen a lot of that kind of success stories of people utilizing this Speaker 2 53:59 Thousands and thousands, I'm going to let your audience in a little secret, follow the money. That's how it works. Okay. The pharmaceutical industry is less than a hundred years old and very, very well-funded, but you have central nervous system and an autonomic nervous system. And remember ladies and gentlemen, the autonomic nervous system is what governs fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and worry. So why would you think it's a good idea to give me a central nervous system suppressant to manage an autonomic nervous system problem. It is not a good idea. And so please you are the owner of the domain of your body and your mind, you know, your mind and body better than any doctor ever. Could Dr. No shame on them. Allopathic Western medicine is amazing, but it's symptom management and doesn't address a holistic etiology of the disease state. They're not designed to take care of you and say, Hey, what's the root cause here. There's simply wanting to manage the symptom. The challenge for all of us is this. Your body is a closed loop ecosystem with trillions of cells. And it has the highest level of compensatory nature ever. So anything you put into your body, it's going to compensate that compensation is why you feel offkilter. So if you're filled with anxiety and you have these triggers creates anticipatory anxiety, you have these triggers, you get an anti-anxiety it's suppressing your central nervous system, but it's not addressing the root cause, which is the autonomic nervous system. And in that process, it's also creating side effects and compensating for that suppression. That's why you don't feel like yourself because you're out of balance. So we would highly recommend anybody try new calm. You'd be crazy not to whether we're should we or not. There's no harm. 2 million surgical procedures. Everybody who uses Nucala on a daily basis, there's been zero reported adverse events. All we're doing is dialing it down or dialing you up. Do not immediately go off anything that is a fool's errand and is dangerous, but you can start with new calm, continue your regimen. And then you titrate, as you see fit. There's no path because your neurophysiology and your epigenetics is completely variable to you. There is no cookie cutter way to say, Hey, you know, take, you know, half the Kleiner Penner, it doesn't work that way. So you operate you knowing that what you're switching is actually helping them the root cause and helping you gain better health. If we can get your autonomic nervous system in balance, your body knows how to heal. Thyself can't seem to get there because we can't slow down our monkey mind. That's one of the ironies of living in today's world. Speaker 1 56:50 So true. Oh, wow. Okay. Well, there's so much information here and I know we've only scratched the surface and I'm sure people listening will then wonder. Okay. So, you know, Jim has been in this game for so long. How is he managing his sleep? So we're going to ask you a couple of questions about your, and I'm sure are you going to change it, have and flow when you're traveling, you're doing all these things, but right now, what are you doing for your nightly routine? What does that look like for you? Speaker 2 57:19 An amazing question. I have something called the secret weapon. It's called advanced applied neuropsycho biology in the form of new, common, deep sleep. I do at 53 years old and having worked with a natural path, quantum physicist, neuroscientist, whose goal was to keep me alive. I have learned a lot and I have changed some of my behavioral pattern. So I eat healthy and I exercise my lifestyle's not healthy, but it's real simple routine for me. I knew coma on a daily basis and I do deep sleep. Every night, I'm getting four to five and a half to six hours of sleep. But each night I get 88 to 95 or 85 to 95 sleep scores. The percentage of my sleep is amazing. I'm very rarely in a place where I don't feel good restored recovered in the morning. So there is no need for anything really, for me, I can do whatever I want because the power of the physics takes you down. Regardless. I can, you know, last night I did, I ate two hand crafted macaroons at like 10 o'clock. I bet they were so good. I 53 years old, I don't know. You know, some of us are just programmed. I don't waste. And so people visited me this weekend and one of them was a baker and she came with macaroons. I was like, I can't cook at night. I ate these two incredible macros. Now typically eating sugar right before your bed is probably not good, right? There is the routines really simple. I knew calm each day. Typically I try with COVID and not problems as much. I try between 12 and four to new calm. And it's just a gift I just dive in and it feels amazing. And I feel great when I get up. And then I just put on deep sleep at night and it's amazing, that's it? It's the power of neuroscience and it's the power of being able to down regulate and up regulate the sympathetic tone at my discretion and at my leisure. So it is a really powerful, predictable tool. Speaker 1 59:16 Amazing. And that might feed into the second question, which is what might we see on your nightstand or even proverbial nightstand if you're traveling and apps and ambiance or any of those things, Speaker 2 59:29 You see a Sony speaker, it's about 10 inches by four. It's got very good output. And I tap into that with Bluetooth to an iPad and I play there's three, eight hour deep sleep tracks, Sonic essence, summer rain and sleep melodies. And I kind of just move in and out of all, three of those, that's it. Speaker 1 59:51 Do you wear the disc for the deep sleep ones too, or set? Okay. Different gesture. Speaker 2 59:57 You can, you know, we have a lot of people, there's, there's five ways to buy new callers for like a monthly and an annual subscription. There's a lifetime and the lifetime $2,000. It's a significant investment. Now it's cheaper than the $6,000 it used to be. But we have a lot of people that have invested in the mastermind and spent $2,000 and they're in their fifties, sixties, seventies, some type of disease state, and just have a major corrupt sleep architecture. You can in that instance where the desk and give yourself more Gabba to help with the onset of sleep. So, you know, people play around with it, but for the most part, no, it's not necessary whatsoever. So to me, there's, there's almost nothing I need to do. I just get in my bed and I turn on the track and It's, it's, it's amazing. Speaker 1 1:00:47 Fantastic. Okay. And then the last question would be what has made the biggest change to your sleep game or biggest aha moment as you're navigating sleep? Speaker 2 1:00:58 I mean, I've had the luxury of doing new column for 13 years. So it took me a little bit. It took me about seven months to realize the equation that if I invest 20, 30, 40 minutes a new column, it repays me with six to 10 hours of high effective, clear high performance. And so over time you create a super species. My output and efficiency is not human. And hasn't been for a long time. She doesn't slow down. There's been a cumulative benefit to it. There is no silver bullet. People are egregiously, impatient and easily frustrated, and there's a cumulative benefit to it. So I can tell you one aha moment I had in my life with a new calm, and I was about five years of using it. I used to be definitely, definitely afraid of Heights. I just had a tremendous phobia. Phobia is autonomic nervous system is nonsensical your fear of something that doesn't really exist. So I had a fear of Heights probably from 25 until about 47 and the cumulative use of NuCalm abuse, nuclear bouncing on our nervous system, getting rid of stress sabotage. I'm no longer scared of Heights. I can go to a hotel beyond the 32nd floor, go up to the balcony. My knees don't shake my tummy. Doesn't get crazy. That is amazing. So that's my cathartic moment because it's so it was so troubling. So here I am, I'm a tough guy. I was a wrestler and I've got two black belts and I've got three girls and I'm protective dad, and I'm scared to death of Heights. Put me on Heights, man. And I will get in fetal position, suck my thumb and call from my mommy. That's humiliating. Guess what? I don't have that anymore. So that cumulative piece has helped me dramatically. And just the opportunity, you know, as we grow and we evolve, we often depreciate and our sleep is the biggest, you know, take away. It just eats at us and insidious cumulative negative consequence of not sleeping. That's just how life is. I don't suffer that fate and I'm really blessed not to. Speaker 1 1:03:09 Hm. Amazing. Wow. Well, so for anyone listening, I'm sure there's no way that people aren't intrigued or want to learn more. What are the best ways for them to do that? Speaker 2 1:03:19 I go to www.new column, N U C a L m.com. Keep in mind that we used to be a medical device, very expensive class, three highly regulated device. We used to have a website that was 321 pages of science for the medical community. Then we launched the subscription model and lowered the price by 99% to come to consumers. So we're a neuroscience company. We have a lot of educating to do. We try to keep it simple. I use the analogy of a microwave. People don't know how a microwave works. I don't really care for you to ever know how applied neuroscience, biology and quantum physics and biochemistry works. I just want you to know it's easy to use and it'll be a really good tool to take care of you. So come take a look. We've got videos and all this training material been training people for 13 years on the pioneering aspect of how to manage stress and improve sleep without drugs and give it a go. Speaker 1 1:04:16 Yes, absolutely. And I'm just looking at my email. I know Amy from your team had hooked us up. The sleep is a skill listeners with a code you can use, mm 10 off M M 10 off to get a, a discount with that subscription. And, you know, just absolutely taking a look at it. I've been astounded with the number of clients that have tested this out and they just keep doing it and they are mystified as to how this is happening. And so I'm going to be pointing them in the direction of this podcast, of course, to really, you know, underscore a bit more of what is happening and yet they keep doing it because they're getting the results. So a number of people are looking forward to this conversation to learn more about the why. So thank you for taking the time to do that in the midst of your wild line of, I know you're working with some crazy people, doing some amazing things on the planet. So thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us. Speaker 2 1:05:13 My pleasure, always opportunity to expand our reach, create awareness. It is about education. You can't take care of yourselves if you're not sure what is out there and you're right, there's a, there's a mystique about what we do. I love it. I love the science. I can talk to you all day about the science, but in reality, it's really the outcome. And so it's really a pleasure to hear all the cool things we do for people. And it's addition by subtraction. When we liberate you from sabotage or stress and fear and anxiety and worry, you have the best life you can have. We don't make you a rockstar. We don't make you a professional athlete. We make you the best version of you. And that's an incredible, incredible gift and an obligation. And an honor, I love what we do. And we are here to serve first and take care of people. Speaker 1 1:06:02 Wow. Well, thank you so much. That's really inspiring. And so, you know, just having said that anyone listening, definitely check out NuCalm and U com C a L M. Really appreciate it. Speaker 2 1:06:16 Thank you very much. Thank you.


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