003: Science Behind Circadian Rhythm Lighting w/ Brilli, Dr. Doug Steel & Jill Sherman

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Episode Summary

Have you ever considered what your indoor lighting is doing to your health and your sleep? In this episode, we get into the science behind light's impact on our sleep...and methods to improve our circadian rhythm through indoor lighting options. Brilli is the first company to focus on improving health, wellness, mood, energy and sleep through something we’re all surrounded with every day of our lives: LIGHT.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How light affects sleep
  • Function of sleep
  • How modern life gets in the way of sleep
  • Harmful effects of blue light
  • Using LED versus incandescent lighting
  • Benefits of using Brilli
  • Essential features of light exposure during the day
  • How blue light can help improve attention and alertness during the day
  • Headaches induced by flicker

Dr. Doug Steel

Neuroscientist and Translational Scientist

Dr. Doug Steel has spent the last decade studying the effects of lighting on living organisms and translating his findings into practical applications and phototherapies. He has extensively studied the convergence of tunable LED lighting technology to understand non-visual neural pathways from eye to brain and has received training in medical sciences and neuroscience, theoretical and applied biotechnology, integrative neuroscience and brain-environment interactions. He holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from Columbia University and is currently the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of NeuroSense


Jill Sherman

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

Jill Sherman has spent much of her career creating and launching award-winning brands in the beauty, wellness and lifestyle sectors. She joined Lucidity Lights in 2019 to apply her deep understanding of the consumer to help develop and launch the Brilli brand, the first light offering the widest spectrum of well-being benefits without sacrificing light quality or energy efficiency. Prior to this role, she served as Global Vice President of Marketing at Patchology, Senior Vice President of Social Strategy at Digitas, and Vice President of Marketing at Tria Beauty. In 2017, she was awarded “Top Women in Digital” for strategy by Cynopsis Media.