001: The World Sleep Society Answers All Your Sleep Questions! #WorldSleepDay

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Episode Summary

What better way to kick off The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast than to celebrate WORLD SLEEP DAY!?! Today we sit down with Allan O'Bryan, the Executive Director of The World Sleep Society, to learn more about the thing that we spend a third of our lives doing!

Here's a little more about Allan:
Allan O’Bryan is the Executive Director of the World Sleep Society, a professional nonprofit association dedicated to advancing sleep medicine and research worldwide. Described as a strategic, innovative, analytical, and solution-focused problem solver. He has been involved with the organization since 2007, with developing the awareness and education programs. World Sleep Day public awareness initiative includes a global public campaign with over 300 sleep delegates around the world conducting educational sleep initiatives on World Sleep Day. The World Sleep congress initiative is the bi-annual educational conference of the society that brings together over 4000 sleep professionals from 75+ countries to discuss sleep medicine and research. Additionally, he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on management, business, and accounting.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we discuss:

World Sleep Society's mission
Diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders
Sleep differences between men and women
How sleep changes with aging
Purpose of World Sleep Day
How to talk to your doctor about your sleep
Allan's thoughts on using sleep trackers
Things to avoid doing right before bed
Can you really catch up on lost sleep?
Dentists' role in sleep apnea
Home sleep apnea testing
When is snoring worth worrying about?
Tips for better sleep when you travel