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[Alcohol Alternative] Microdose Nicotine - Nootropic / Energy "Nicotine For Normal People

Intelligent nicotine products for adults seeking better ways to responsibly enjoy nicotine. Lozenge is FDA-Approved Stop Smoking Aid.
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Mankind both walked on the moon and chewed nicotine gum for the first time in 1969. It’s been a classic nicotine alternative for decades, and we’ve upgraded it for a new generation of chewers. Our Gum has stronger flavors, better texture, and packaging you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to open. If the phone in your pocket is better than the computers used to send us to the moon, shouldn’t your nicotine gum be too?

  • Each pack of Gum contains 10 pieces
  • Not an FDA Approved Smoking Cessation Aid
  • Not intended to be used to quit smoking.

Distributed by Lucy Goods, Middletown, PA.
Sale only allowed in the United States.

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