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Altos is a personal device dedicated to maintain your brain performance in work and creativity, fasten sports recovery and improve sleep quality based on air composition.
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Altos is Light and compact, it was designed to be by your side wherever you go. You can put it on your keychain, attach it to your backpack, or simply keep it close by. The idea for Altos was born from scientific research and evolved into a sophisticated device with unique, high-precision CO2 sensors. We then added the option of linking the device to your phone to simplify the flow.

  • Is air composition the air quality?
    No, these indexes differ greatly. While the air quality is about the air pollutants that can be hazardous to your health in greater concentrations (excessive dust, smoke, gas leaks), the air composition shows how the air impacts your brain performance directly. Optimal air composition helps to improve your productivity.
  • How does it work?
    Altos continually checks the CO2 concentrations in the air around you. The results are shown as the Brain Fuel levels indicating how good for your brain performance the air is.
  • How to test air composition?
    You don’t need anything but Altos itself: just put it anywhere it can sample the air, and it will do the rest. You can check the Brain Fuel levels on its display or rely on push notifications – the app will let you know if the air composition changes.
  • How does CO2 affect my brain?
    Higher CO2 levels impair not only our health but also our cognition: according to studies, when the CO2 concentration reaches 1000 ppm, people’s decision-making and strategic-thinking performance diminish significantly.

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