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Bahé - Grounding shoes

A grounding shoe designed for human performance, not just athletic performance. Reconnecting you to nature for the good of body and mind.
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What is grounding?

Grounding is the act of reconnecting the human body to the earth - resolving our electrical tension as well as delivering benefits to mental well-being, physical performance and recovery.

Benefits of Grounding

When grounded, the human body is able to soak up electrons from the earth’s surface, allowing us to reduce the bodies positive charge. This process has the following potential benefits :

  • Reduced inflammation
    The body fights inflammation by attacking it through processes which creates an electrical imbalance. Our immune system evolved with us being able to address this through electron uptake from the earth - grounding.

  • Sleep and calmness
    By helping regulate cortisol levels, grounding helps to improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety. Grounding also facilitates a human resonance of 7.8Mz, allowing us to enter a relaxed alpha brain state.

Performance and recovery
By reducing the zeta potential and therefore lessening clumping of red blood cells, grounding helps to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the body, improving our bodies ability to perform and recover.

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