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Biostrap - Recover Set Fitness tracker

Biostrap is a fitness tracker that works in two parts. The first part goes around your wrist and tracks your heart rate. The other part clips onto your shoe to track your movement. Recover Set is excellent for sleep and recovery tracking.
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Fully Integrated Platform

Biostrap offers the first-of-its-kind configurable biometric monitoring platform with cloud processing, customizable professional and user interfaces, AI-driven insights, and integration options.

  • Connected Devices​
    Select the clinically reliable device(s) required for your use case or goal.
  • Data Capture
    Configure your own data parameter and surveys in a few clicks.
  • Mobile App
    Customize the mobile experience for your patients to optimize usability and engagement.
  • Management Dashboard
    Select the clinically reliable device(s) required for your use case or goal.

The Biostrap Differences

  • Clinical Reliability
    Clinical-grade biosensors and validated algorithms (See Biostrap Validation)
  • Cost-Effective
    Providing access to clinical-grade data at an affordable price point.
  • Multi-Device Framework
    Configure the hardware set for your use case.
  • Raw Data Access
    Biostrap stores and provides access to raw and/or processed data.
  • Cloud Processing
    The Biostrap Pulse Engine ™ cloud-based computational tool filters, cleans, processes, and analyzes high-fidelity PPG waveform data.
  • HIPAA-Compliant Web Dashboard
    One secure location to manage and analyze user data.
  • Customizable User Experience
    Engage your users through a customized and simplified user experience with various add-ons available.
  • Integration Options
    API and Bluetooth SDK integration options available.
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